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Song 158: Wish Upon A Hero

New song, you can find it here:

"Wish Upon A Hero"

I've decided to dedicate it to my Grandmom who passed away 10 years ago this month from cancer.  Miss you super lots of much.


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10 percent

I am ALMOST finished a new song.  I'm sorta... not liking the whole idea that I always SAY I want to donate money by doing something with music or whatever creative outlet and then it never happens because the goal I setup is never met.  So this is going to become a priority.  I want to make this happen no matter what.

I have decided that with this new song I want to get 10 thousand downloads of my new song on iTunes.  Oh, I guess I should mention that like "A Place That Fits" I will be uploading this track and paying the 15 bucks to put it on CDBaby and thus iTunes.  Once it's up there I am going to go out and play the song at open mics around the area and every time I play it I will ask that people download the track.  I think I might make up business cards and things with direct links or something like that.  Then once I get 10 thousand downloads on iTunes I will take 10 percent of that... and donate 1 thousand dollars.  Actually I'll technically be donating more than 10 percent because there are fees and all sorts of other things so even if I get 10 thousand downloads at 99 cents it's actually less than 10 thousand dollars.  But I will still donate 1 thousand dollars to charity.

So... I am going to make this my goal for the next year.  I totally LOVE the new song and I think everyone else will at least think it's pretty good.  I am going to make it my goal to get more shows and I will do this by playing open mics and by really trying to get my music out there more than I ever have before.

So yea... I'll be doing all kinds of different things including submitting my music to try and get radio play and just anything I can think of to try and really become more of a legitimate musician.

I really want to use my music to do good and one of the ways I realized I can do that is by generating income from the music and then donating a portion of that to charity and good causes.  That portion i think should be 10 percent.  Even if I am able to make millions upon millions from my music I would still like to give away 10 percent of my income to charity.  So... this is not just going to be a... hopefully this will happen... thing... I am going to do whatever it takes to make this actually become a reality.

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Helping take pictures for a good cause

Today... or yesterday... I helped out at my fellow co-worker's charity event.  I usually help in some way shape or form every year.  I've been involved pretty much since I think maybe 2008 ish?  Most other years I just kind of drive around on a golf cart and hand out pretzels and beer to golfers, which is fun, but this year I did some candid photographing which wore me out!  Photographing events with lots of people is... REALLY hard work!  I mean... I had no idea how much work it is.  WAY more than a regular photo session although a regular photo session is hard work as well.  Photography is just a lot of work.

So the charity event is a golf outing  where a few hundred golfers play the whole course all at the same time.  They all start at different holes and go around in teams of four.  It's all to raise money for a charity.

The charity is

So overall it was good fun.  I'm just soooooooo tired.  I came home and pretty much just uploaded the photos to my computer ran a backup and then just fell asleep for a few hours.  Then I woke up to blog... and here we are.

I must say that it was WAY more work then I had expected trying to run around and take photos on the course.  There were just sooooo many people and as well it was a bit rainy so at some points I just kind of put my camera away and headed back to take cover because I didn't want to be in the rain with my camera.  But I took a good near 300 pictures and went almost completely through 2 batteries.  I went from 1pm to about 8pm.  I was definitely under prepared for it all.  I sort of went into it thinking just taking a few snapshots here and there of a golfer or two in a candid fashion and ended up also being more of an event photographer and taking photos at the post golf outing awards ceremony and raffle give away thing.

I am looking at the pictures I took inside and kind of really wish I'd used the flash instead of pumping the ISO up.  But I really don't like to use the flash because it gives it that "I obviously used a flash" look.  What I should have actually done was had a tripod and increased or decreased the shutter speed along with some ISO.  Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda... Two things I definitely need to buy are a big real tripod and maybe a pro flash.  I've also heard of something called "bouncing the flash" and I find that technique interesting.

The problem as far as technically speaking for me at least is that in photography I am still at that stumbling/fumbling stage.  You can only ask someone to wait to have their picture taken for so many seconds before they kinda sorta... well... if you have ever been to a graduation of any kind where the 90 year old grandma is trying to work her brand new digital camera she got as a gift at xmas last year you know what I'm talking about.  But when you are supposed to be the "photographer person" at the event... you can't be messing around with trying to figure out how to get the settings right on the camera for more than a split second before people start questioning if you really know what you are doing.

