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Show added! Infusion Coffee and Tea on Sept. 19th!

Hey everyone... I added a new show on Sept 19th! Pretty awesome. I'll be playing at Infusion Coffee and Tea on Sept. 19th from 11am to 1pm! Sweet. I'm soooo excited. See everyone there. The show has no cost to enter, but you may tip if you like. As well they make awesome food and drinks too!

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New Kenny West Original Music: “Favorite Things”

Wow... It's up. My newest song Favorite things is now available on the recordings page. Go check it out!

And leave it to me to notice 2 little mistakes in the recording AFTER I finish it. I went back to listen to all my previous mixes I've been making over the last few weeks.... they were in EVERY single one and I just never picked them out... ha. Too late now... They are forever part of the song. 🙂 And i'm kinda OK with that too.

Good night everyone... Time for Kenny to sleep. Enjoy the song. Enjoy life. Both of them are equally wonderful.

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Dedicated to all of those with big ego’s…

Actually that's a Dr. Dre song I think... But with my upcoming song nearly ready for release to the masses I figure I'd write a quick dedication/backstory blog post.

So here we go. I'd like to dedicate this song not to those with big ego's like the Dr. Dre song... but instead first to my very own mom (cue girly awwwwwwww sound) yea yea... well she's the main inspiration for it... she's been going through a lot of health issues lately and so it's really where the song idea first evolved out of... Second I would like to dedicate the song to all of the Dr's on the planet. It's a tough job and if you think about it they have to pretty much approach a situation that is seriously time sensitive without knowing very much at all about what has happened previously to the person. They then have to think of a solution quickly (especially if it's life threatening) and then hope that their decision was the right one and has a positive outcome! Talk about stress.

They are only human. Although Everyone is only human... and I think that's part of what this song is about. Being human means you feel pain, you get scared, you get sick... sooner or later we all get sick and have to go through what will most likely be a terrifying experience... being in the hospital and having extreme uncertainty of the outcome... Especially if it is life threatening. So this song is really about that.

But more importantly it's about the fact that even though we all at some point or another may have to be in that situation... we don't have to be alone through it... either physically or spiritually.. Out of this terribly scary experience can come lots of appreciation for the good parts of life... and finding out that there are people who REALLY do care about you! No matter if your brain might tell you otherwise.

So this song is a very serious topic... but in the end it is a very hopeful fun song to listen to.

The song first started to evolve as well in the fall of this past year when a good friend and coworker of mine was nearing the end of his battle with brain cancer... So I would like to dedicate the song as well in memory of Mr. Jim...

The final catalyst for making this song into a reality was my camp friend Mel monopolizing my facebook feed for I think what must have been a week or soo if very intense postings about her hospital experience when she shattered her knee... Lots of very vivid descriptions and pictures etc.

Really in the late fall these three experiences coalesced together... to form what would become the spark of my most latest song...

So stay tuned.... because I'm really trying to have the song up by Friday.

I hope all that makes sense... if not... it's late, I apologize. So be well, and I hope everyone enjoys the song once I post it. And lastly I HOPE no one has to go through a terrible and scary experience being unwell in the hospital... but if so... maybe listening to this song will cheer you up some! 🙂

If just one sick person is cheered up by my song... I will have done my job.

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New way to play Embers

So I figured out a new way to play my one song Embers. It's a classic song about still wanting to find love and having it in you... but always getting burned just when you thought something big was going to happen.

Which I'm sure a lot of people can related to. Personally I'm pretty ready to just find THE ONE already! Where are you? She's out there some where... I have hope! Sooo I just keep looking. I've been told I'm quite the catch by many different people... although up until now I'm more like a sport fish... catch and throw back in... ha, but MAYBE one day some girl won't be into just sport fishing and there will be a happily ever after ending (one can only hope)... Some day... Love will find me... in the rough... I like that song too. Miss Anna Nalick is a good songwriter.

Anywho... so for those of you who enjoy the old way Embers was played, I may still play it that way for you if you request it... but in general at shows I will be playing it the new way just because I think it sounds soo much cooler the new way.

Update on my new song: sooo here's the deal... I did a mix out tonight... and it sounds done... I mean ready to post done. However there are still some things that I listen to it and they bug me. So what I want to do is just take a LITTLE more time on it... just a LITTLE more. I want to be able to listen all the way through and just be like "I don't know what I would change".

So again, I'm hoping for the next day or two... I just want it to be like WOW... because it's that kinda song!

Anyways, thanks everyone who reads my stuff... now go tell your friends and have them tell their friends etc. etc.

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The Gregory Brothers (have been keeping me entertained all evening)

Wow... this group of individuals are VERY talented and they are just hilarious. I LOVE em. Definitely one of my new favorites. I really can't seem to get enough of their songs. Check em out!!! I really think they are one of the most creative group of individuals that I have come across in a long time. I can definitely say their music/videos really made my day and just kept me laughing for hours, plus it's catchy too!



