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I’m Having A Contest And Someone Will Win A 25 Dollar Amazon Gift Card!

WHAT?!?!!? A 25 dollar gift card could be won?!?!


And it could be you!

Here's the details:

I'm about to finish my VERY first comedy animated-ish stop motion-ish mostly live action puppet thing video.  I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited about it!  I want LOTS of people to see it!  So I'm going to reward one lucky winner for helping share the video.

Here's how it works:

All you have to do is

1. Follow me on twitter @kennethwest

2. When I post the video I will then have the contest open for a period of 3 days.  During those 3 days or 72 hours (whichever comes first) ALL you have to do is post a tweet that I will post... or just retweet it.  As long as I get the notification with your name.  If you post the tweet make sure it's not a reply and it's a mention... so as long as the tweet doesn't start with @kennethwest you'll be golden.  Then make sure you post the direct youtube link in that same tweet.

3.  As soon as I see a notification that you've tweeted... I'll hop on your twitter and verify it's right.  If it's not... I'll @ you and tell you.  If it IS right I'll @ reply you with an entry number.

4.  We'll start at 1 and go up from there.

5.  After the entry time closes at the 72th or 73rd hour I will then draw the next day!!!  The winner will be chosen by plugging in the entry numbers to random number generator.  So if there are 10 people that enter I'll put 1 and 10 on and then hit generate!  Whatever number pops up is the lucky winner!

That's how it's going to go down!

I'll send the amazon gift card for 25 dollars to your email!  So you won't have to wait at all even!  You'll have it basically pretty much as soon as I tweet at you to tell you that you've won and then you can DM me your email addy and BAM.

Spend away... spend away... spend away!

How you like them apples?  Cuz you can buy some probably on with the gift card that you could win for entering my tweetsy youtubesy following contest!

Or at least you can buy some Apple Decor Utensils And Hanging Rack By Collections Etc

Also if you want to subscribe to my youtube channel that would be cool too... but I'm going to make that optional.

Anywho here's the official rules I have so far... I'm going to still work on things until I post the video.  Stay tuned though because the video should be up most likely next weekend!

Rules: 1. To enter user must mention “@kennethwest” and the URL of the youtube video as mentioned in contest in the same tweet on the website 2. Winner will receive an entry number in an @ mention reply from twitter user @kennethwest when entry is accepted 3. The winner will be chosen by using the random number generator on to pick a number of the total entry pool 4. One entry per person, if a person has multiple twitter accounts only one of those accounts can enter 5. One winner will be drawn to win a $25 dollar gift card to to be sent via email 6. Winner’s email will only be used to send giftcard and will be kept private 7. Winner must be following @kennethwest at time of entry and time of drawing 8. Any user caught tampering with the contest, attempting to cheat in any way, or trying to tip the odds in their favor will be disqualified from the contest and their entry will be removed 9. Rules subject to changes or additions as needed to ensure a fair contest


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Bored of Beer

So it's been mega amounts of fun going out to the different things each night: Open jam, Karaoke, Quizzo... etc. etc.

But I'm starting to get bored of the alcohol/beer scene.  I mean, it can be fun... once in a while.  But every night is just too much.  I've been doing some research and I'm interested in seeking out other ways to make new friends that don't involve drinking.

I'm going to sign up for a account tonight.  I keep meaning to do that for the last few days but haven't yet.  There's a LOT of fun stuff on there!  I've actually been to one meetup a LONG time ago in 2006 when I was trying to learn spanish... I went to a spanish meetup group.  It was fun, but I never actually registered an account.  I just kind of found it and showed up.

The other thing I'm going to do hopefully tomorrow is register for a comedy improv class at the Philadelphia Comedy Improv theater.

It's Sunday's at 1 to 3 which is PERFECT because then I can go to church still at the 5pm time slot.  Actually the 5 is changing to 6 next week.  This week it's at 5 and that's the last 5pm I think.  So it will work even better.

I definitely want to look into more things that involve group outings with new people to make new friends but don't involve sitting/standing around a bar.  I think maybe going to get drinks is good with friends once you have friends to go with and once a while.

But 2 or 3 or 4 times a week.  It's just too much.  It's not really my style.  It never has been.  I don't mind a good craft brew once in a while... but I just feel like there's other ways to make new friends.

I'll def blog more about the comedy thing once I take the plunge and as well the meetup thing after I do an event or two!  I'll keep ya'll posted!

