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The Cleveland Show

So apparently I’m going to be on TV!!! Or at least my name will be on The Cleveland Show on May 2nd. Kanye West is going to be playing a character by the name of Kenny West on the show. I think this is kinda neat. Perhaps people will google Kenny West and then come across my stuff on accident? That would be super neat!
How else could I possibly use this to my benefit to further my career? I’ve thought about filing a lawsuit as a publicity stunt just to get some PR. There really isn’t any grounds for any kind of suit anyway that I could possibly think of. Also that would be a waste of time and money and valuable court time. This brings up another interesting subject.
Same names… I mean just how many people have the same names out there anyways? I think that parents need to be more attentive to the possibility of how many other people could also have that same name. Perhaps we should start using SN’s as names?
Just a few random thoughts. Oh also as a random afterthought I got 2 more guitar signatures on my guitar! I’ll be putting those up soon. One is from Joanna Lynn and the other is from Jack Stafford. Pretty rad.

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