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New Running Sneaks

So, Sunday I bought some new running shoes.  I like them a lot.  I actually made a whole day of it.... It was a rainy day.  I got up early and went and got a breakfast sandwich and coffee and did a little bit of work just organizing files in my sort folder.  I just have a general sort folder where all of my stuff goes and then I try to use my down time on weekends to get it properly renamed and labeled and put in the right place and folder.

Anyway, then I went to the running store.  I know nothing about running shoes really, which is funning given the amount of running I've done in my life.  But here I was just like, I have no clue.

Anyway, they were really helpful.  I bought a cool basic pair of shoes, nothing fancy just your average run of the mill running shoe.  So now I can run 5K runs and go to Thursday night running and maybe run a little better than I have before.

I think it's the first step in improving my running times.

We'll see!  Exciting stuff.

After that I went to Lowe's and bought a few stupid little things for home repairs and then I went to Wegmans and got food things for the week.

I had to get a big crazy size  coffee because Saturday I had a few too many beers during the day when I was volunteering.  They had this super big dinner after the golf outing was over and that sobered me up as I sat eating and drinking water.  It was a fun event, during the day I drove around with some coworkers and handed out beer and pretzels and snacks to golfers who had paid to enter the charity event.  We basically could fill up our own cups as we filled put he golfers cups.  Then that eventually ended and we all went inside the country club house place for dinner and raffle prizes.

I decided to throw 20 bucks down on the raffle and ended up winning popcorn movie night for two.  Just have to find someone to share it with now!  Or, just go to the movies twice alone... Which, hey, I'm not complaining, I'll take it.

Basically the gift basket included two reusable washable plastic giant popcorn buckets for home.  A popcorn kit with popcorn and little shakers of toppings... Assorted movie theater candies... a bottle of soda and a bottle of wine... AND, it included a movie theater gift card.

I'm thinking I might just use it all to go to the movies a couple times on my own and then make a night of Netflix with my cats.  Currently I don't really have anyone in mind to share it with even though that was the point of it.  But, maybe I'll hold off a little bit and see if there's eventually someone.

I might end up drinking the wine though.  Let's be real.  It's a red spiced wine.  It looks good.  I don't think I can hold off on that.

Anyway, so the whole charity event was to raise money for children with childhood disease and disorders.  They raised a lot of money and a lot of people had fun.  The way it works is all the things are donated and then any money that is raised is all for charity.  I think even the golf course donates the time.  And all the golfers pay to golf and all the raffle prizes were donated by people and so all the money that you pay for raffle tickets is just all into the charity.

I'm thinking of donating a prize next year.  I just have to think of what to donate.

Anyway... So, I'm excited about my new sneakers... They don't actually look all that cool or snazzy, they are just kind of plain and dull looking actually, but they are very comfortable.  Which I think is the point.  It's about improving your running time and not trying to look fantastic while you do it.  Although I guess it wouldn't hurt to look fantastic while running, but I'll worry about that down the road after I focus on just improving my running a tiny bit.

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