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Private Posts Password

Okay.  I've thought long and hard and decided on a private posts password.  Now... Some of my posts MAY still be public... And some might be private.

It all depends on how I feel.  The password is also subject to change should I feel like changing it... Which I might do on a periodic basis.

So... The password for private eyes only...  Is...  All lower case...

Name of the street you lived on when we first met...

Area code of phone number you had when we last communicated...

First word in name of university you went to...

Street+Area code+University

Although, it's all lower case, so it will look like this...


That's what the password looks like, that's not the actual password.  You'd have to know the information in order to use the password and access the posts.  So, if you don't know the street name, the phone area code, or the university name... You're out of luck!

Each time I change the password I'll make another public post.




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Washington, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Arlington, Paris

Shoutout to you guys for visiting my blog today... Unfortunately... You're not Plantation, Florida... Who is the only person I blog for.

So, what I've decided to do... Since, you're not the target audience I'm blogging to...

I'm going to start password protecting my blogs.

I have to think of a good password though.  Only one that Plantation, Florida would know.  Sorry guys... But I have no need to blog to anyone else but her.

Until I think of a password... All blogging will be halted.

Thanks for your interest!

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Some Things

Hmmm... So... Times are certainly interesting right now...

GBTC, which I never invested in, is now at like 2500 a share... I was told about it in 2014 ish... When it was like 50 or 100 a share or whatever.

I never invested.  I mean, sure my other investments are doing pretty well... It's one of those things where you could have had even more than you have.

But isn't that always the case?

I often think about that with love.  I'm always like... if I had JUST done this, or that... I would have ended up with this Miss Daylight person that I totally fell in love with...

I've never had any other romantic interest take me in the way that she did.  I don't know... She just did it for my heart for some reason.

But, I continue to go on dates... Most awkward... Some okay... Some don't call back, some seem kind of interested... It's a crap shoot.  It's dating.

Missed opprotunities.

Anyway, I guess it's just one of those life things... Where you just go with the flow.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

I think it's funny that this month I got a statement for an account that had the last name of Miss Daylight as one of the investments... It's just the name of a bond fund... but it's funny that now I have to see her name there...

The thing is... She see's my name when she gets on the highway...

Does it remind her of me?  Who knows.

My thing is... The last time I checked up on her, she seemed pretty into the guy she was with.


I don't know.


I feel a bit like I'm waiting for the next wave of my life... How... People come in and out of your life, and most people are just background noise and then there's more significant people that are there...

I think I'm waiting for the next significant person to show up.

Right now I go out a decent amount.  I'm working on some new songs, but not getting super far with them... go to the gym a bunch, yoga, running club...

Almost done my book...

And the investing is pretty much chugging along at this point... The layered approach is working well.

Today I got a bunch of layer 2 dividends in addition to a layer 1 dividend.

I have a big break from work next week for 2 weeks... Which means I can focus more on creative things, music, and writing, and I can also work on my to-do list.

It's weird... It feels like everyone else out there loves the holidays because they have found love, and they have all these plans... or they are traveling around the world with their lovey dovey...

It also feels like everyone is pulling a massive salary from their job and getting promoted left and right, and I basically have none of that...

Who knows... Maybe there are other people who aren't running around the world with the love of their lives...

I wonder if the only reader, who doesn't really read my stuff much anymore, is doing all that stuff.

I wonder... But at the same time, I don't want to know if it involves her basically not being single.

It's weird how that is...

I basically don't want to know what any of my exes are up to if they aren't single.

If they are also single... I'm interested... But if they aren't... I don't want to know.

Well anyway... Who knows...

Hopefully I'll find that special someone some day, and I'll be pulling a crazy income and I'll be able to travel as well and all that.

I guess my thing is, I just feel like I'm missing out on what everyone else has already figured out.

World travel, love, making big time salaries...

And then there's me... Still just like feeling like...

I'm not good at anything.

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Sticking To The Rules

Yesterday I grabbed 200 dollars in profits from first layer trading technique.

I could have made more.

I got emotional.

So, layer one in my portfolio is active trading... The rule is basically that I monitor the upper and lower bollinger bands of the stock price moment on Realty Income Corp.  I buy when it hits the lower band on the 1 month time frame... I sell when it hits the upper, contingent upon the shares being in the profit.

This happened yesterday.

Here's the thing though... I stopped buying after my 3rd lot of 100 shares.  Yesterday I sold out of all 300 shares and took a 200 dollar profit.