I suppose since I am still a stumbling fumbling photographer this is why I'm doing pictures for friends.  But... hmmm I don't know... it's just weird... today made me doubt myself a lot because... I think towards the end I got more put on the spot as being the actual photographer person and as they were giving away events and things suddenly people were posing for me and I was in front of a room full of hundreds of people taking pictures... and... I kinda sorta freaked out a little.  And... yea... It was a little like suddenly you realize you aren't just a second photographer in the corner... you are the ONLY photographer documenting this!  I can't be creatively messing around with the settings on the camera when I'm the only person documenting this.

I think today showed me that... I have a LOT to learn about what it means to be a photographer.

Seriously though... the whole first being outside for a few hours then inside for a few hours was tough.  As I look at the photos I can see a progression where at first there's this "warm up period" of 10 photos or so... it's as though I just hadn't used my camera in a while.  I find that interesting because I think it's almost like playing a show in music.  So in music you soundcheck and warm up and play a song or two before you start your set.  I think maybe with photography I'm seeing this same thing.  I really think I need to go around and take pictures where I'm going to be taking pictures... maybe 30 minutes before hand.

Then I can kind of see good picture taking for a few hours.  After a few hours it starts to get sloppy as I get tired.  I guess?  Not sure what's happening there.  I don't know... but all I do know is when it was over... I was just tired.

So for those who photograph LONG events... like weddings or do back to back portrait type shoots all day... can I just say I don't know how you do it!  AND... I wish the people being photographed just knew how hard it was to do that!

So I think for the most part I'm ok with it.  But some of the photos just didn't come out as good as I had liked them to.  I think I feel as though I missed a lot of opportunities as well.  Like where something funny or interesting happened and I had my back turned or my camera was off to save battery.  And then I was thinking about that missed photo op and it caused me to miss others!

I think that's the biggest thing with photography.  Anyone can just buy a decent camera and snap shots.  And anyone can sort of try to learn the photography technicals about shutter speed and aperture and ISO and all that... but the real important part of photography is the whole creative and attentiveness side.  Like knowing how to coax tense subjects into being more relaxed and just being fun with it.  That is definitely a talent needed.  To be sort of really able to get the person in front of the camera to have fun.

So my conclusion for today is... I had a lot of fun and money was raised for a good cause and it couldn't have been done without everyone involved.  So that includes all the volunteers and the organizers and the golfers and everyone who came to the post golf raffle thing.

My other conclusion is that photography for big events involving lots of people is really hard work and I really need to be more prepared the next time I volunteer to do something of that size!  But I still loved it and had a lot of fun.




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Typeless keyboard and Mouseless mouse

This was one of my tweets today.  I decided to turn it into a post.  The idea is that instead of typing with a keyboard and mousing with a mouse we do this stuff with our minds!

I have no idea how this would actually work as far as a technical standpoint is concerned.  I just think that eventually this will become a reality.  So I'm calling this now and i think it will probably come true in 5/10/20/50 years time.  I think this would be super awesome and it is one of those things that I would totally LOVE to have.  So here it is:

Ok... here's my idea... I think that it would be awesome to do away with the old school traditional keyboards and mice.  Now, as far as computers and humans go somehow the person and the machine have to interact.  What has been around for ages is input via computer keyboard/mouse and  output via computer monitor.  I think it might be cool to revamp the monitor as well but that might be too freakishly advanced.  I couldn't imagine a computer that you just hold in your hand and you can see the screen in your mind.  Although that would be pretty interesting for this post I am just focusing on the input.

Well so we have the current keyboard and mouse.  These two ways of inputting information are the exact same speed and efficiency they were 5/10/20 etc. years ago... but the speed of the computer has increased exponentially  in comparison.  So I think that it would be sweet if we have a new keyboard and mouse that allow you to click around and type at the speed of which your mind works.

