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Computer guy part 2

I decided to write this real quick to balance out the rantyness of my previous blog... soooooo I found this and thought it was fantastically funny computer humor.  One thing we do a LOT as computer peeps is crack jokes with each other.  Because in order to not go crazy in the computer support field you just have to have a good sense of humor.

Sooooo here's part two of the computer guy blog... we get a TON of emails at our helpdesk at work that forward spam emails to us.  Sometimes they ask if things are real or not real... and sometimes they are just kind of FYI's about hey I got this email...

So whether you are a computer savy person or not I bet you can still relate to this:

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I’m an unconventional computer guy

I actually randomly thought of this topic today and decided it wouldn't be a bad thing to post about.  I think of myself as an "unconventional" computer guy.  This is kind of maybe a little bit of a rant blog... but I mean it was a crazy busy day at work and so I feel like blowing off some steam...

I'll promise to keep the ranting to a minimum.

Soooo as a computer person I get jokingly and I think accidentally stereotyped when people say things like "oh, you work with computers! So you are like that comic book guy from the simpsons!  Do you collect comic books? and watch star trek and all that nerdy stuff?"

(insert comic book guy immitation voice)

Or sometimes people will say oh so you like to play video games right?

My answer is... I don't like Star Trek, or Star Wars... and I actually don't play video games at all.

I don't know... I mean... this bothers me a little... it's almost like I'm being looked at as a "certain" type of person because I fix computers for a living.  But actually, computers are mostly just a source of income for me so that I can then put that money into what I truely love... creative outlets... such as music!

I've met a lot of other computer people over the years and they come in all shapes and sizes... etc. etc.  I mean I've known computery people who love to play all different sports when they leave work.  Or play in jazz bands... or they like to do theater and act I mean... my boss rides up to work in his kick-ass motorcycle!  you name it.  Tons of different things.... that aren't "nerdy" at all!

I mean ok... so here's all the things i've been asked if I like because I work in computers:

Comic Books or all those comic books turned into movies

Video Games



Star Trek

Dungeons and Dragons

Magic the gathering

Going to conventions related to any of the above things

Of that list here are things that I enjoy:

... none...


Here's a list of all the things I totally love doing that no one ever asks if I like:

Writing and producing music

Playing drums/guitar/bass/keyboard and playing at open mics

Enjoying and finding new craft beers and breweries








Theme parks

Going to Comedy clubs

5 years ago I started learning spanish... I still try... and fail... ha... but I'd love to travel to spain one day and be able to speak fluently.


Actually here's a little quick story: I went to a comedy club in 2004 in Maine on a night off from working at a summer camp and the comedian asked what I did... I said I was a student... he said "ah ok and what's your major?". because so many people had previously said things like what I talked about above I just told him "computer stuff"... he went to TOWN with that answer totally ripping into me.  "stuff?!  You sound like you are really learning a lot of "stuff" at this "stuff" university..." etc. etc.

haha... I walked out of there all embarrassed... if you ever go to a comedy club don't sit up front.  Or at least make sure you have a witty answer.

Actually cross comedy clubs off the list... I just like comedy on TV... and watching movies that are comedies.

Although, I went to one more recently about 2 years ago and it was pretty awesome... so i'd go again if anyone wanted to go to a comedy club with me.

But there ya have it... people have a lot more to them than just what they do for a living...

So I'll close with... Just because I type on a computer doesn't mean I'm a certain type of person!

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Cats vs Dogs vs frogs

This post is about pets.  Because... who doesn't love pets!?  Well.. most of the time.  Except when the litterbox gets all stinky or there's a puddle of weeeee weeee on the floor when you come home to the wagging tail that and slobbery grin that says he swears he didn't do it.

My mom called me today to say there was some water in the basement and the litterbox got a little wet.  Grossssssss... All I'm saying to that is... not it (on cleanup duty).  Also sooooooooo glad I don't live at home any more.  Although I do have to go over soon again to clean out the turtle tank.  That's my business... I take care of the turtle tank cleaning and she takes care of the catbox cleaning.  I mean I'll still carry the heavy bags of litter to the basement for her from the back of her car.  Those suckers are heavy!  Especially when she buy's the 1 ton bag of cat litter from Sam's club.

