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Okay, so my new song is done.  And, it's on its way to the various digital streaming sites.  I have another song in the pipeline and I've just started another another song.

Lately, though, I've been obsessed with the new Kesha song.  It's super good.  I really love it.  But let's be honest, who doesn't love it?

It's just really good.  Anyways, so, I was saying "I wish I could collaborate with Kesha, that would be amazing!"  I think she's just a very unique and cool and talented artist.  She really is just interesting, and I'd love to collaborate with her.

My brother was like... "You should try to get her attention, do something that stands out."

So, then I had this idea for a song.  And now I'm working on that.  I mean, hey, it might not ever end in Kesha and I recording a song together... But it's just fun to be working on something new.

Anyways, I'm working on all the small little admin stuff related to finishing posting my newest song.  I've also been working on my next projects.

And of course, I've been listening to Kesha's music non-stop lately.  Anyway, if you haven't heard the new song by her, it's called "Praying".  Definitely check it out.  It can be found on YouTube.  It's SOOO good.

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New Song Status Update

Okay.  So, today I paid for the copyright fee to copyright my new song.  Getting there.  Next step is to review the song and lyrics and what not.  Make sure it's all ready to upload... Then, I upload it to the copyright place.

Once that's done, I then upload everything to CDBABY.  Then I pay their fee.  Then they take the song and put it up all over the planet.

Good stuff.

Then, of course, it takes me 5 years to make the money back that it cost me to post it.  Haha.  Oh well.  It's all good.

Actually, I'll be using my next round of dividends coming off my beach day portfolio to pay for the fees.

That's the point of the portfolio.  To use that income from that to invest in other things and cover costs for future investments.

So, this song is like an investment.  So, I'll cover the costs for it, from my previous investments.  Then when income starts coming off this song... I use that income to cover costs of future investments... etc. etc.

Anyway, yep... New song is JUST around the bend.  In the next few days I'll finish the copyright part.  Then I'll finish the CDBaby part.  And then it will go live!  Exciting stuff.

Then I start all over again and work on my next tune.  So, there ya go!  That's the latest with what's going on with my newest song.  It'll be up soon enough.  Just have to take care of this administrative stuff first.

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The Search

Yesterday I went on a search to find out the last name of my first kiss, or as the British counselors at camp put it, her surname.  Surname sounds much more formal.  Anyways, either way... Her second name... Which could very well be her third name by now.  Or, possibly her second middle name.  Second surname?

I have no idea how that works when people get married, which she probably is.  Names get shuffled about. So even having her last name may not have been helpful because it could be different by now.

Anyway, I made an attempt after leaving camp to go find her full name.  See, in the summer of 1996, or I'll admit, it could have been 1997.  Although, from my calculations I'm fairly certain it was 1996.  It could NOT have been 1998, as I was already attending another camp by that time.  As well it also could not have been before 1996 as in, 1995, because that would have made me 12 in the summer of 1995, as I was born in the Fall of 1982.

I know I was not 12 because I know that my brother had already had his first kiss by the time he was 12 and I felt the need to hurry up and have my own first kiss.

It came eventually.

Her name was Amanda.  She wrote me a menagerie of love letters that same summer.  The letters all contained a plethora of stickers.  Sooooo many stickers.  All over the place, on the envelope, on the letter, inside the envelope.  I really wish I had saved the letters.  Her handwriting was exquisite.  But she was really big on using stickers.

Well, so, yesterday I left my camp to head over to Camp Mataponi.  When I arrived there was a tornado warning.  I'm fairly certain that the multitude of tornado warnings blaring from my phone were probably a sign that I should not have attempted to locate my first kiss.  But, since the camp office had no information to assist in my search, I feel like it doesn't actually matter that I did not turn back when the first tornado warning showed on my phone.

I mean, what are the odds there would be a half dozen tornado warnings show at the exact moment I'm in the car and on my way to try and locate my first kiss.

Coincidence?  Maybe.  But it didn't feel like it.

I arrived at the camp office and awkwardly explained the meaning of my visit.  They directed me to a small library of old camp photograph books.  The problem was that no names were associated with any of the photos, only quotes, and camp sayings.  Additionally the exact year I was looking for, 1996, was missing.

1997 and onward were there, along with 1995, and a few other previous years.  The further you went back, the less consecutive it got.

I paged through the 1997 and 1995 books, nothing that helped.  I asked if they had a camper list, or an all camp photo.  Or some sort of alumni list.

The office staff tried to help, but nothing seemed to have any kind of information that would have contained her surname.  They were very interested to know the detailed explanation of the night the kiss occurred.  I explained that it was at one of the dances that we called "Socials".  After the very last song, "Stairway To Heaven", everyone was leaving... For some reason I decided, after I'd already gotten into the van that would drive us back over to my camp, that I wanted to go back and say goodbye again.  I ran back over to her and it just happened.  It was totally awkward.  But, cool at the same time.

I saunter back over to the van holding my head high and smiling to all of my bunkmates.

That's pretty much how it went.  Of course... Then the letters started, which contained her full name and home address as well.  I saw her on a couple other occasions at other socials held during that summer.

1996 seemed to be a bit of a mystery year.  I'm fairly certain that it was 1996.  I'm almost positive.  There's no way it was 1997, because that would have made me 14 almost 15... I'm pretty sure I WAS 13 going on 14.

My only hope is to find the lost letters.  It's funny because I don't recall throwing them out, and I usually keep things.  If I do throw things out, I scan them first.  I'm big on scanning things and then keeping the PDFs in triplicate on digital storage devices.

Though I was not successful I thanked them and went on my way.  I suppose if I was not supposed to search for my first kiss, I'll find out why eventually.  Supposing those tornados were a sign of some sort.  Oh, and in addition to the tornado warnings... There was a fog/mist coming out of my vents as I was driving there.  The fog didn't smell or anything.  It doesn't smell like anything was burning, I'd never seen that before though.  It was just a white fog coming from my vents.

At any rate, I then went a mile down the road to visit my old camp... It's still owned by the same owners and coincidentally the very same counselor DJing that very night I had my first kiss... Still works as one of the head staff at the camp.

As of right now I'm writing this from a Panera Bread somewhere in Connecticut.  I just downloaded two albums from The 1975 containing the songs "The Sound" and "Chocolate" to listen to on the rest of the ride now.  Those two songs were played a lot this year at camp, so each time I hear them will now memories of great times spent with best friends.  Just like the song "Stairway to Heaven" will always remind me of my first kiss.

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