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Getting ready to upload my next single to CD Baby

So I've nearly finished the cover art for my next single that I'm going to upload to CD Baby.  The cover art and the song all go with a music video that I'm working on to upload to Youtube.  This will be the 5th single that I've uploaded to CD Baby.  CD Baby sends the songs as well off to iTunes and Spotify along with other sites.  I'm slowly getting my stuff out there more and more.

Hopefully the Youtube music video will get more fans for me!  That's the idea.  I plan to just keep uploading singles with cover art.  I also want to make more music videos to go along with the songs.  The music video stuff is A LOT of work!  But it's super fun and totally worth it.

Right now I don't have any plans to upload any full albums.  I'm having fun just doing the single thing.  Maybe once I can really start making things happen with singles I'll get into making a full CD.  But for now I'm going to stick with single songs and single videos... and all things individually wrapped.

The video thing really started off pretty tough.  But now that I'm getting the hang of it I'm starting to film more things faster.  I'm also getting better at making the different items that I'm using as props/characters/backgrounds for the video too!

So the next things I put up till be an older song for sale but with new cover art, a new music video to go with that and I'm also working on a brand new song!  Hopefully one day I'll be able to at least make enough money from music and youtube videos that I can do this full time, then I create more content even faster.  That would be sweet.

In the more distant future after I finish my current video I'm also going to start working on another comedy construction paper short video.  The script is completed and I'll probably start recording the voice tracks and all that stuff soon.  Then I'll create and cut out the characters and backdrops to film to the voice tracks.  I have lots of ideas but just not all that much time to bring them to life.  But I'll keep making music and videos as much as I can.

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