But I've decided hey even with all the yucky business pets are super worth it.  I don't currently have a pet at my apartment but I do eventually want to get a pet again eventually.  So I'm gonna write about pets and how come they are nifty.  Because they just are... they totally are the best companions in life because they get to know you better than anyone else does.  At least I think they do!  Pet to owner communication is on a level like no other.

I wrote a little about pets having extra senses in my "after post" some posts back.  I think they also have other senses... like senses of humor.  When I used to live at home one of the cats would always come up to me and try to shake my hand by putting her paw out.  It made me laugh every time.  My favorite is whenever I'm at someone house and they have a dog that's doing that whole trick where they are trying to get your attention and then once they have your attention they are like... oh hey and come over to you like..

"well I'm just over here because YOU were looking at me!  I was minding my own business over there just shaking that big piece of tied up rope around and then you looked over that way so I HAD to come over and check things out over here...  oh btw while i'm over here... there's this spot right behind the ear that needs some scratching would you mind??  ahhh yes yes that's the spot... oh wait noo a little to the left yes ok right there... ah thanks you are the best!"

Oh those dogs and cats... I mean I really only have experience hanging out with cats and dogs... they really do get to know how you feel and really try to comfort you when you seem down or share in your excitement when you are happy... but other pets are nifty too... Birds are usually chatty... but they look at you sideways... I don't know how I feel about that...

Oh birds... I don't think i'd ever want one as a pet.  Unless it's an ostrich or something like that.  Or a flamingo... I don't know if you can have a flamingo as a pet.

I had a friend in college who was OBSESSED with flamingos... she had her dorm room all decked out like flamingo central and even her screen name on aim was flamingosomethingandabunchofnumbers...

She always talked about getting one as a pet.

I've known people who have goats and sheep and such.  Chickens... actually the other night I had a dream that I bought chickens because I got tired of buying eggs.

But to me the only cool bird I would go with would be the penguin.  But in reality... I don't think that would work very well.  I'd have to keep my AC on max all the time.  Or leave my fridge open.  Not to mention all the buckets of fish I'd go through.

There's always cows... mooooooooooooooooooo.

I think if I had to pick a new pet to get I'd probably just go with a cat.  Ya know just a regular old cat.  I mean they are pretty comforting.  They are great to just sleep next to or have them sit next to you on the couch.  And they usually listen to you when you talk to them.  Sometimes they just don't care and walk away... but usually they pay attention to you as long as you pet them.  The best cat I've ever had was this cat name Poof.  She was freaking awesome.  She lived to be 22... 22!  She was the most vocal cat EVER.  As soon as she saw you she would run up and say hello. But to me it was more like...

"OOOooooooohhhhh there's a person!!!! PET MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Yes.  My life is awesome.  Now if I could just trouble you for some food as well?"

I definitely think that dogs would be kinda cool... but I've never had a dog as a pet. I've only had friends with dogs as pets and just experience it that way.

I think when the time comes to seriously consider a pet... i'd go down to the local animal shelter and rescue one.  I would just have to sit with either a cat or dog and just kind of get a feel for it's personality or connection and when I really found one that I bonded with... that would be the one.

But for now... I say hello to my plants each morning and my turtle and my mom's cats when I visit home.

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What would gift you buy someone if you had unlimited funds?

So... I did a search on silly blog topics and one of the results said blog about gifts you'd like to give.... that is... if money were no object.  This is actually appropriate because it was just my coworker's b-day yesterday and I went to his party and got him a case of his favorite beer.  So when he's chillin out and relaxin on the weekend he can enjoy a cold brew after a long day of gardening or house work.

But... let's talk about gift giving!  I think it's definitely better to give than to receive.  I defintely get a lot of joy over giving something to someone when I think they might REALLY enjoy it!  Giving gifts is always sooo tough because I worry if it will be the right one!  But I think maybe the topic creator was hinting at the stuff bob barker had resources to.  Because it's supposed to be what kind of gifts would you give if the budget didn't matter.  Giving away new cars to friends would certainly be awesome.  But I don't know... I'd rather write someone a song!  Or maybe make someone a cool crafty card.

I know I KNOW what you're saying... I WANT THE CAR!

I mean ok... but really think to your self... do you REALLY want a car?  Or a cruise?  Or a new giant mansion house?  Or some crazy fancy back massager chair...

Ok... MAYBE... but think to yourself... do you REALLY?  Do you REALLY want one of those things?