If you are like me your mind works WAY faster than you can type, or mouse.  So then I end up trying to keep up with my thoughts and it's just not as good as it could be.  So I think it would be sweet to have a keyless keyboard where you just place your hands on it and think about what you want to type and it reads your mind.  Same with the mouse.  It just jumps around to where you think you want it.  Since it's just putting your hands on one device we could probably get rid of the keyboard mouse duo all-together and just have some sensor that you hold in your hand, or maybe both hands.  Maybe you hold down a button or squeeze it when you are thinking and want it activated and maybe you let it go when you want to think thoughts that don't get put down on the screen?  Not sure exactly but there's room to play around.

As far as real world things,  I think that touch screen on tablets and phones is sort of a step in that direction.  There are also speech recognition programs that can figure out what is being said and transcribe that to text.  So this is kind of like that but less talky and more walky... or thinky?

Think about how this would change computing?  You could type pages per minute instead of words!  You could scroll and click nearly at the speed of light!  or at least the speed of thought.  Which is probably close to the speed of light.  I wonder if anyone has ever measured the speed of thought?  Well anywho that's my idea about mouseless and keyless typing and mousing and all.  I think it would be fantastic because it would solve the whole carpal tunnel syndrome thing and as well it would increase how fast everyone can work!  Soooooo maybe we could then have more time to play?  Probably not, but it's still wishful thinking.

I think the idea is officially called Brain-computer interfacing... and here's the wikipedia article on the idea:–computer_interface

But that article makes it look all matrix ish and freakish... my idea is just to be some little thing you hold in your hand and it reads your brainwaves... it would be a lot more "cool" and "sleek".  Well anywho as I said I'm calling it now.  I think sometime soon we'll see a less "physical" input device to computers as the traditional keyboard and mouse and a more humanistic interface such as something that can read brainwaves and capture your thoughts into the PC.  I wonder how that would change the world.  And what if it were reverse and you could hold a book in your hand and just "know" the contents of the book in a matter of minutes because it just flows into your brain electronically via brainwaves and thoughts?!?!?!  That would be super crazyness... i can't even imagine!  Well, I mean I can... but... I can't.  OK well who knows... But only the future will eventually reveal what new tech gadget will show up next!

For now I click and type away... type type type... clickity click clack click.

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How I picture my “dream” relationship

I can't seem to sleep...

so I figured I'd write a post on something I think about ALLLLLL the time... relationships... I definitely watch others in relationships and try to figure out what the secret is to making it work... and all that... but I guess I have this weird idea in my head as to how it all goes but maybe it's all wrong?  I don't know but here's to me how my dream relationship would work.

First, I don't understand the question that lots of people ask... "what's the intention"... to me a relationship only has one direction... and that's to find someone who you will eventually marry and have kids with and buy a little itty bitty house with a little yard and swing set and all that.  Which is another thing.  I can't imagine NOT having kids... it's never even crossed my mind.  I don't know... so when someone says to me that they don't want kids I'm just... confused I suppose.

But ok... so when I go on a date with someone there's only one purpose there... it's to find out if we have chemistry... if we laugh... if we enjoy the time... if we can go hours without wanting to go home.  If we want to have a second date.  Then we go on a second date and the point would be to go on a third and fourth and so on... to find out more about each other... then to eventually like introduce each other to friends and all that and then to basically say wow we totally are into each other... let's make this officially official on facebook.  Sooo then we make it offcially official.  We then are boyfriend/girlfriend for however long until we decide to move in together... then we live together for a while and then I pop the question... or maybe the living together doesn't happen until the question happens... but still for me the only direction is to eventually get married.  Then we both buy a house together after the wedding... or maybe rent for a short period of time to try and save money... then we eventually have kids and we raise the kids and we just kinda do our things.

That to me is my only intention when dating ever.  But... I guess that's just how I am.

I think as far as like actually being in the relationship phase of things it should be equally balanced.  Like one person shouldn't have to carry the other person... either emotionally or financially.  We should both kind of have overlapping interests and knowledge but then also some different.  We should always be interested in each others lives and always want to know about what's going on with each other.  There should definitely be this aspect of where we just care about each other a lot.  And like if either of us text one another then we get a little warm feeling of fuzzy inside and can't wait to text back.  Same for phone call or email or just in general.  We are both just crazy about each other on an equal level.  It's not one person always trying to chase the other down.  I don't want either of us to be settling in any way.  I want us to be each others number one choices and no matter what if we could be with anyone on the planet we would still choose each other without even a hesitation of thought.