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Emailed a few venues to request shows

I emailed a few venues around the Philadelphia area and gave out my Electronic Press Kit to try and get some shows. I love playing shows, it's just SOO much fun to be up in front of people and making them laugh with my side jokes and entertaining them with my songs. If any one has any information or can help me book shows I would LOVE to hear from you!!! 🙂

I'm not interested in getting paid for shows either (though it would be an added bonus). I don't need to make any money from music because I work full time doing IT at a college and I really love it there. There are a lot of good people at my job who are all very nice and just wonderful and I love being able to help them out with with their computer troubles.

As well I have a lot of other great things going on in my life right now and I am just very happy and thankful for it all. Whoever is running this game seems to favor me for some reason or another. So I'll do my best to return the favor to everyone I possibly can.

I think I would just like to take this time to thank those of you who have ever contributed to my music or website in anyway shape or form. I'm very thankful for that.

Sooo again I'd just like to play some more shows anywhere I can and I will continue to contact venues, but if anyone can help to get me booked I will try and return the favor any way I can.

I LOVE playing charity events... so if anyone needs a musician for charity events especially PLEASE keep me in mind! 🙂

Peace, and Love and all that


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Please Correct Me! Please?

Soo I write stuff on here. Or I say stuff in life in general. Or I just sometimes act in ways that I don't realize I am offending/hurting/upsetting/annoying other people. If this is the case please don't hesitate to bring this to my attention or call me on it!

I will listen to the issue and then we can try to figure out how best to do about fixing it! 🙂 It bothers me when people are upset with me or don't like something I did. 🙁

Things can always be tweaked and fixed and changed. We live in a world of constant change. So I believe it's best to communicate things that aren't how someone thinks they should be. I'm all about resolving issues and conflicts and that sorta thing.

So again, please contact me and let me know so I can fix the issue right away!

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Vegas BABY! TEN to the Third power

So I just booked my flight to vegas. I'll be hitting up the party in the desert for a couple days on my birthday 10/10/2010. Pretty excited about that.

Update on the mixing: So here's the problem. If I make the tracks sound sweet and juicy and bright on the vocals... then I sound like a member of slytherin house. But then if I tone down the juicyness I sound like i'm singing from behind a wall. It's a problem that I am sorting out. it's a little better now that I've changed around some of the way the FX are being bused to the master. But it's still not PERFECT. I know I'm PROBABLY being OCD about this. But TRUST ME. You will want this song to sound good! Because you will be listening to it over and over and over and over.

Oh also... My Iphone 4 finally shipped. As far as the antenna thing goes... See they just made it more like personable. I mean... I'll admit it, I have loads of flaws... sooo I want my phone to be an extension of my own self. I kinda like that it's not perfect. Now I'll be able to relate to my iPhone even more then I could before!

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A rainy Sunday… Perfect for a house show…

So I'm really interested in this idea of playing a show at someone's humble abode. So much so that I decided I would be willing to play for FREE at someone's house/party! So anyone within an hour or 2 of philadelphia that has a house and wants me to play... Here's the deal:

I have a small PA system, and I can bring that. All the host would be responsible for would be bringing people who might be interested in my music (I'd like to see at least 10 people there). Next you would just need to setup a cozy little spot for me to play in. They should probably also have some light refreshments or even just tap water in glasses will probably be fine. The host should probably setup some chairs too... I'm GUESSING chairs might be good. I mean standing can get tiring after a little while.

All I ask is that there is parking nearby... I REALLY wouldn't want to have to walk 48493933 blocks to your place with all of my stuff! That would just be totally uncool.

Well there it is... the offer is up for grabs! Whoever nabs it first gets a night of me playing in their house! If you want you can even charge and keep the profits! Also I wouldn't mind bringing my DJ equipment to DJ a little dance party after I play.

The only requirement (aside from the nearby parking available) is that I have to be able to put the show listing on my shows page on my website.

for more info on how to do house shows see:

Host A Concert In Your Home Guide

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New Favorite Thing:

I added a new item to my favorite things page. The Story Of Stuff Project ( is about changing the way we consume our stuff to be much more sustainable! GO TEAM SUSTAINABILITY! Woooo! The videos are very well done and I think they are worth checking out. I actually came across the original video some time ago but I've recently found out they had produced follow up videos.

In other news: I'm still mixing away on that song. I now have done 3 mixes and drove around in my car listening to it. As well I have gone jogging while listening on my iPod. I still have some notes and tweaks to do... but everyday brings me closer to posting this song so that everyone can hear it! I can't wait for everyone to hear it. There's just so much in this song that it means a lot to me. I've grown quite attached to it!

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