Actually whoa... crap... that chair reclines back!  AND IT HAS A FREAKIN REMOTE!

umm...well... maybe on that last one... I kinda wish I had that!

Ok if I HAD unlimited funds... I'd buy everyone I know one of those chairs. Although they are backordered 7-10 days... so you would have to wait anyways.

But seriously... wouldn't you RATHER have something coming from a dearest friend or loved one that was created by their very own hands?  Like something that was sent from the bottom of their heart (quick fact: I almost changed my iPhone email to say "sent from the bottom of my heart" instead of "sent from my iPhone"... but instead I just removed it all together)?  I mean I know personally in order to think about what to give as gifts to friends or family members or birthdays or holidays I think about what i'd like to receive.  To me I think the best gift is just spending some good quality time with the person, so maybe the best gift would be a nice dinner out or something like that!  Right?  Or not even buying someone anything!  I mean maybe just writing poetry or like I mentioned before a song... or maybe just going somewhere scenic and taking a walk and talking!  OR even like making someone dinner!  Or something...  Those all sound like great gifts don't they!?!?!



sigh... I KNOW what you are all thinking... let me guess... it would be something like this...

Blog reader: "Actually... I want the chair... Can I have the chair?"

Me: "Ok ok...Fiiiiiiiiiiine...  if I had unlimited funding and it was your birthday... you can have the back massager chair."

Blog reader: "Freaking sweet.  Also a new car or a cruise would work too."

Me: "You do realize this is just a blog post and completely fictitious "what if" situation, so you aren't ACTUALLY getting that chair... OR a car... OR a cruise... right?"

Blog reader: "Lame.  That's uncool man... Soooooo uncool."


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Who Are You With? – More on the fire down the street

Ok… sorry I meant to post this blog umm… however many nights ago but things got a bit hectic with the whole hurricane thing and my one coworker’s party.

So here’s the post from Friday night… being posted… errr… tonight, Monday night.  Close enough right?  Sorta?  Hmm… ok… well I apologize for the lack of keeping with my 1 a day post… it’s hard to keep up with sometimes!  Life gets crazy and all.  Ok So this is the story about the chili’s fire thing.

Thursday night I went to bed at 1:30 in the am time.  I wrote a blog and posted that at 12:22 and then I decided to stay up for another half hour or so and read and have a glass of wine…

Because SOMEONE… someone being me… thought it would be a fantastic idea to make coffee at 9pm.  But then I forgot about brewing it and drank it at like 10… well started drinking it… and then at like 10:30 I forgot I needed to go to the ac-a-me because they close at 11… so I went to the store and then came back and drank the rest.

Coffee makes me all up and wakey and peppy

Wine makes me sleepy… and so does reading.  Soooo I had a nice glass of wine and read some to counter the effects of the pep from the coffee.

It eventually worked.

Well I’m pretty sure I fell asleep sometime between 1 and 2… that would be around 1:30 “Eh, Em”… It might have been a few minutes later or earlier though… All I know is I finished my wine and book reading around 1 and then brushed my teeth and got into bed around 1:15… eventually I drifted off.

Ok soooo real quick… the blog I posted at 12:22 was about eating a spicy chili pepper that set my mouth on fire that my boss gave me from his garden.  Then a few hours later the Chili’s is on fire… sooo I just was like whoa… that’s like psychic stuff!  I mean ok not really… because I mean I could have blogged about swimming in a pool and then it rains and say oh wow I KNEW it was going to rain because I blogged about getting wet in a pool… but whatever… I thought it was still interesting… it was like uncanny crazy coincidental stuff… anyways back to the story…

I woke up at about 3 something because I heard a fire truck.  I kinda went back to sleep but was woken up by a second siren.  Then I heard a third with horns and everything.  I got up and went to my window and looked out.  There I saw the whole street blocked off by a police car.  I started watching the commotion.  I glanced at my clock… it was almost 3:30… sooo I got 2 hours of sleep so far.  Awesome.  I thought to myself tomorrow is going to suck.

I wasn’t sure what was going on… but then a 4th truck went by only it went around the corner, I thought that was strange.  I looked over past where the police had blocked off the road and saw the sky was orange… WHOA… what the?!  Then I saw more rescue vehicles drive by.

