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Recurring Bar

So, last night I went out for my recurring bar night experiment.  Some notable things... One guy started asking everyone's shoe size.  It was awkward and uncomfortable.

I chatted with two people beside me about seeing The Wailers and they both had also seen The Wailers so we bonded over some Bob Marley.

One guy runs a video production company, we swapped emails because I said that I make music for fun in my free time.  He was interested to know more.  I told him it's very cheesy music.  He was like, that's okay too and he was curious to hear it some time.

I said, sure, sounds fine to me.

Lastly, there was a SUPER drunk guy dancing down the street in front of the bar as I was about to leave.

I was on my way out and I was told "Hey check this guy out!" by the bar tender and this one girl sitting at the bar.  We all kind of watched him do weird dance moves as he strolled down the street his phone in hand and the obvious source of the music he was dancing to.

I joked, maybe he's on hold and that's what he does when he's on hold?

The girl laughed and so did the bar tender.

We all talked for a few minutes and then I looked at the time, close to midnight... I needed to get home.

I left shortly after that.

We'll see what happens next week!

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Sometimes You Just Have To Stay In

The last two days I've kind of just stayed in after work.  I mean, I did enough running around this past weekend, and I have a 5K on Sunday.  Although, my legs hurt, I think I have shin splints or something.

Oh well, I might just be walking the 5K this Sunday instead of running it.

You know, the thing is, I don't mind staying in.  I actually enjoy it.  Here's my thing, it's kind of a shitty world out there to be honest.

I mean, just turn on the news... It's all filled with bad news and crazy people that are scary and scare the heck out of me.  Why even bother to go out into that mess?

I'd rather come home, do a little bit of work around the house, make food, and then lounge.

This is kind of one of the problems with dating that I've found.  I'll start a conversation on a dating site and she'll kind of start talking about her next trip.... Which is cool and all, don't get me wrong, it's great for people who like it...

But I'm more looking for like what I had in college, where we just basically hung out every night and ate pizza and watched movies.


I miss college, and dating in college.  It was just sooooooo much easier.  A "big trip" was going to the local Sheetz to get a late night snack.

THAT's the kind of relationship I want.

I don't know, there's just WAAAY too much push to globe trot.  It's just not me.  Like I said, it is for some people... Or apparently for most people, or pretty much everyone, but, I guess I just prefer to stay local.

Anyway we usually get to the point in the conversation where she really wants a guy who will travel 6+ times a year with her, Barcelona is the current conversation.  She's currently there and she's like already planning her next trip.

I guess I just am not of that caliber of a guy where I feel the need.  I'm good just throwing on some T-Shirt and Jeans and heading to the local bar for a craft beer and catching some small cover band play a couple of tunes.

I'm just not high society.  I'm just... Local guy, hang out at a dive bar with regular working class folk.

Ah, what can you do I guess....

Anyway, so, it is what it is.

That's my latest view on life, not much I can do about anything, so, I'm just along for the ride really.  Life takes control and I just let the world around me whip me to and fro in this little kayak that I'm in while I ride the rapids.

What's next?  Who knows.  Probably more shit.  There's always shit.  Life is kind of like... People being mean to you, yelling at you, hating you, telling you that you suck, never being good enough for anything or anyone... and then after like 60 to 100 ish years... You die.

That's just how it works.  It's not a fun thing, it's not a glorious thing, it's just a lot of mean people and shitty situations followed by one day croaking.

And in between, there's good beer.

So, here's to some good beer between all the shit that happens.

To be honest? I hate life, it's really not fun at all.  But what can you do you know?  You just kind of keep going one day to the next and see what other shitty situation or person life brings to you.

You can HOPE something good is around the bend, but... Hah!  Hahahaha... Don't make me laugh.  There's nothing but mean people and bad shit around every nightmarish twist and turn we call life.  People suck, the world sucks, no one every gets enough sleep, and then we all die.

Anyways, here's to that short time when you can sit between the shit and enjoy a beer before the next shitstorm comes your way and the next aggressive person trying to attack and take advantage of you and fuck with you and fuck you over, there's always someone out there, a mean person with hatred in their soul trying to take advantage, manipulate, belittle, or basically rob/cheat/steal/destroy us all, just evil people walking the planet looking for their next person to screw over and attack and force their aggression on... But what can we do, not really much at all but just let the shit fall all over your face and keep on keeping on... That's life, what a fucked up thing we were all forced into.  Just sit back, wait it out, and see which evil person tries to screw me over next.

Ah life... In the words of the band The Offspring...

"This is life
What a fucked up thing we do
What a nightmare come true
Or a playground if we choose
And I choose"
Anyway, tomorrow night I'll be heading out for a few... So I mean, I go out sometimes... Just have to keep your eye open.  Not everyone is crazy... there's a few okay people out there in the world... Just have to dodge the crazies to get to the normals.  That's really what life is all about, dodging the crazies to get to the normal ones.  Ah life.  At least there's never a dull moment I suppose.
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Pacific Northwest

I think I've definitely decided I want to move to the Pacific Northwest at some point... Seattle, Portland... Somewhere around there.  Maybe just for a year, not sure... Everyone always tells me I'd fit in there.  I figure it's worth a shot!  Why not...  If I don't like it, I can always move back to PA.

I kind of like all the little things I do around here though.  I like running club and the 5Ks that I've been running in... I like the different events and things, Science After Hours is fun.

My thing is, it'd be nice to meet someone... I don't really need like the whole wedding day thing, which would be nice, but... Just a girlfriend would work.  I go on a first date every once in a while... It goes okay... But it doesn't seem to materialize into anything.

Not that moving somewhere new would fix that, but, I figure it can't hurt since I'm already having zero luck... Anything better than zero is... Well... Better than zero.  Right?

Anyway, it's still just an idea... and I have no time frame.  I really have no time frame for anything because I'm not really sure exactly where I want to end up.  I figure... I'll just wait and see where the universe points me and in what direction.

For now I'll just hang out where I'm at.  Same old same old.

I'm kind of a boring person I suppose... But I like it that way.

Just have to find a complimenting boring other half.

So far, I've not had much luck... Although, something kind of interesting happened on Saturday... And maybe it's nothing, or maybe it means something...

Sometimes I think there's like, meaning in things happening...

So, I was at the Can Jam festival out at Sly Fox and I ran into the girl from the previous weekend.  The one who my coworker was like... "Why don't you two go to the movies together!" after I won the little movie night prize.

She was there with her boyfriend.

So, she does have a boyfriend.  But it was funny because I was like... Oh, hey... It's you, "always someone girl".  And she was like... Oh hey!

And then I was like, there still isn't someone.  And she was like... "Well, just you wait, there'll be someone soon I bet."

And then I said, "There's always someone..."

And she said... "There's always someone..."

And then she was like... "Well, anyway, I'm going to get back to hanging out with my boyfriend."

I was like... "Okay... Cool.  See ya.  Enjoy the concert!"

And she was like "Okay, you too!"

And that was that.

The concert was really fun though, I watched The Wailers... You know, the band that used to include Bob Marley... They played all the hits..  It was pretty fantastic.

I mean, life is good without someone... But it would definitely be better with someone.  I just have to keep hoping that her words eventually ring true...

There's always someone... There's always someone.

It's like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

There's no place like home... There's no place like home...

There's always someone... Always someone.

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