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Hanson Contest

Hey all my blog readers! What’s up? Ok so I just feel like writing a quick little post about a show I have coming up at the Gryphon Café in Wayne, PA. I hope that people come out and listen to me jam out. I’ll be playing for 2 hours from 8 to 10 PM on Saturday June 5th. It should be a good time as always (because all my shows are always a good time). Anywho that’s all for now. Or is it??? Oh wait yes ok also I decided to submit a song on to the open for Hanson contest! WOoo!!!! The song I submitted is “A Place That Fits” and can be downloaded from my website for free. Free!!! It’s a cool little rock pop diddy about just being with good times, good friends, and feeling good. Well I’m gonna get back to working on some new tunes.

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