I debated going to back to sleep… but watched for another few minutes.  I decided to go see what was up.  As a last thought I grabbed my camera bag then left my building and walked over.  There were a few others too standing around just talking in groups by the wawa… although most nights there are people just standing around outside wawa ANYWAYS talking… so it was almost a normal thing.  When I got closer I could see that there was a big blaze just down the street!  I asked the police officer if I could just stand where he was and take a few pictures.  He kinda motioned me over to the firefighter closest to us.  I went over and asked that guy.  He said “oh yea you can walk right up there… just don’t get too close.  They will tell you if you are in the way.”  I was surprised that they just let someone walk right into all that commotion.  I traversed the network of giant yellow hoses that littered the street.  I started taking pictures and walking closer.  About halfway up to the building I was stopped by a few guys that looked like members of a news source of some sort.

“Who are you with?”

Their shirts looked like they said accu something or something… I just assumed they were some kind of independent news source that maybe papers contract to get pictures / information for them?  I mean it was almost 4 am… sooo I wasn’t all that coherent… also… there was a GIANT FIRE just down the street of my building… So part of me was wondering if I should even be out taking pictures and maybe I should be loading up my car in case this thing spreads so I can GTFO… that’s (Get The BLEEP Out) in internets lingo.

I looked at the “who are you with” guys and said “No one I live down the street”.   I thought about telling them I worked for the daily planet (the newspaper from superman) just to mess with them… but then I thought this isn’t really a time to crack jokes.  They handed me a card and said “can you email me your best ones when you get back home?”  I said “Ok.”  Although it struck me the way they said that… “some of your best ones.”  That’s almost the way just a friend would say it.  It was just weird.

I shoved the card in my pocket and they continued on.  I just kinda walked around the outer parameter of the fire and continued taking pictures.  Later when I was back home I looked at the card but it was confusing because they looked like a company that did was servpro does… like clean up flooded basements.  I was confused as to why he would want pictures.  Then I was suspicious.  Sooo I decided not to email any pictures to him.

I was asked 2 other times who I was associated with as well.  It felt weird… almost like they were thinking I was someone legit when I was just a guy with a camera.  Maybe I look natural when I’m taking pictures?  Like I belong to a member of the press?  I don’t know… but I mean also at 4 something in the morning with a fire going on… I imagine people don’t really think about this stuff too much they just ask that kind of thing out of instinct or whatever.  So I didn’t read too much into it.  Then I thought maybe I shouldn’t be so up in there. Haha… I mean… here I am just a guy that lives down the street starting to get pretty close into where the action was.  At one point when more and more people started gathering and were getting closer and closer all the fire trucks sounded their horns… it started with one truck and then others joined in… all the civilians like myself thought there was something about to blow and backed off pretty quickly.

Oh so one of the askers was someone else with a camera that made my camera look like crap.  His camera was SOMETHING serious.  I mean it was just big and tough looking and had this HUGE telephoto lens and lens hood… I was humbled by it.  It was a cannon I think?  But the body was extra tall looking… like he almost had to hold it with 2 hands… it HAD to have weighed double what mine did.  I said again I wasn’t associated with anyone I just lived down the street and he quickly lost interest in talking to me.  kthxbye to you too mr.

The other person was just a firefighter asking for copies of the pictures.  I wrote down my info but I never heard anything.

I kinda hung out for nearly an hour taking over 330 pictures!  Then I was just basically like well… I need to sleep.  I went back to my place but had trouble falling asleep.  It’s not every day that you see something like that.  So I think my adrenaline was all pumping and what not.

Part of me was still worried it might get back out of control some how and hop buildings to mine!  But there were a TON of fire trucks there and so I kinda just had to tell myself that’s not possible just go to sleep.

Here’s the article I found of it.

And the pictures were posted in the previous blog.  So there ya have it!  That’s the story of how it all went down in my town.


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Men and Women Of Honor

So here are 50 of the more than 300 pictures I took of a fire that happened down the street from my building in the middle of the night on early friday morning.  These firefighters are very brave and awesome people!

I just wanted to say real quick that as far as I know no one was hurt. So I think that's the most important thing.

I totally hope they just build another Chili's in it's place! I've eaten there a number of times over the past however many years and it's always been good times! The best was when we went with like 20 camp people and they had to figure out how to string together tables and where to put us all. Good times for sure. But then again that happens every time I meet camp people because there is ALWAYS some huge number of us.

