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Good night to watch a movie

So I went after work and bought myself the new apple magic mouse. I also got some rechargeable 9V batteries as well because I hate using disposable ones and for my music equip I was using regular alkaline ones. Rechargeable batteries are always the way to go.

Anywho, I love the mouse. I love it a ton. The mouse is WAY more response than my Logitech that I was using. The other mouse would lag. This one moves as soon as you touch it. There are a ton of other nice features as well. Great purchase.

let's see. Oh yea so at work today we had some pretty good news. So that made me happy. I'm not at liberty to disclose details, but let's just say that I think our department might just be complete now. I really like all the people that I work with and so I'm hoping that things stay that way for a while. Who knows. Anything could change at any moment. But I think given another 6 months of working closely with one another we can smooth out the last bit of rockyness and pretty much coalesce into a great working team.

Lots to be learned.

So it's been all rainy and windy and cold this evening. Just my kinda weather to be indoors sipping on a nice hot mug of tea and a girl to watch a movie with. Except I don't have any girl. Anyone care to fill that spot? Now accepting reservations for dates!


Show tomorrow!!! I'm rather excited. Hopefully more than just my mom comes. However if only my mom comes that will be cool too.

I'm just not a fan of anyone that might show up that might be all rude and disrespectful. "Hey buddy! Play some free bird!"

You know the type of people I'm talking about.

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Musical update stuff ness

So I have a show this Saturday. I've been practicing a bit for it. My voice always gets strained when I sing for a little bit longer than shorter. But yea let's hope everything goes right for the show. It's just a small shindig at a coffee shop nearby. But it should be a lot of fun.

I have to go get the prizes that I am going to give out for trivia. Just little dollar store nicknack's. Nothing big. I also have to go over my joke set list as well. So I'm gonna try and pull off some jokes, trivia with prizes, and music as well.

It should be interesting. I'd like to find more places to play. Maybe I can just contact coffee shops and setup and do gigs at those types of places.

Also I finished a new song. There were still a few things in it I wasn't happy with. But I had mucked with it long enough and was just like ok it's just time to get this thing put up. On to the next song! I have a bunch of songs in various phases of production (as always). I just keep trying to write better songs that more people can really related to and enjoy. I have a lot of fun doing it though. So even if only a handful of people listen to or enjoy my music I still have fun writing and producing and recording and playing it.

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New song will have to wait

I wanted to upload the new song tonight. But I ran out of steam. Getting some sleep. I will post the new song tomorrow hopefully.

Added 3 new guitar signatures. The guys from the band 7K signed the guitar. I'm at #11 already! Pretty wild.

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