Oh... and also... I played the lotto yesterday since that was just pretty much pure craziness.  Well, I didn't win.  But someone did!  If I had won though?  I'd definitely have done the following:

-Taken care of my family
-Taken care of my friends
-Donated to my work, my church, and the summer camp I am associated with
-Started several business's involving creative, media, music things and green tech

I didn't win... but here's the cool part... all that stuff listed above?  I can do that stuff ANYWAYS!  Just involves a good bit of old-fashioned hard work and brain power.

Well, that's the latest in the world of Kenny.

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5 day break next week off of work

Next week I have easter break!  I'm excited.  I'm off on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday and Monday.

How sweet is THAT!?!?  Well... it's even sweeter for you peeps out there on the interwebs world because I plan to finish my first short animation comedy video.  As well I plan to really work hard on my next song to see how close I can come to finishing that too.

What else is going on?

Well Friday evening I want to check out the art after  5 thing at the art museum.  I think that sounds like a TON of fun.  So I'm going to check that out.

What else?

Well Thursday and Friday and Saturday I plan to just work on the video all day.  If I finish it on any of those days I'll move to working on my new song... hopefully Saturday will be the post date.  Then after the song I'll start working on my next VLOG and my next video which I've been writing down ideas for that.  I ALSO want to work on a music video for my pirate song using the same production method I'm using for this comedy video.

You have no idea HOW much I want to just post it up now!  But... I just have to finish a few more things on it.  When it's up... I'll post it all over my blog here.  So My very very last date of no return is midnight of next saturday.  It seems like forever and a day away... but it's just a week and a day.

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People: human beings in general or considered collectively.  Basically all of your friends/family/coworkers/etc.

Query: A precise request for information retrieval with database and information systems

What do you get when you combine those two things?  You get Peery!

Peery is an idea I had for a website.  I thought maybe I could purchase or .net or .whatever  and eventually make it happen!

So basically it's the idea that people have information associated with them.  Or rather they have information tagged to them.  And each and everyone one of us has some things in common with each other... and some things not in common.

Soooooooooo wouldn't it be cool to be able to query people and find new friends with things in common?!?!  Orrrrrr wouldn't it be cool to find people who have things that you don't have?!?!?!

Still confused?

Ok... well let me try to clear it up a little.  Let's say I join peery.  When I sign up I plug in an email address.  And choose a password.  That's all I need to sign up.  My email address is now my first identity tag.  So I have 1 tag associated on peery.  My email.

Now let's say my email is at one of those major free email places: hotmail, gmail, yahoo... etc.  Well whatever I plug in... it will now show me the number of other people also signed up on peery who also have emails with that same email site.  Commonality number 1.  All people with yahoo mail... it's a big number.  Or all people with gmail... also a big number... let's widdle that number down a little bit...

Hmmmm... let's create an idenity tag number 2.  I play an instrument: Guitar.  BAM... peery now shows all people on peery who also play guitar!  Cooooool.  Ok... let's addy my city.  Philadelphia.  Now it will associate me with philadelphia.

Now I can run a query based on 3 tags.  Let's choose two of those: show me all people who play guitar and live in philadelphia also on peery.  There's probably a lot of people.... sooooo let's add another.

Let's say I add another tag about myself.  Singer/songwriter.  Ok now show me all guitar players in philadelphia who are also singer/songwriters.  Hmmm still a lot of them!  Let's add another tag.  Profession: IT computer dude.  Now show me all singer/songers that play guitar in philly that are also helpdesk peeps.

Well look at that.  And they have links to their facebook pages... I've decided to send them all friend requests.  Now I have new friends who are like me!

OK let's say you don't want to find people who are like you.  Let's say you need someone that can do something you can't!  Like let's say I need a drummer!  But I want to start an indie rock band.  And well... let's just say I'm looking for someone who also has a love of audiobooks because I like to listen to audiobooks in the tour van.

Well... plug into peery the following tags: philadelphia, plays drums, audiobooks.

Look at that!  There's a few people that play drums/live in philly/listen to audiobooks.

How cool!

Peery could be used for SOOOOO many things.  It could be used to find new friends... or for companies to find workers with the exact skill set they need.  Or I mean hey... if you are a guy dream up your perfect girl!  Or ladies... dream up your perfect man!

Just plug those tags into peery and see who starts popping up!

So let's say you are a gal looking for a guy...

Let's say you want

1. Guys - so this removes all girls on peery.

2. Within 50 miles of my zipcode - Number drops off to only those within 50 miles of current location

3. long hair - because you have a thing for long hair.  Now the number drops down even more.

