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Open Mics

Hey all,

So I've been playing a fair amount of open mic's recently in an effort to see if I can then play shows at the places that have open mics. Open mic's are always a fun experience because you never know what kind of talent you will run into. I enjoy just meeting people and chatting and then playing a couple of songs and listening to others play.

I'm really looking to get actual shows and I have one lined up out at the IUP campus. The show is on FEB 27th at 7pm and it's in this awesome coffee shop called The Common Place ( check em out.

If anyone is in the area they should come hang out. It's about 45 minutes outside of pittsburgh.

My friend Ryan is going to play a few songs before I go on. He rocks 1100 percent. So yea. I'm super excited.

Anywho, yea lots of open mic's. It's good practice as well so that as I pick up more shows my playing style will be even more polished by then.

wooo hooo... later peoples.

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A song NOT about girls!

ok. So I have this song that I will be recording soon. Well actually I have 3 songs that I will be recording soon that are all NOT about girls!!!

So not ALL my songs are about girls. Just 99.9 percent. Actually I think it's more like 95 percent are about girls.

I then started writing this really jazzy esk thing the other night. It started out not about girls but then it turned into being about a girl. and love.

But seriously... the world loves songs about love. That will never get old.

I was thinking I should write a more serious political song. I'll try to work on that as well.

But just so everyone knows, not ALL of my songs are always about girls. Sometimes I write about other things. I've been working on a song about pirates for like 6 months now. I have a 2 verses. I'm getting there.

Hopefully when I finish the pirate song it won't turn into a song about a girl pirate. It MIGHT. I'm not gonna lie, there's always the chance that it could happen. But I'm going to TRY and keep it just about pirates.

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Blog about The LB Anthem posted from my Myspace blog

I know I already posted about the song in the previous blog. But I like this blog I wrote much better. It's from my myspace (


So I put this pretty rocking new song up.

Some people seem to be confused. Let me explain:

LB stands for Lane Bryant. The song is about having a crush on a girl that works at Lane Bryant, because I think big girls are hot.

Any questions?

See also: this awesome article...

While the lady pictured may not be technically plus-size... I think you can see the point I'm making.

Girls should just rock the body they have... love that body. It's hot no matter what size it is.


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The LB Anthem

So I posted a new song called The LB Anthem...

Some people have asked me what LB stands for. It stands for Lane Bryant. The song is about having a crush on the girls that work at a store in the mall... only instead of some skinny girl store like forever 21... it's about liking the chicks that work at Lane Bryant.

and you know what... It's a totally awesome Song.

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