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My New Favorite Song – Walk The Moon – Shut Up And Dance

So I stumbled upon a song tonight.  It's my new favorite.  It's this song...


I love this song!  It's so dang cute/fun.  I secretly want to find a girl that wants to lip-sync a cute choreographed dance routine to it.  It makes me wish I could find the girl that is my destiny.  Hmmm... I'll meet her some day I suppose.  But this song definitely rocks.  I think I am going to add it to my list of songs that I want played/danced too if I ever were to get married one day.  Haha... I just think this song would be soon fun to dance to.

Dating has been pretty terrible lately.  Just one bad date after another.  Most days I just want to give up and be single for the rest of my life.  But I guess deep inside I just keep holding on to hope that one day I'll find a girl that is my destiny.

For now I can just listen to/watch this video on repeat and daydream about where this destiny girl might be and when we might one day cross paths.


Actually I like this version of the video even better than the official music video...

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