I think that even from day one... to seriously marriage we should always be excited about going on dates.  We should always both be like... "I can't wait for our dinner plans tonight!"  And then we should both always want to try to find ways to make each other smile like buying little cute gifts for each other WITHOUT ever being asked.  I've decided that one mistake I've been making is thinking that maybe things should be split down the center until a official relationship is reached... but I think instead I will just pay for all dates no matter what unless she like absolutely refuses to allow that.  The other thing  that I am going to do is bring flowers to all dates too... because I've not done that.  Until she tells me to knock it off or something.  haha... yea.

Hmmm... so but we should definitely be passionate and excited about "date nights" even if it's just a movie... some drinks somewhere.  It doesn't have to be a big fancy dressy dinner.

I think we should just both approach the relationship from a creative view and always try to think of ways to keep it fresh and fun and interesting!

Like I said... neither person should be carrying the other entirely... it should be a equally and evenly yoked.  We carry each other.  We believe in each other.

The other thing is that I'd like for both of us to try and go to church together.  It doesn't have to be every week... but maybe just whenever we can.

Again I think the goal in mind is for us to eventually marry, have kids, and buy a house and plan to be together no matter what till the end.  To not just recite or repeat the vows... but to REALLY MEAN THEM when we say them.

My final thought I suppose is that a lot of guys who are married will say... "Well I can look but I can't touch."

NO.  Absolutely not.  When I am with the girl I am with... I wouldn't even have the desire to even look.  NOT EVEN ONE LITTLE BIT OF A DESIRE.  We are with each other.  So I won't even want to look at other girls because I would know that I'm with the only girl that I want to be with for the rest of my life.

That kinda bugs me when guys do that stuff and they are married.  To me it's just not respecting their lady... or honoring what the whole idea of marriage really means.

Ok well... I guess that's all I can think of.  I'm sure that I'm leaving a lot out but I just think that my dream relationship would be both of us super passionate about each other and no other.

I just have to keep looking for someone else who wants something like that too.  What I do know is i'm DEFINIETELY not interested in a relationship that is only about "fooling around" or "having some fun" or "not looking to be tied down"... and if the person says they don't eventually want kids/don't eventually want to live together/don't want to eventually get married/think relationships should just be about going out and having fun with a different person each week... etc. etc.... To them I'll have to respectfully ask them to move along.

I do, though, want someone who will be serious about dating, and serious about us and wanting to take things to the next level when the time is right.

Maybe I'm just being unrealistic... but... I guess... again... that's why it's just a blog post and just about a "dream" relationship.

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If I had one wish

It would just be to take back anything mean I've ever said to anyone.  And I really do wish that.  Sometimes I say stupid things when I'm annoyed but I don't really mean to say that stuff.  I don't know.  So I wish I could just make it so I never said anything mean to anyone ever.  And I wish they could know that I apologize for mean things said.

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More Music Sooooooon and Some Thankfulness

I'm getting super close to finishing up a new song.  I am getting pretty excited about sharing this song.  It's a pretty serious song and there's a lot of emotion in it.  Hmmm... so... I think... or I guess... maybe... it's been a while since I finished a song.  I think perhaps I've been neglecting doing music some.  I should get back to being more serious about music.  I mean that is my first love as far as being creative goes and... I suppose... I do like to try out other interests... like stand up comedy.  But I really should stick to music first.  I should be taking it more seriously and trying to do more with it to get it out there.  So... I'm going to do that.

I was going to post tonight about my idea to release a movie in theaters with no ending and then have the audience submit endings and then they make it a few months later and release the ending to theaters... or part 2 of the movie.  But I decided to post this little mini blog tonight on music.  I'll save the alt ending movie idea post for another evening.

But... yes... I definitely do need to try to do more with music and to kind of maybe... hmmm... start putting more into trying to make a serious jump from just having it be a side hobby thing to perhaps becoming something that is much more legitimate.  I think that uploading my one song to CDBaby and then having it on iTunes was definitely a first step.  But I need to play more actual shows.  I need to really try to get my songs out there and I need to maybe make a real CD and kind of just start looking at it from a more serious perspective.  Afterall it's what I really do love to do.   Playing music, writing music, recording music, producing music.  I love all that.   So... I'm gonna give that a go.  Try to submit my music to different places and things and such... if I get told no... or no response... hey at least I gave that effort instead of just kind of keeping things on the backburner.