I could have made quite a bit more... Had I bought 200 MORE shares on 2 more bottom hits.

I didn't.  I got emotional and held my ground not buying.

I think, had I bought, I would have made a good 300 more for 500 total.

I also sold off a little early.

The thing is.... This is why I am pretty confident about this technique..

Even on a sloppy emotional not even all in trade... I still made 200 bucks.

Not bad as far as I'm concerned.

The other thing about it is that it offers trade protection.

See, the other day... There was an issue where I couldn't even look at my stuff...

Sometimes... Life will get in the way, and it will be hard to even tend to the trades... With my layered trading technique... Even if I miss a trade... Who cares?

I'm still pretty set.

Layer one with Realty Income Corp is always a buy and hold until I make profit... Even if I miss an upswing and hold still... And it goes back down... Who cares... I still get that monthly dividend.

And since I am basically trading in, in chunks of shares... I can always spot a new bottom and try to take a quick profit in a swing trade.

Of course layer 2 is dividend growth long term holds, so those are just dividends coming in off of holding stocks for the long run, which requires no logging in because once I buy it... I hold it forever.

Same with layer 3...

The thing with those layers is I could get emotional with those too...

So, the rule for layer 2 and 3 is, buy in... At 100 percent profit, sell half and diversify out into something new.

I'm trying to fan out horizontally instead of grow vertically...

A lot of people like to keep their portfolios vertical... As in they only how a small number of stocks that are at big gains.

I plan to grow my portfolio out horizontally... So, a large number of stocks all at very small gains.

And then layer 4 and 5 are different because they are super risky holdings... So, those are more like... Throw things at the wall and see what sticks type of deal, take the winnings and run.

But... The name of the game is to stay unemotional and keep to the rule.

I saw this in my layer 1 holding when I didn't do that and missed out on 300 bucks.

As the price went lower, I couldn't buy.  I just held out... Then when it finally turns around... If I had stuck with the rule, I would have bought almost near bottom, and then watched it ride all the way back beyond my original purchase price.... before turning back around.

Don't get emotional, stick to the rules.  The same could be said about jobs... Relationships... Or pretty much any life circumstance...

It's hard not to get emotional obviously, because that's what we do as people... But, just form a plan, and try to stick to it.

And trust the plan.  I think that's what I got out of this... I formed a plan... And I got a little scared and didn't stick to it.

Had I done that, it would have done exactly what I wanted it to do...

Make a plan... And stick to it.

That's what I'm trying to get out of this.  Lesson learned.

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Hardest Move

Today I moved a lamp.

It was a lamp that sat by my mom's bed.  She used it a million times turning it on and off.  Originally the lamp came from my grandparents house in California.  So, my grandmom and grandfather used to use it.

I moved it across the room so I could eventually move her bed and dresser elsewhere and put the one couch/futon currently downstairs... In the spot where the bed it.

It's complicated.

But the idea is that, for the most part, my mom's room is relatively unchanged 2 years later.

I'm hoping that this small change of just moving the lamp will kind of let me change the room around a bit more...

I think the idea is to just make it into a TV room.  So, make a little space where I can hang out and watch TV and relax.  My mom watched a LOT of TV... SO I think she would approve of changing it from more of a bedroom to a TV room.

I'm a big fan of small changes.  It's hard to make sudden big changes... It's easier to just kind of have a big list but to say... If I change this small thing here and another small thing there... Eventually, that will get me to the end of the list.  Sometimes it's hard to just do a big project all at once.

So, some times you just have to do little steps taking it one little step at a time.

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Take Things For Pomegranate

My new thing is pomegranate juice.

It's good!  Really good.

Plus, and yes I have no real proof of this, I think it improves your ability to think clearly.

I don't know, I mean, it just makes you feel good all over.

I'm definitely a fan.

But, for sure it seems to kind of improve my thought pattern.  Like, I was able to plow through a couple things that I've been a bit fuzzy on the last few months.  Like,one item was how I'm going to replace a piece of hardware with a bunch of complicated setups and configs and it's connected through multiple different things that will all need to be reconnected...

Today I made a whole excel sheet outline.  It's cake.

Is pomegranate juice the source?  Could be.  Who knows.

It could also be coffee, or tea... I drink a fair amount of that.  I also have been on and off again mixing carrot juice and beet juice with my morning OJ and cereal.