The only editing done to these is that they were resized to 640 width because the original size of 4k plus pixels would have taken up a TON of space on my blog.  As well I added a little watermark thing.  I'm being told I should put that on all my stuff on my site?  I guess?  I don't know... I kinda don't like it because it takes away from the picture some.

I used my Sony Alpha A33 camera and switched back and forth between two lenses the 55-200 and the 18-55...  I still haven't figured out the best way to switch lenses in the middle of walking around with a camera and camera bag while there is also so much else happening.  I am worried one of these days i'm going to drop something!  Either the lens or the camera!  Maybe I need to practice changing lenses?

OK well I don't know what else to write... I guess if anyone likes a certain picture and maybe just wants a copy for any reason just contact me and I'll just email you the full size of it. If anyone knows anyone that works for any of these fire companies and they want one of the pictures just give my info to them and I can email them whichever they want.

I had an idea maybe to get a couple framed and try to maybe sell them and donate that money to one of the fire companies? But I always have ideas like this and then never have a good way to implement them. I want to join some kind of volunteer organization that helps people with good ideas about helping others get those ideas put in action. Or maybe start an organization like that. I can call it something like the "Helping Help" foundation.

Well enough rambling... here they are:

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The super insanely hot pepper

This was my second pepper that I had of the super insanely hot kind.  My boss grows his own peppers and other things in his garden.  He brings in peppers for us... now most of the peppers are regular chili's looking peppers.  I can handle these no prob.  I put them in taco's and things of that nature.  I also make pasta's and such and add them to stir fries.  They add a small kick to the cookin.

Well... there's a second pepper that's about 5 times hotter than the other one.  Now the other one is about as hot as the hottest salsa you can get at baja fresh (just to give you an idea).  So imagine 5 times hotter than that!

It's hot.

Really. REALLY... hot type of hot.

This was the second one I attempted.  The first one I put in a chicken wrap and whoaaaaaaa it was HOT!  This time I decided to cook it in hopes that it would maybe not be as hot if I cooked it before eating it (I ate the last one raw).

It was just as hot.  Cooking had no effect.

Well so tonight I made a stir fry and chopped this bad boy up and put it in.  It was good... my boss calls them the commando peppers.  Because as he likes to say anything over the top is the commando version.  And if you are going to do anything at all... you might as well do it up right and go all the way!  So if you have a choice for anything... go commando!  It's kinda like the "Go big or go home phrase"... well these peppers are the over the top version for sure.  They are the hottest of any pepper i've ever had.

I know I know, usually when you think commando you think...

that's what I thought at first too... but it's not that... it just means it's the super spectacular crazy version of things.

Anywho my dinner was good with this super super super hot pepper spice in it.  Eating it involves having like one of those jogging sweat bands on though...

(that's the dude from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums)

That was kinda like me before my first bite with the sweat band ready to go... like... that sorta face where you are kind of like... ok... I don't know about this... that look of... hmmm... it kinda looks like he's got some trepidation...  did a few stretches... had to mentally prepared for it.

Yea that was me... but once you start eating the insanely hot pepperness of a stir fry you just gotta work through it till it's over.

So that was the before face when I'm just like should I eat this?  yes.

And this is the face as I'm eating...


That's about right.

The pepper stir fry also included some broccoli and pasta and other spices and a sweet turkey sausage sauted and then chopped up... and some other little veggies...

It was darn good!  I enjoy cooking... one of my fav fav  things is to cook with someone, or for someone... but that doesn't happen too often.

Well it was a pretty productive night... aside from the pepper eating I also did laundry and I worked on some vocal tracks for my new song which is sounding pretty awesome if I do say so myself!  I also tweaked my little makeshift recording area so now it works a lot better for me to record.  I've been moving things around over and over again ever since I moved in and still hadn't found the right spot in my apartment to record.  I think i'm set now.

Anywho that's about it for me!  I'm gonna get to bed.  It's Friday tomorrow!  Woo hoo... I don't have any plans for the weekend, i'm supposed to work saturday but that's about all I got for now.  I'm kinda sad because I think karaoke might not happen this saturday night from this whole hurricane thing that's blowin' in!  We'll see... we'll see.  Well if this hurricane gets out of control like it's supposed to I hope everyone stays safe and dry and all that good stuff!

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My Dream Job

As promised... my dream job blog...  here's the problem: I don't exactly know what my dream job would be!