So yea.  Maaaaaaaaybe I just needed a reminder of that.  Life is just sooooo jumbled... there's soooooo much always going on!  But... no matter how hectic things get... it's still good and interesting and wonderful and I'm glad to have the abilities that I have and be blessed with the talents I'm blessed with.  I think maybe though I don't put those abilities and talents to the full use that they could be put to.  Sometimes I don't see that but others do and they remind me of it.  And... I'm just very thankful for that reminder.  So I think what I'm saying is this is just a general thanks post for those who give me encouragement on being creative but more specifically with music.

Sometimes I think... that I owe so much in thanks just... in general... it's like a debt that can never be repaid.  I hope I'm making sense.  Sorry my mind is kinda thinking a lot tonight... and today now marks 10 years to the day since my grandmother on my moms side passed from cancer... so that's not easy... and yea... I know what I mean to say but I'm just not sure exactly how to say it.  Ok on that note i'm just going to get myself some sleep.  But... I don't know... I'm just in a very thankful mood because I feel like... there is just a lot I should be very thankful for and so... I want to take what i've been given and try to use that to be more productive with it and then give back.  And just create.

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Some Thoughts on Time and Healing

The phrase "Time heals all wounds" is said often.  I don't know if that's true.  I think that there are some wounds that time can never heal.

This is a post somewhat inspired by the tenth year anniversary of 9/11 but I've decided not to post about that.  I'll say real quick that it's a tragedy whenever lives are lost and I would just like to express deep sorrow for that loss.  I think this post tonight is just going to focus on forgiveness and healing.  I'm going to keep this short since it is late and I should have been in bed hours ago.

As I said I don't think time heals all wounds.  I think that only forgiveness and really the person can heal.  I think that some wounds can never heal no matter how long the time takes.  I also think that other wounds can be healed in days, or weeks, or months, or years.  It all depends on the situation and the person and the event that took place.  I don't really like that idea of expecting people to "get over it".  I think that for some they can never get past some things that happen to them and I don't think they should be expected to.

It's really up to that individual to be able to heal on their own in the timeframe that they want.  So for the people involved in 9/11 I think most that had family members lost will never fully ever be ok with today.  Every year they will be reminded of their loss.  I think what's important is that they have people who are there for them to help them through this day/week/month... or just to help them talk about it, or even not talk about it.  Maybe just to keep their minds on something else.  I don't really know honestly.

What I do know is that the loss I've had of for example my own grand parents or the loss of some classmates is always tough to think about.  Even if it's been years and years it's still tough and at least for me it never gets easier.

There are other types of healing as well.  For example...

When I was really young at summer camp a few kids thought it would be funny while we were making smores to roast up a few marshmellows and then take the goo and mash it into my hair... at the time I was really mad... but now it just kind of seems insignificant.  If I saw those kids I'd probably be fine to grab a drink with them or even high-five them.  But that's something that kids do... they play pranks on each other.  So that's much easier to forgive and heal from.

I think healing is complicated and there is no right answer for anything.  I definitely think though that there are some things that are so hurtful that even if the individual that caused the event apologized a thousand times there is still no resolution that the victim could feel about it.  And I think that's ok.  Each person has to deal with things in their own way.  I mean there are also lives lost, or even sentimental personal belongings lost in natural disaster as well and hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados... etc. etc. can't really apologize.  Obviously it wasn't an act of premeditated violence... it's just something that happened!  But it's tough to lose someone or something that you love... it's also tough to be hurt in any way be it physically or emotionally... and I just think that again the idea of if the person waits long enough they will "get over it" is not the best way to think about a persons feelings.

Ok, I hope that all made sense.  I think the last bit that I want to say was sort of the whole idea of forgiveness.  I think that maybe with this whole 9/11 thing we should seek understanding and resolution and try to heal from it the best way possible, but what shouldn't happen is what I've heard some people mention today... and that's the whole well at least we got them back and killed all the people who attacked us.

