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Coming sooooooooooooooon!

I'm working on a video blog... and I can't wait to post it up!  Because it's going to rock your socks off!

I am having sooooooooooo much fun doing this!

So this is a little behind the scenes blog about my video blog.

I started it friday night and...

I had no idea how long it would take to do what I wanted to do.  I've made videos before but that was different because before I just sort of chopped up pieces of clips and things and mashed them together to make the video.  That was kind of how my music video went.  It was just a lot of random clips kind of put to the music with no real set direction or real idea.

BUT.... this is something WAY more... it's sooooo much fun!  I love it.  I started with trying to think of ideas... then I brainstormed and wrote them down.  Then I had to organize those into a string of ideas.  Then my next thing was to take the strings of ideas and put them into more strings... then I had to take the ideas and make dialog and actions out of them.  Then it all just started to flow.

After I had sort of my script and my order of how I wanted to do things I was ready to start on the video side of messing around with filming and editing in the video production software I'm using... I had a few technical glitches and my video camera stuff wouldn't film how I wanted it to.  But I figured that out and actually used a different program instead of using the program built into the editing program.  It just wasn't syncing the video and audio as I was recording and it was dropping frames.

SO I got all THAT figured out and finally started recording scenes.  I quickly realized that lots of little video clips become confusing without some kind of system to keep them all organized!

I spent a little bit of time thinking of the best way to organize my clips.  I used excel and numbered my clips.  I decided to just give each clip an ID number and then not associate that clip with the scene number.  Initially I had just named each scene clip.  But then as I started chopping them up and using things in different places I had to rethink that approach and decided on ID numbers for clips instead.  My problem was I wanted to be able to have clips going with scenes but then also have sub scenes and sub clips but be able to reorder them... and then the clip didn't correspond with the scene anymore... which was what I started doing instead of names I was numbering scenes... but since THAT didn't work that's how I got to the unique ID thing and keeping track of scenes in excel... so I had a table of scene/ID number/description/ etc.

Hmmm... that sounds kinda confusing.... well ok anywho yea so I came up with a numbering convention that is used by software development people... so scene 2.1 and 2.2 and 2.3... and then scene 3.1 and 3.2... and then I could reorder clips and scenes and still know the description and information about the clip but then know where it is in my time line and be able to edit creatively instead of being stuck in where did I put what clip and what did I name it?!?!!'

Well it just helped me so much...

Once I had that all flowing and going and figured out... things started happening!!!

After editing/filming things I started to get more ideas!  So I started filming some more funny things and some times got a little carried away.

I've been doing a lot of laughing... talking in front of a camera and just thinking creatively of new things to do and coming up with a fresh process and work flow is hmmm... it's just WOW!  haha... it's great.  I am having soooooooo much fun doing this and I can't wait for everyone to watch!

I'm soooo excited.  OK well so what initially I thought would take only a few hours on Friday night has really turned into a pretty big project!  But seriously I just love this soooooo much and I hope to get better at making video blogs and then these can be a regular thing!

So I'm going to aim for tomorrow night to have the finished product.  So just sit tight... and stay tuned because I KNOW you will laugh sooooo much at this video.  It's VERY funny.  TBS type of very funny.

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