I'll just write down things it would include and not include because I really can't honestly say what my exact dream job would be!  I mean honestly I'd love to try anything in the arts/entertainment stuff...

I'd LOVE to be a famous actor for a while on a comedy show on NBC or CBS or Fox or any of those...

Like if I could guest star on ANY sitcom... that would just do it for me right there.

I also wouldn't mind being a famous musician for a while and touring the country or world.

I'd like to work with helping people in some kind of disaster relief thing for a while.  I'm a big fan of helping those in need... so that would be pretty rewarding.

Anything outside would be pretty cool.  I wouldn't mind working as a ranger in some wilderness thing for some time.

I think it would be interesting to do set building on broadway.  That would be way cool... I was a behind the scenes theater major on the technical side of things for a while... but I also love being on stage too!

I'd love to try and get the band photography thing happening and photograph like maybe big events too that would be pretty awesome.

I think maybe it would be cool to sit around by a pool all day and blog for a short while too.

It's funny but of all of those things I just wouldn't want to do any ONE single thing for a long period of time.  It think maybe my dream job might include doing lots of things and switching it up.

Maybe a like short assignments for a week or 2 or 3 then on to the next thing.  Here's the problem...

I also want to have maybe some home based business so that I can actually have enough income to support and raise a family... like have a house... and have a wifeypoo chicka who can also maybe work from home or whatever so that me and her can help equally raise the little kiddos.

So I don't know what would be some kind of combination of all those things but I think that whatever that job might be... I'd be down for that.

Ok I said I'd write some stuff I didn't like... let's see...

I think some tings that I don't really enjoy about work might be stupid things... like:

Dress codes... I like to be free flowin (that sounds like I like to walk around with my zipper down or something... I just mean... wear something comfy!) and be able to express how I like to dress...

I like to have fresh air... I'm not all abouts the being trapped in a windowless room.

I think it would be cool to be at different locations each day for work... sometimes going to the same location day after day gets a little boring or stale...

Same thing with seeing the exact same people over and over and over in the same spots too can get kinda boring... so mixing things up like that can be fun... But not toooooo mix up... so still see some of the same people in some of the same spots just have to keep things rotated and fresh.  Does that make sense?

I don't know, at my work we play chinese fire drill with desks and offices... it seems to work fairly well... but my gosh it's a lot of work moving everything all the time!

Just incase you've never heard of a chinese fire drill...


So that's pretty much most of what I like and don't like.  The thing I think about a dream job is that it's just that... it's a dream... and with most dreams you don't really worry about all the technicalities of it... so everything looks awesome from far away and then when you actually start to do it you realize whoa... this is WAY more involved then I ever thought it would be!  But if the awesome love of it outweighs the technical things that have to be done then it's worth it...

I think for the most part the biggest factor of what I want to do in life is kinda of like... greater good... especially with music and things... if my songs make people feel better then I'm happy that they are enjoying them.  If I were a famous actor and I could bring comedic joy to my viewers then I'd be pretty happy there too!  And then if I could do some kind of volunteer or disaster relief effort thing and improve the quality of life for people then that would be super duper ultimately fulfilling.

But I don't really want a job where all I care about is making tons of money.  To me that's kind of a side effect of working... as long as it pays enough to afford basic things that I need and then maybe some nice little new toys every now and then... cool... but my main thing for working would be doing what just ultimately makes me happy inside and as well what helps greater good for society.

Soooo there ya go!  If you had asked me when I was 4... I would have said... "I want to drive the choo choo train!"  Or so I'm told... I don't remember saying that... but apparently all I wanted to do was be a train conductor... I was all about the trains when I was a little one!


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An “afterpost”

So I was just reading some random news before bed and read this bit about animals knowing about the quake before we felt it.  It intrigued me and made me want to post an "afterpost".  You know, like aftershocks... but in blogging.

"The first warnings of the earthquake may have occurred at the National Zoo, where officials said some animals seemed to feel it coming before people did. The red ruffed lemurs began “alarm calling” a full 15 minutes before the quake hit, zoo spokeswoman Pamela Baker-Masson said. In the Great Ape House, Iris, an orangutan, let out a guttural holler 10 seconds before keepers felt the quake. The flamingos huddled together in the water seconds before people felt the rumbling. The rheas got excited. And the hooded mergansers — a kind of duck — dashed for the safety of the water."