I guess it could be a good amount f things.

But we'll say that maybe it's the pomegranate juice.

I've been reading a lot of stuff and apparently it's really good for you!

In other news, I got to use my new snowblower tonight.  It's pretty sweet.  There wasn't a TON of snow, but it was a enough to use the machine to clear the driveway, and walkway.

Pretty cool indeed.

And it's a quick too!  I was done super fast and then I was just like... Hmm... SO I guess that's it then.

And I put it away and put the battery back on the charger.

Well, that's the latest.

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First Snow!

Well... Maybe.

So, it's supposed to possibly snow, a LITTLE tiny bit.

We'll see.  I'm excited.

I have work tomorrow though, which means, supposing it's enough snow to break out the snowblower... I'll have to wait until I get home from work.  Eh, it's cool though.

I'm just hoping for maybe a half dozen snow storms this year of anywhere from 3 inches to 12 inches.

That would be super cool.

Just an excuse to break out my snowblower a good 5 or 6 times.

I think I'm just mostly excited about the prospect of being able to get snow days off from work, and then actually enjoy them without having to break my back shoveling.  I'll admit, shoveling sucks.  But snow blowing is fun, or so I'm told... Everyone who has ever used one says it's pretty neat and they actually enjoyed it and were almost sad when they finished.

Shoveling is the TOTAL opposite experience.  When you finally finish you're just like YES!  FINALLY.

Funny I guess... Just to think about snow blowing versus shoveling.

I mean, when you think about it, that means that the same storm that fall, two neighbors would have completely different experiences from the same event.

One would find it actually enjoyable and look forward to it, unable to wait for a chance to fire up the snowblower and power through the fluffy white frozen stuff, and the other would be not looking forward to it at all and would dread even the thought of spending hours digging out.

Anyway, I used to be a shoveler, and now I've finally joined the ranks of the snowblowers!

I guess that's how life goes.

Onward and upwards to bigger and better things.

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PA Is Boring

The thing I like about PA, is that it's boring.

I find it odd that the glitz and glam places have the worst natural disasters.

Florida... Hurricanes.

Southern Cali... Fires.

"Oh but PA gets cold!  And it snows."

I'll takes it!

At least PA isn't in an apocalypse scenario a once or twice a year.

The thing about Philly and PA is that there's all these old buildings that have been around for hundreds of years.

Yes please.

I guess my thing is, I don't like the whole, burning ship scenario.

Hurricanes, storm surge, run for your lives!  Burning... Evacuate!!!!

I like stability.  I like predictability.

I like to sleep at night.

I like to know that the rug isn't about to be pulled from under me.

This is why my lifestyle is how it is.

A lot of people don't mind renting, that ever present feeling of temporaryness.

They don't mind leasing a car.

They go on vacations where they have a temporary experience and then it's back to the world they live in.

My thing is... YES, I might rent, I might lease a car, and I'll certainly go on vacations... Once I get my initial setup complete.

A lot of people do business on debt.  They borrow money to start a business.

My thing is... it's too risky.  Yes, you get SOOO much more growth...

I'm just old school I guess.

Very old school.

I'm a cash and carry kind of guy.

My plan is...

Own house.  Build business headquarters that I own.  Own car.  Own investments that pay income.

Own own own.  Build income.  Buy house to rent out and create more income.

Own income stocks/bonds/REITS.

Fund business ventures with cash income.

Make music.  Start small businesses.  Buy shares in small businesses.  Branch out slowly.

That's the key.  I'm in no race... I'm in no hurry for anything.

Everyone is in some big hurry.  I'm in no hurry.

Who knows how long it might take me to do anything.  I do it at my own pace.

But my thing is... I want growth in a way that is raw income feeding the next phase.

So, I don't want to borrow to grow.  I want to incorporate my own business, generate solid income... And then pay for the next thing with that income.

My other thing too is... I'm not a fancy car, or fancy house kind of person.  I don't care for 5 star hotels.

I don't care for beachside resorts.

I'm a fan of living small personally, and growing my income streams.

Why is this?

I'm not trying to offend anyone.... But the brutal honest truth is... it's because I come from money.

See, people who don't come from money.... They are sucked into fast cars and jewelry and big screen TVs and all that glitz and glam.

If you come from money... As I have, and my grandparents were millionaires when I was born...

You don't buy fancy stuff in the sense that people who don't come from money do.

It's just a fact.