Revenge is never good no matter what.  If someone did you wrong it's not ok to mount an attack and do wrong back.  That's not ok at all.  I think at the same time there is a difference between protecting yourself and defending yourself... and being vengeful.  But protection and defense should occur at the time when an attack is happening.  So if someone is trying to break into your home you should definitely call the police and that sort of thing.  As well if maybe someone broke into your home when you were away and you have items that were stolen... again that should be handled according to how the local/state/federal laws dictate.  But you shouldn't go find that person and hunt them down and try to cause harm to them as revenge.  If they have broken one of the laws then they will simply be prosecuted in accordance with that law.

Then once things have been handled in accordance with what's on the books it's the process of trying to heal from that... maybe try to forgive the person for what they did.  I suppose I'm no expert on any of this and everything I've typed tonight may not be correct.  But I guess as far as my personal thoughts go right now... I try to look at things the way that person sees through their eyes.  I try to think about why they did what they did and try to understand?  Maybe 10 years out I'll be able to understand the perspective and then forgive and heal?  Maybe it will take an entire lifetime?  Maybe it never happens.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that when it comes to healing... maybe there isn't a right or wrong way to go about it.  Maybe it's just how the individual is able to handle things in their own way.

I think maybe the best we all can do is just try to be a strong person and when we aren't allow those who are stronger than us to help.  Just try to think about things and make the best decisions we can.  Well I suppose I didn't end up keeping this all that short.  I kind of got lost in what I was trying to say.  But today has been a day of reflection for me.  I think now, it's time for me to rest.  Goodnight all.

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nine ten eleven

Today is 9/10/11.  I think we are nearly to the end of the "poker days".  Maybe Lady Gaga could make a remix to Poker Face and make it Poker Days...  At least that's what these days remind me of like in poker when someone gets a "run" or whatever it's called.  I think out of all the days my favorite was 7/08/09.  I went around telling everyone happy "seven ate nine" day!  It was cheesy... but I'm generally amused by cheesy things.

It's I don't know I mean there is supposed to be significance in these sort of days.  Like how you are supposed to make a wish at 11:11 at night.  Although I've made several 11:11 wishes and they still have yet to come true!  Booooo.  Maybe the thing about wishes and numbers and all that sort of stuff coinciding together to make random chance become reality is that it happens in a way that you don't think about.  LIke wishes come true or all that kind of stuff but just not in the way you expect them to come true.  And then maybe they come true after the person who wishes for them to come true doesn't need the wish anymore.  Or... something like that.

Ok... so... let me think of an example.  This happens to me ALLLLLLL the time at work.  So... we use all sorts of random cables to connect up things.  USB cables, network cables, power Cables, video cables... etc. etc.... well often we'll have some kind of excess of whatever cables we really don't need at the time.  But then we will run out of some cable and be like "noooooooo we had SOOOO many of these a few days ago... where did all those cables go!?!!?"  Because at the time... we'll be looking at a box of whatever type we didn't need and we'll say... "Dude... when are we EVER going to need these cables?  We never use these."  Then a month later... I'll be like I WISH I had that box!

That's a bad example.  But kind of like that.  Or maybe wishes are displaced?  So when YOU wish for something... the next person down the line gets it... and then when someone else wishes for something you are getting that wish?  Sooo see that would be freaky!  It's like we're all getting each others wants and wishes but not our own?  That's kind of interesting.  This sort of goes with the numbers in a row thing... sort of like the next effecting the next.

I think there might be something to this because, I hear all the time where someone will get something and someone else will be like... "I TOTALLY was wanting that to happen to me!  You are so lucky."  or something to that effect.  So if you think about that logic then...

Instead of wishing a wish for ourselves... which gets displaced... to someone else.  MAYBE... we all should be wishing good things for each other...


It comes back to us.  Maybe?  Perhaps?

Soooo lets all wish something good for someone else tonight at 11:11pm.  Or whenever... since it's 9/10/11... it seems like one of those things to do... "It's 9/10/11 make a wish!"  Or... "Star bright star light first star I see tonight! Make a wish!"

I'm going to try that.  I'll let everyone know how it goes.  Start wishing good things for people around me!