I just think that's sooooooo cool!  Animals rock.  They know things before we do... expecially if you have pets.  They know you better than ANYONE else... they know when you are sad or upset or mad or glad... etc.

and then they comfort you and are all like... "tell me what's going on!"  And then you are like well... oohhhh ok... and then you spill the beans to your fine furry friend... or feathered.... or reptilian.... or fishy... you know whatever they happen to be.

You can't fool an animal!  Sometimes I think they are smarter than we are.

I mean... who's sitting around baskin in the sun all day at the zoo while we work our butts off!

Animals.  At the zoo... That's who.


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Things That Are Rare

So the headline today read Rare Earthquake....

Oh, sorry tonight I was going to write about a dream job (inspired by what happened yesterday) but then this whole quaking and shaking of the earth happened and I figured how can I NOT write about that?  So dream job tomorrow night ok?

Well... hmmm... so yes here we are with a rare earthquake... personally I think it was more medium well to me... def not a well done earthquake.  How come no one uses the lingo for cooking steaks and burgers on other things?  Like... sometimes people at work ask me for a "longer network cable for their computer, but not TOO long" and I sometimes say ok... "so like maybe a short long cable?  Or a long short cable?"

They usually laugh... sometimes if I crack a joke at wawa when getting coffee they just stare at me... awkward.

Like the other day I said to the lady while I was pouring coffee... "wow this guatemalen blend has been 'Limited time only' for like a year now!"  And she was just said straight faced "sometimes that happens".  That was it.  Hmmm... ok then... maybe that wasn't a good joke but STILL... it was KINDA sorta funny... right?

Well ANYWAYS back to the steakquake thing... So then sometimes I'll say so you want a medium well cable... if short was rare, medium was... medium... and long was well done then medium well would be a short long cable.

maybe not... I just do stuff like that to make things more interesting at work... in my head it makes work more fun.  I KNOW everyone does stuff like that at work to make things more interesting!  It can't be just me...

Well so I was thinking about this whole... "If the earth a rockin' don't come a knockin'" thing today and here's what my mind came up with.

A few things... FIRST I was just like whoa... this is CRAZY!  I haven't experienced an earthquake since I was a little kid in California!  Then second I was like ok I hope everyone is OK!  Because earthquakes can do a lot of damage and can really cause destruction on a widespread level.  They cover a LOT of distance and so it's really one of those natural disasters that can really have devastating effects!

Luckily from what I read no one died... and there was some damage and some people where hurt but not anything very serious at least I hope!  I'm sure there are still unreported things that the news didn't know about... but yea... just hoping that nothing major happened to anyone today.

So... ok then I started thinking about well... this IS a very rare event... I mean earthquakes on the east coast are VERY few and far between... they do happen but it is VERY rare!  This kinda got me thinking... what else is rare in our lives?  For my job it was kinda just ok back to work... things seem ok with the buildings and well that's over sooooo back to work.

I kinda sorta thought about that... I mean how even when something rare comes along we sort of maybe pause for only a moment to experience it... and then?  OK... back to work... I mean what else do you do?

Maybe I just think and dream too much?  But I feel as though most of us in our lives (and I do this a lot too) just kinda anticipate the next thing and even when something like that rare event comes along we sorta just experience it instead of really taking in how historic is could really be?

But then I thought well... you know, the things I remember and cherish and experience the most weren't super huge historical events.... they were stupid little things.  That really only have significance to me...

So maybe it's not what I first thought... perhaps it's that what's important to each person isn't an event that would effect millions.... but an event that would effect just 1 single person or maybe 2 or a few or a handful...

So in theory... at least... what I'm trying to describe... the event of the earthquake as the news reports it wasn't so rare at all... because millions of people experienced it!  Or I think maybe even hundreds of millions?

But something like...  maybe a husband and wife calling or texting each other after to see if each other is ok... that's rare... because between those two they are the only two people on the planet that are sharing that moment with each other...  Soooo yea.  I guess rare is relative.

And when they get home they can make a rare steak for dinner and share that too and that will be a SUPER rare moment!


OK I just read over this post and it kinda sorta doesn't make a whole lot of sense... but I like it... so I'm posting it anyways!  Besides I said I was going to try and post once a day... I didn't promise they were going to be coherent. 🙂  Although... if it makes you think or feel or dream any differently than before you read it... then I've done my job! Speaking of jobs... tomorrow night I'll post about my dream job!

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