4. Works out - becuase you have a thing for guys who work out.  All guys without work out tags are removed from your people query.

5. Speak 3 or more languages - this will show dudes who have more than 3 languages tagged on their peery profile.

6. Drives a sports car - he drives a sports car

7. single - this tag probably should have been the first or second one.  Eh.... minor detail.  You're one super fantastic hot gal soooo even if he's not single... he'll probably want you more than the lady he's into at the moment.

8.  Likes cheesewiz - because you like a guy who likes wiz of the cheese type on his ritz crackers!

AND there you have it!  Suddenly there's a handful of dudes in the result that are the guy of your dreams!  Or you can tweak those results with whatever your choice might be...

You get the idea.

The filter would be real time... so as you add tags/keywords the list would start to narrow.  At first when you start a new query it starts at EVERY single person who has signed up for peery.

Then as you add keywords the number gets smaller and smaller until you get to a widdled down list that you can browse.

As a user you can choose what tags go public and what go private.  Like you might not want your cell phone as a public tag if you are an individual... but if you run a business you would want your business website public!

In order to see private tags you have to send the person a request to friend.  They then message you back and say... well... hello there!  I'll most certainly be your friend!

Basically it's like facebook... except facebook is for people you ALREADY know.  But what about all the people on the planet you don't know?!?!?!?!

THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!  You should find them and get to know them!

On peery.

That will be the slogan... find people you don't know.  And know them.

Let's say you are a painter and you have a website...  You could make your name public and your website public.

SO if someone is looking for a painter in chicago and you are a painter that lives in chicago... and they are looking for someone who does portraits... BAM... you show up!  And let's say they are looking for someone who specifically went to  a certain number of schools or something... they can plug that in and there you are!

So that's been an idea for a website that I've been wanting to make for a while.  I think it would be just super cool to have a site where you can simple tag yourself with what you like/are into and then it shows other people who also have the same tags or you can search for new and different people!  And as your interests change... update your tags!  Let's say you suddenly LOVE old episodes of party of 5.  You can add favorite tv shows: party of 5.  And let's say you used to be into soccer but now you like pickleball a lot (

Peery:  Show me all users that like pickleball in a 25 mile radius that also like party of 5! and friend... click!


Now you can have a Pickleball party of 5 party!

And you can serve pickles.  And maybe chips.

So there you have it.  That's peery.

Connect up... collaborate... find... friend... whatever! isn't taken yet.

Sooooooo if someone wants to help me make it or make it so I can use it... THAT would be AWESOME!

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Spring FEVER!

Well folks... it's officially spring.  Yesterday I got my spring on by getting some free water ice.  Or as they like to say here in the Philly area "Wudder" ice.  It was pretty swell and my taste-buds enjoyed it very much so.  So I was thinking today wow spring is really sprunging up!  That means soon it will be getting super warm and then summer moves in and everything moves from indoors to outdoors!  I definitely want to try and spend more time outdoors this year.  So I've decided to at least start a little list of cool things to do this summer.  I'll call it my...

Summer sand-pail list.  It's kinda like one of those bucket list things... except this isn't a list of SUPER crazy things to do like eat bamboo with a Panda.  It's just a little list of some fun things to do this summer!  Actually I want to include spring too.  Actually let's just say starting tomorrow.

Ok it's not in any order and it's just going to be the start of a list so it's not complete and it's just what I'm thinking up off the top of my head.  So here goes!

Go see the Hunger Games movie in IMAX
See an out doorsy music show festivle thing (they had a pretty cool jazz one here last year)
Drive-in movie
Go swimming... somewhere outside
Make a day hike around Valley Green
Make a day hike around Valley Forge
Have a picnic basket lunch in Valley Green
Have a picnic basket lunch in Valley Forge
Bike around Valley Green and Valley Forge
Go to the beach/use an entire bottle of sunscreen on my face/Swim in the ocean or at least put my feet in
Go to Longwood Gardens and take pictures with my camera
Go anywhere else and take pictures with my camera
Go to a nearby town carnival of some sort
Go to an amusement park and ride a coaster
Go to an outdoorsy crafty show thing of some sort and buy something totally random
Go camping over night and use my tent and bring my guitar and play guitar around the campfire
Eat at restaurants that have outdoor decks with friends and fam peeps
Visit my sister
Eat a snow cone
Eat cotton candy
Eat one of those churro thingys
Go to a water park
Play a round or 5 of mini golf
Run in the rain

Ok that's what I have so far.  Of course that's in addition to all the normal things like karaoke/quizzo/open mic/comedy/comedy-mation/video blogs/recording music/writing music/church/sleeping in.