I'll start with this... I hope everyone has a spectacularly awesome evening on this fine Saturday night of 9/10/11!

*Note: this post doesn't work if you are australian or british... they swap the month and day so it would be 10/09/11 and in which case we'd have to wait till October for this to make sense.

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That Self Checkout Thing

Most of the time when I go to the store I usually use the self check out.  I think it's faster and I enjoy not having someone eye up every product I purchase.  I usually think about what the checkout person is thinking about me.  I hate that.  It makes me feel weird, like maybe they are thinking something about me that isn't true and I feel the need to explain every purchase to them.

For example sometimes I buy those veggie crumbler things because they make good taco fillers!  But then I'll buy some  chicken at the same time.  Or I'll buy the cheapo shredded cheese but then buy organic eggs and milk.  So I can just see the person saying in their head... "So um, what's up with this guy?!  He bought some of his stuff organic and some not... He bought vegatarian AND meat!  That's just not right man... not at all."

Or you have those people behind you watching the register person check you out and they are all thinking in their head WHY DID HE BUY SO MUCH YOGURT!  Well, I mean it was on sale... but also I happen to like yogurt... How about you? why are you buying 27 cans of almonds?

Mmmmmmm Hmmmm that's what I thought.  I'll get my yogurt and you get your almonds.  And one day maybe Silk will make an almond yogurt out of almond milk and we can shop together... in almond yogurt goodness!

But for now... we all buy different fun things...

Oh gosh that would be bad if we could read minds... could you imagine what it would be like in check out lines around the world.  It would be all sorts of awkwardness.  I would imagine at least it would be awkward.  Although who knows?  Maybe most would share cooking recipes or something like that!  I did that one time... before a snow storm last year a lady told me this awesome soup recipe... I never made it though... and I didn't write it down... it's lost and gone forever in the land of never made soups.

Anywho as I was saying...

I don't know I just like the idea of going through the self check out instead of the person check out.  But I was thinking about the voice tonight as I was making my purchases at the store.  She was telling me what I bought and how much it cost.  I imagine who this lady is?  Like... I don't think it's a robot voice... I think it's pre-recorded snippets of some actual lady!  I wonder what she's like in real life... does she have any pets?   I don't know... I'm just curious to know her!  Is that weird?   Well, maybe... but I still think it would be more interesting to know the person helping you check your groceries out!

So then I thought... ok maaaaaaaybe that's what's missing.  I mean having a small convo with the check out guy or girl sometimes isn't so bad.  I learned about a new band that way.  A few years ago I was getting chips... because I was in the mood for chips... they are all crunchy and you can dip them in things and they are good to take to parties and such.  OK WELL... I bought a bag of chips... and the guy was like...


I was like "Oh heck yea you know I do!"

Then he was all, "Rock and roll.  ROCK AND ROLL!"

I was like "I like rock and roll too..."

and he was like "SHAAAA nooooooo WAY!"

And I was like "Way"

Then we just stood there for a moment.

Then some lady behind us was like "I like soup"

And we both were like "soup is good too."


Then we all group hugged.  OK maybe we didn't group hug, but it was still a special moment.  Well then as I was putting in my debit card digits the guy was like ohhhh speaking of rock and roll check out this band... and he told me about Hit The Lights.  It's obnoxious punk pop rock kinda similar to Fall Out Boy.  I gave em a listen and still enjoy them from time to time.

ok Sooooo sorry I've been kind of meandering tonight.  As I was saying someone you know, but obviously we can't record our friends in checkout form.  So then I thought well what about those GPS voices where you can get famous peoples!

And thats when it hit me...

Celebrity checkout voices....

I mean they do it on radio stations all the time... "hey this is ________ and you are listening to ________"

Sooooo why not let one of the Backstreet Boys or maybe Lisa Simpson or maybe one of the SNL characters help me check out my groceries?


True it might get a little cheesy... (and maybe even more cheesy if you are buying cheese...) but I think it would be cool!

And to keep things fresh, like the produce and meats... they would also have expiration dates and get changed out maybe every week or month.

HOW... AWESOME... WOULD... THAT... BE?!?!?!?!?!?

i want it.

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