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Drinks for Likes!

After some brainstorming sessions with my co-worker a new marketing promotion idea has been formed for getting more likes on my Facebook page.

Normally I get up on stage and do my little sing-song thing and spew out my website for my Facebook page.  Then I get home and check the page to see if I picked up any new fans annnnnnnnd nope, no one liked it.  Lame.  Well... I've been thinking maybe that's because people aren't incentivized enough to like it?  Maybe?

So from watching what other companies do an idea was hatched....

Other companies will give away things in order to get you to sign up for something.  This happens ALL the time.  We'll give you a free back scratcher to fill out this survey.  Or we'll give you a free car to buy some french fries.  Like the Monopoly game at McDonald's.  Only they give away just one car to one in, maybe, a million people.  So that way they sell a million fries and only have to give away 30 or 40 grand of those millions of dollars they made.  It's pretty smart on their part!

The idea for this came from a webinar.  They emailed us and offered a free pizza for anyone that signed up and watched this 2 hour webinar sales pitch.  Sooooo we took the bait and signed up.  I don't know if we'll actually purchase the product... but the pizza today was delicious!  And from that... an idea was born.

So I will tell you the idea... here's what I'm going to be doing to get people to like my Facebook page at

I'm going to buy a drink at any open mic that I perform at for the first person that likes my Facebook page while I am there at that music venue.  In addition to that I will also buy a drink to the first person to comment on my latest status if they already liked my page previously.  This way people who already liked it and aren't new "likers" can also get in on the action.  Just have to be the first person to write something funny as a comment on my latest status!

This is now possible because pretty much anyone with a phone can find my page and like it right there from the phone.  Or since most open mic's are in coffee shops people can use wifi and a laptop to like my page.  I can then see who liked or commented on what using the Pages for Facebook app on my iPhone.

I think this is a great way to get crowd interaction.  They will be more likely to remember me because I am the guy giving away a free couple of drinks!  Also this way people can find me online and keep in contact with me there!  It will also help me build a fan base.

It's a win-win situation!  I get more fans on Facebook and one or possibly two lucky people get a free cup of coffee/tea or a free beer at open mic night!

So come on out to open mic night and when I get on stage be the first person in the building to like my page or comment on my most recent status and I will buy you a beverage!

And who knows... you might even like my music!

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