So yea I want to have a SUPER active spring/summer and just do all kinds of fun things like that!  I'll try to think of more things!

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Bored? Not anymore!

So let's say you're there at home practicing your thumb twiddling.



And you're getting really REALLY good at it!  Well you have two options... 1: you can either enter the national thumb twiddling championship contest which I MAY have just made up and probably doesn't exist.  Orrrrrrrrrrr... 2: you can go out and do something!

But let's say you say well but there's nothing to do!  Or I don't know what to do!

Ok hang on there hombre or hombrette... or whatever a lady hombre is... I've got a solution to that conundrum.

Check... this... out...

Here's what you can do:

People like to post lots of things on twitter.  I know I'm a twit-a-holic.  I post all kinds of things up on that site.  Well, so do lots of other peeps!  Annnnnnnnnnd most of those peeps that be posting are out doing cool fun neat random nifty things!

You ask... well that's great but if I don't KNOW those people how am I supposed to find out what COOL things they are doing?????

Ok well... here's how!

Head on over to a website called twitpipe...

That's a nifty site I found today that lets you filter real time tweets based on keyword and location.  It's mostly used for business's to promote their product and such by finding people who might be twittering about their business or product in a certain location and try to build customer base.  Ever had a random business follow you after you tweeted about them?  That's one of the ways they do it.

But you can use it to find cooooool things happening around you!

So yes go to the site and you'll see a few fields you can fill out.  The first thing you can fill out is within Miles or within Kilometers of a certain zip code.  You can leave that blank and it will search everywhere or you can say 20 miles within your location.  Depending on how much gas you have in your tank you can set that accordingly.

The next 3 fields are keywords.  You only really need the first one and you can ignore the rest if you don't care about monitoring more than one thing.   But you can also use all 3 for example I plugged in 10 miles and then I plugged in "Open Mic", "Karaoke", and "Quizzo" to see if there was any of those 3 going down tonight.  If people are doing it... and tweeting about it.... more than likely they are telling you the place they are at too!  Soooo then you can get an idea what what's happening where.

But let's say you don't want to do either of those three things... well there's another site called 4square that exports location "check in's" to twitter.  Now in computery world as long as things are consistent they can be used in a programming way.

Lucky for us 4square always posts tweets starting with "I'm at...".   This means if you plug in "I'm at" but without the quotations... just the I'm at part... you can see all tweets within let's say you chose 20 miles of your zip code.

I did this today and found a couple of cool things... for one... a lot of people were drinking.  That makes sense... it's St.Patties day... which is like an official drinker-y-ing holiday.  I worked today and then I came home and ran and then worked on music and watched a movie on netflix.  Sooooo no drinking for me... but yes lots of people were out gettin their pre-games/post-games and everything in between on at various pubs.

But there were other things that showed up too!  Some people were at the store... eh... not terribly exciting... some were getting gas... again... probably not something you'd want to do instead of twiddling.

BUT... in my quick messing around search of only a few minutes I did find two cool activities!

So the first thing that showed up was someone was at the Schuylkill River trail biking!

That's a neat fun activity to do!  Especially on a day like today.

Then I waited a bit longer and someone else checked in at the Sugarloaf Craft show!

Both of those seem like pretty great solutions to the boredom thing.

There were some other fun things going on too... lots of resturants and things.  Some places I'd never heard of!  As well some people were checking into rock concerts and things.

Now another good way to see what's going on in your town specifially is to plug your town name in... usually people tweet stuff with town names when they are doing things.

So that also shows some interesting ideas.


If you are looking for specific activities you can always just plug in that activity and maybe see what's around.

Well there you have it so the next time you've got a lack of direction for your day... head over the twitpipe and see what others are doing!  Brain storm a little and then head out to something fun!

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Quizzo! Not quiznos, that’s a sandwich. The trivia thing.

So last night I went down the street to the place called... the boatcasa.... aka boathouse.  They have trivia/quizzo every week at 9.  It was super funtastically awsome.  I just kind of wandered in a little bit into the game already starting because I was working on things at my apartment.