Most of my also wealthy family friends who I've known since we were born... Don't spend money on two things...

Cars.  And TVs.

They spend money on houses.

The people who I know who don't com from money... They have big ass TVs and obnoxious cars... And they rent.

It's just how it is.

Old money owns property.

New money... Owns glitz and glam.

Old money puts money into stocks.

New money takes money to the casino.

Casinos are a waste of time.  The only thing you should do with a casino is buy shares and collect the dividend.  Or own one.

Old money owns businesses that generate cash.

New money?

Spends money.

You can tell people who are new money, or as my mom used to call those people, Nouveau riche.

It's just how it is.

My mom always said... New money wears it on their back.  Old money puts it in the bank.  It's true as true can be.

When there's family lines of money... You know how investing works.  You know how owning businesses outright works.  You focus on VERY long term growth...

When you're new money?  You're that salesman who works at whatever corporation that does anything to make a sale... You make 100+k a year, but you own a fast car, you have a boatload of credit card debt, you're living WAY beyond your means.

Old money lives below their means.  So they make more money in income from their investments than they even spend and reinvest the income so that their wealth grows even more.

It's just in my genes I guess.

Florida and California are a bit like Nouveau riche.  Miami.  Obnoxiously glitz and glam.

It's just not me.

Main line money?  Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, Wayne, Devon, Malvern... Old money.

It's just how my grand parents were.

Some people.... Have the mentality that... Oh, might as well spend it while you got it!  Can't take it with you when you go!

My family doesn't share that view.  My mom and grand parents and their family line...

It's selfish thinking to say, can't take it with you... It's your responsibility to assist the next generation, and to teach that generation to teach the next.

Anyway, I'm old money.  Always have been, always will be.

I prefer to have last years model for a TV, and last years model for a car.  I prefer to have old clothes... and old school by not having debt.  I pay my credit card off in full each month.

Old money.

I don't buy into the glitz and glam.

Own property.

Find things of value.

Build equity and wealth.

Stability.  Not shoot for the stars.

Anyways... That's why I like PA.  It's boring.  It's dull... it's old money.

I'd never in a million years live in Miami, for example, where it's all just look at my car, and boat... It's just not impressive to me.  A smart brain and creative wit is what does it for me.

A night out at Science After Hours getting my learn on is what makes me happy.

That connection to the past.  That feeling that something lasts.

That's where my joy lies.  Slowly and honestly building up investments and ownership in things.

Not financing it all with debt that may never be paid back.

For every 1 dollar in physical items that you have to show, you should have 10 in the bank.

A lot of the nouveau riche people don't even have money, in fact, their 1 dollar in owned property and physical items is actually backed by 10 dollars in debt.

It's just an irresponsible way to live if you ask me.  Hey, it may seem harsh... But that's my honest opinion.

I don't sugarcoat my thoughts... I'm old money and I'll admit it.

The faster a dollar is earned... The quicker it goes.  That's my view on things.  And some of the wealthiest people make money by not spending it.

It's a mindset... And the whole wolf of wall street fancy condo and boat and car and classy clothes... means eventually, it will come crashing down on you.

So, I'll stick with boring PA and build from a base that is backed with stability.

And I'll enjoy the snow when it finally does start to fall.

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Dollar Cost Surfing (Meow)

So it's interesting... Basically, and I didn't even realize it...

I'm dollar cost averaging with my active trading... Well, it's more like share cost averaging... Since I'm buying a fixed number of shares with each transaction while the price changes... But for all intents and purposes it's kind of like dollar cost averaging... So, for the sake of "put it in plain English" terms... I'll just call it dollar cost averaging.

I mean, if you call it "active".

Today I did nothing.

I had work today.

But besides, there was nothing to do.

Sometimes you just gotta wait out the game.

So I'm about to use some of my income from Reality Income Corp to purchase my next dividend champ stock.

My plan, as I've mentioned before, but a quick 1 paragraph recap, is to go from less risk, to more risk, in layers.

I'm active trading Reality Income Corp, or "active" trading it.  Meaning, I trade whenever I feel like it.  And when I don't... Or don't have time... I just sit and hold, and cash out the dividend from my shares that I have sitting in the stock.

Right now I have 3 lots of 100 shares.  I go in, and out... I make money from the bumps and dips... But, I also make money from dividend checks.

Both  of those income sources go into my permanent holdings.

And those dividends go into my layer 3 holdings, All Time High stocks... and things like GBTC.

And THOSE holdings will go into venture capitalist startups.

Who knows, I might start a cat related investment fund... Would that make me a VENTURE CAT-ITALIST?




Anyway, dollar cost surfing...

So, basically basic investing has this thing called Dollar Cost Averaging.

Here's how it works:


So, what I do... Is I surf... Dollar costing.

The price of Realty Income Corp goes up and down through out the day/week/month/year.

I buy shares, in what looks like a dip against a longer term up trend.

If I'm right, I take the profit, and do it all over again.

But I don't just do it once... I do it with lots of 100 share trades.

Now... I do get it wrong... I'm in with 300 shares right now that are technically at what's called an unrealized gain.

If I were to sell those shares tomorrow, I'd have lost money.

If  hold the shares... And hold them through Jan 1st.... I'll get 63 dollars on Jan 15th.

No matter what the price of the shares does, I get that money.

I then use that money to put into new investments.... Or pay taxes.

Or buy my cats treats.


Now, if the price drops more... I hold my existing shares, and try to catch another bottom.  Now I'm holding 400 shares.

If I'm right, I get back out.  Back to 300.

If I'm wrong, I hold my 400, and get in with another 100 later on down the road.

If I hold 400 shares then on Feb 1st I get 4 X 21 shares... Or 84 dollars in income...

That goes on to my layer 2 level of investments...

Okay, so lets say the price pops up by a few dollars... I get back out on all my shares and take the gain... now I'm back to zero holdings... I sold all 400.

The price starts to drop again... I dollar cost average back in.

As the price drops... I buy 100 shares again... If it goes up, I take my gain.  If it goes down, I dollar cost average again... Price drops again... I go in again.






Now I'm getting 210 dollars a month in income if I'm in on 1000 shares.

Okay, so let's say I don't get a return level in price?

That's fair.  It could happen.

Now, let's go back a second, without this dollar cost averaging process... If I had spotted a bottom, which turned out not to be a bottom... and the price continued lower... and I had gone in with 1000 shares.

I would be locked in.

Yes, I would be still getting my 21 cents per share per month income...

But, depending on how far the price had fallen (unrealized loss)... I have pretty much no option but to wait it out...

Let's say I wait it out... Could be years... Or never.  Who knows?

NOW... Let's say, that I had dollar cost averages it... 10 lots of 100 shares.

The price kept going lower.

One of my share holdings is only at a small loss, the newest one purchased.... Whereas the older one, is at a much bigger loss.

They are all paying me 21 dollars per month per 100 shares in income.

Let's say, I need the money for something.

I now have options to hedge against my loss.  I can sell the most recent purchase at a loss.

Let me explain something first... SO my share purchases will be capped at 1000 shares.

I won't risk any more than that.  SO if the price keeps going down, I'll stop at 1000 shares.

No more capital will be risked.

Like wise, depending on how much is falls, the purchasing slows.

So here's an example...

If the stock is at 55 dollars a share and I buy 100 shares...

I'll buy shares again at 54.

But, if it keeps going... I won't buy again until 52.

My next buy is 50.

Now, I probably won't buy until 46 now.

If it keeps going down, I may not buy until 40





That's an extreme example.

If the share price fell 50 percent... I'd probably stop this process and find something else to trade.


The point is... It has to fall further each time to trigger another buy... This brings the dollar cost averaging down.

Now, let's say the price hit 54 dollars a share, I had both at 56 and 55 and 54... Let's say it sky rockets up to 60 all of a sudden.

This triggers a sell.

Now it goes back down slowly... I ease back in.

Realty Income Corp pays a monthly dividend and the date of record for share holders is the last day of the month, usually.

SO, even if I'm dead wrong... I still cash out that money... and it goes to layer 2 of my stock holdings.

Okay, so let's say the stock isn't moving much... Let's say it's just meandering... and I'm stuck holding, let's say I'm at my cap of 1000 shares.

Now, what I can do is sell one of those 100 share lots to try and active trade again.

In order to do that I will HAVE to take a loss, I have no choice.

But I can hedge against that loss... As long as you are in the green more than in the red, all is not sour.

How can I do that?

Remember I'm holding 1000 shares that pay me 210 dollars a month in income.

But also remember that I'm active trading/dollar cost surfing.

I can play it two ways...

I can use my previous gains to balance out this loss to unlock 100 shares to start trading again.

Or, I can just wait.