I am finishing up doing the background scene for the the puppets to be infront of.  It's kinda been like this... without giving too much away... I wanted the scene to be outside.  My first thought was... it's outside.  WHAT is outside?  A tree!  SO I made a tree.  Then I was like ok I need something else.  But what?!!  So then I made a bench.  Then I was like ok.... this is missing some things.... so I made a little flowing stream... then of course the bench needed a path  in front of it... and THEN the path couldn't go THROUGH the stream...  SO I added a bridge.  I'm working on the bridge now.  Basically as SOON as this background scene is done I can film the skit.

In my creative world I start with something pretty simple and then it just becomes more and more complex because I keep adding more and more things!  And well that's kinda why it takes fooooooooooooooooorever for me to finish something.  But yea... I'm going to put this thing in full gear and really push myself to get this video done and posted.

So basically it's in a park... let's just leave it at that.  I'm kinda cracking up though just working out some of the actions and things.  This is going to be pretty hilarious.

Well anywho so yea quizzo I went down and was just going to check it out and watch and see how things were.  Well as soon as I get there a couple was leaving.  They said I could take over their team if I wanted.  They were in second place!  I was like hmmm well I'm up the for the challenge so I'll DOOOOO THIS.

So I had the third and 4th rounds.  Now the rule was you could double points on a round.  And they hadn't used it yet.  So I could use it for the 3rd OR the 4th.  Well the third round was just super hard random questions and I kinda bombed that.  BUT the fourth round was all music songs.  They played the song and then you had to put down the artist.  I doubled up on that round and ended up knowing nearly ALL the questions.

So all in all after dropping from 2nd to 4th place (out of 5 teams) I ended up coming back to 3rd place to finish.

Oh one of the questions that I got was about the candy peeps.  You knoooow...

Yea... those...  Did you know that peeps were created the same year I was!?  1982.  That's the year I was "released" into the wild of the world too!

The top two teams won 25 and 50 dollar gift certificates.  So I didn't win anything... but I had a lot of fun playing!  I'm definietely going to add that to my list of evening activity things.  I CAN'T wait for karaoke on thursday and then again on sunday.  I've been trying to think of songs to sing.  Although what I ALWAYS do is I end up picking a song and then I end up doing something completely else completely random.  So instead of picking... I'm just going to go on whim and go with whatever happens to happen each night.

Oh ok so in other random Kenny news... Right now my kitchen is a MESS... I had to take all my stuff out of my cabinets because twice a year the apartment sends bug people around to spray anti bug stuff around.  I haven't put it all back in... sooooo I'll have to finish that at some point.  But now I'm thinking of putting things in a different order than they previously were.  I'm not sure.

Hmmmm... ok what else.... oh yea... so Today I saw the preview for the hunger games.

I TOTALLY want to go see it ESPECIALLY because it's in IMAX!  I know the tickets are probably going to sell out so I might wait a little while like a week or so before attempting to go... here's my plan:  I've never in my entire life... gone to see a movie alone.

I think... I might try going to see that movie alone.  It looks really good and I really want to see it.  I've read all the books.  But I figure if I go alone I can really get into it and really compare the book to the movie.  But if any friends wanna hit it up... just lemme knowwwww yo!  I'd be down for whatever!

I could just wait till it's out on video too... but I mean... IMAX!   IMAX is kinda... well.... it's kinda IMAX!

OH also today... my day was made infintely amazingly better than anything in the world when my boss showed me this funny as heck video thing...

Oh my gosh it's soooooooooooooo freakin hilarious!  We were almost in tears on the floor laughing as we watched it today.

Also I might try it!  I mean... can't beat a clean shave!

Anywho so yep yep... what's the latest stuffs with myself.

Okey well I'm gonna get back to doing a little recording, then I need a few things at the store, then work on FINALLY finishing the background thing for the video.  THEN... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Sometimes I wish I could go back in time

And by some times I mean all the time.  I'd change things I said to people.  I'd change decisions I to go certain places instead of others.  It's kinda weird because you don't realize what's important to you until after it's gone.  Hmmm, or until after the fact.  Or until you've lost your chance.  I definitely would trade everything to be able to change everything.  That's one thing I know for certain for sure 100 percent.

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Was gonna do some comedy tonight

But the list was crazy super full when I got here.  Well... ok it's PROBABLY partly my fault... I started taking a shower and it was just so freakin comfortable.  Soooooo I took like a 3 hour shower... ok not 3 hours, but it was longer than I should have.  Anywho when I got here there were a thousand tons of million people already here and the line to sign was already filled up.

I made an attempt to get on last but there was just absolutely no space at all what-so-ever.

Anywho so I'm just chillin for a bit and sippin some coffee and I'll just book it in a bit.

I think I might try doing the milkboy next week.