Eventually, after a few months, the income from the shares will cover the loss, and then I can unlock my newest shares at the lowest loss and start trading again.

Dollar cost average in.... hedge out.

And I can use the loss as a tax write off against my other holdings.

I've lost no money in actuality... And then maybe I start trading again with that 100 share lot of shares and I make a little more...

The key to it all though, is the dollar cost lots of 100 shares.

If I had just gotten in one time with 1000 shares... If it went UP, everything is beautiful.

But it goes down?

I have ways to free up capital.

Dollar cost averaging is pointless if you know the stock is going to appreciate in value 100 percent...

The problem with any investment though is... nothing is 100 percent.

So, it's a hedge against a scenario where the stock goes down in value.

Dollar surfing combined with monthly incomes gives me the ability to create a cashflow to fund secondary levels of investments.

Active trades make money off of dips and pops of the stock price in the short term... Dollar cost averaging lets me get out of mistakes easier, and dividend income is a further hedge against further possible losses.

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Another 100

Today I bought another 100 shares in Realty Income Corp.

So right now, I'm holding 300 shares and on the 15th of the month I'll get a payment from those shares.

This is pretty much how many shares I SHOULD have bought a couple years ago in GBTC (Bitcoin Investment Trust).  One of my friends was like "DUDE... BUY IT!  BITCOIN!"

I was like... It doesn't pay dividends.

Same with Amazon shares.

I know, I'm probably the dumbest investor alive.  But I like my income.  Yes I could create income by periodically selling off shares.

We won't talk about selling covered call options... Which is another way to create income.

My thing is... I don't want to sell my shares.  I'm also not a fan of wild speculation... Or companies that just do all kinds of crazy things to make money.

I guess I'm like a turtle.  I like slow and calculated.

It's probably the complete opposite of most people that actually run hedge funds.

I'm not a gambler I guess.

I want to own.  And then draw income from ownership.

Who knows, maybe in the future it will all just be Bitcoin and Amazon.  It's possible.

I could be totally wrong with my REITs.

I could be totally wrong with rent.

Everything might just be delivered to your house...

There is one small thing about physical common spaces.

If everyone wanted everything delivered to their house...

The home gyms of the 90s would have taken over already.

Maybe I'm wrong.

What's the deal with these Hand and Stone Massage places?

Amazon can just deliver to your house... Why are people going out in public to get their backs rubbed?

Nail salons.

Yoga studios.


Take home beer has been a thing FOREVER...

Now there's breweries on every corner and people can't get enough of going out to them.

All these places pay rent.

Doesn't matter to me if you pay your rent in dollars, or Bitcoin.  You're still paying rent.

There's a whole musical about it.


Even Amazon pays rent.

Amazon is king... But Sears was king at one point many years ago.


I'm a fan of commercial multi use properties that aren't retail in the traditional sense.

I like services, instead of goods.

Photography studios.

Day spas.

Cross fit gyms.


Beer bars.

Wine bars.

Hookah bars.

Hair salons.

There's a reason why they call it stir crazy.

Being at home is only enjoyable for so long...  And the park eventually gets boring.

Commercial real estate probably isn't going to be changing any time soon... Until we get sucked into The Matrix or something...

But for now, sure, you can order that fancy shiny new gadgitamathingamabob from Amazon and have it delivered...

But when it comes down to it and you just want to meet a friend for a coffee date...

The physical world, still applies.

Because drinking digital coffee and skyping just ain't the same.

Also, I don't know about any of you, but I was recently at the Cherry Hill Mall in NJ and they have valet parking service now for the restaurants around the mall... and let me tell you, it was PACKED... Someone forgot to tell that mall that malls are dying.

I mean, also, when was the last time that you had Amazon deliver you a mini golf game with friends or family?

Anyway, so, sure I could have made a killing off bitcoin like a lot of people have...

But for now I just feel like I'd rather get into owning income generating assets.

Eventually I'd like to expand my rent footprint and buy more things that collect rent from people.  Price appreciation and speculation has its place.

But, I don't know.... I just like rent.  I like the flow of money each month.  Steady payments.  Month, after month, after month...

I don't really like the whole... "OH MY GOD LOOK AT IT GO UP!!!!  IT'S GOING UP SO FAST!!!!!  It's UP SOOOO HIGH!!!! Annnnnnd look at it come back down... Awww man.  I was rich for like a day.  Damn it."

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