We'll seeeee...

Hmmmmm.  I think I'm just going to type out an idea for a TV show that I had a while back since I don't have to worry about being funny man tonight...

OK here's my idea: Room mates that live in giant house

Take all the funny stupid fighty random things that happen with 2 room mates... and put them in a giant house.  I mean we're talking like a house with a few hundred rooms.  Something like...



Yea that works.  SO picture two room mates... living in.. a house like that.  Or a palace... technically that's a palace.  I looked it up.  I done facted my checks... or checked my facts.

BUT those two room mates do all the same crap that two room mates do that are sharing a tiny little super cramped little apartment.

So all the normal stuff happens between the two... like when one room gets dirty one room mate just keeps moving from room to room and living in the next room.  Meanwhile the other room mate is a neat freak and keeps everything clean.

Roomie A: "You can't just keep moving rooms when you don't feel like cleaning your old room!"

Roomie B: "Dude... Bro... WHY not... HALF the people in this house do it!  Calm down it's all gravy."


You know... that kinda stuff.

Or like maybe the same deal with dishes... they just keep moving kitchens whenever one is dirty.

I mean there's a TON of directions this could take as a TV series.

Like for some reason they would only have 1 TV in this house.  So it's like they have to share the big screen TV but they don't like the same shows and so instead of DVRing it... since they are obviously SUPER rich... the logical thing to do isn't to buy another TV...

It's to hire the cast to come and re-enact out the TV show's the one roomie missed.

Cuz WHY not?!?!  I mean that's the kind of stuff that happens ALL the time right?!?!


Well.... I think that sort of paints a picture of the idea.  But if that were a TV show... I'd totally watch it.  And if I missed an episode... I'd just hire the actors to come and re-enact it in my apartment.

But... I'd only be able to pay them in Swedish fish.  Hopefully that will be acceptable as a form of payment.

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Chama Chama Chama Chameleon


That's me.  The chameleon.  Or at least that's how I feel like I am.  It's funny... like if you put me in any situation with any type of person or group of people or "class" I seem to be able to "hob nob" just swell.

I don't understand it really... it's weird.  I mean most people have their "group" of people that they fit with.  But then there's me... I don't fit anywhere... I fit everywhere.  I'm a chameleon.

I mean, I dunno... If I think back through my life to the groups of people I've hung out with... I've run the gamete.  Oops... sorry not gamete... that's a mature haploid male or female germ cell that is able to unite with another of the opposite sex in sexual reproduction to form a zygote....

Sorry I meant... run the gamut.  There we go... ha.  Hmm yea i've hung out with well... pretty much every different clickity clack type of group.

But what it's made me really believe is that... well no matter what someone is... we're all equals... I mean no matter if someone mops floors, or serves up fries, or runs a multi billion dollar hedge fund, or sells pets at a pet store, or recites shakespeare, or jams out drunk to Brittany Spears, or acts or sings or dances, or fixes cars, or listens to rancid, sports a popped collar preptastic shouting drunk from a porch holla at me, or stands around a party listening to a four string quartet play mozart eating quiche and talking about their corvette, or talking about their boyfriends boyfriend or girlfriends girlfriend, or they believe in the holy trinity and the lordy lordy, or they're a skier, a snowboarder, a skater, a new yorker, a friend across the pond, or the great far countries beyond, or a little kid playing with an imaginary magic wand...

I just made all that up... off the top of my head... hmmm... so if it's offensive to anyone I'm super sorry!  I dunno it's late, and I'm super tired... and I'm just thinking...

Well... the point is... no matter what type of person this is... they are all just as important and equal to me.  It's just interesting because I'm pretty hopelessly awkward pretty much anywhere but my home when I'm alone.  But I don't mind any situation or place or person I interact with.  I always find value and something interesting in all of it.

So yea... I think we should all think more of each other as equals and friends rather than say... well that person just started where I work... so they don't have as much value as I do because I've been here longer.  Or maybe oh well that person drives a piece of crap old honda civic and I've got a brand new Mercedes benz 2012 so they should pull over for me.  Or that someone is more educated than someone else so they are more important in society. or that someone has more talent than someone else... so all the kids that don't have clean water around the world that die from related illness are just as important as you or I!  Or even the presidents of all the nations of the world!

So that's my thought for tonight.

Sometimes I just feel like a mix bag... or a chameleon a chama chama chama chameleon...

Yep... I'm an 80's song.

Or a little reptile that climbs in trees and changes my appearance to blend in where I'm at.

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