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My Klean Kanteen has a new friend!

My new Klean Kanteen insulated water bottle arrived!  I tried it out and it's awesome.  It's like the other bottle I have except... it keeps hot things hot!  Also it keeps cold things cold... but I haven't tried that part out.  Maaaaaaybe I'll do that tonight.  I might put some ice water in it and see if it's still icey cold by morning.  I usually get thirsty in the middle of the night.... I have no idea why that is.  I just wake up parched and then sip some and then go back to sleep.  It's been like that since I can remember.  Anyone else do that?

It's not every night.  But most nights I do that.  Of course then by morning... I gotta go... like... not just gotta get up and go to work... I mean I GOTTA GO!  Like... REALLY bad!

haha... I know... too much info.

Well annnnnnnywho... so yea my new bottle came in and I made some tea with it.  It was nifty.  It's just like sipping out of the other bottle except... hmmm... well... it's JUST like sipping out of the other bottle... really.  This one is a little "littler" than the other one.  But other than that it's really very similar.  It's insulated whereas the other one is non-insulated.

Now, they do sell a coffee cafe top that I can get for it.  But, I want to see how this goes first... if I find that I'm spilling all over the place and myself then I'll pick up the cafe coffee top.  But I'll give it a whirl as is.

Anywho here are a few photos...

This first one is of the bottle fresh out of the box from REI with the tag and everything still attached... when I first brought him home he was a little shy and just kinda sat on my table for a little bit.


But after a little while he started to play with the other bottle and he kinda started to warm up to the other bottle... although it helped that the insulated bottle had some hot tea inside... so he was warming up REALLY quick at this point!


Well... once he warmed up it wasn't long before the two bottles became best friends forever!  I mean look at these two together!  Isn't that  just a pair or what?!?!?!



Anywho now they get along famously.  It's like they were separated at birth or something!

Ok well there ya have it!  So now you've met my newest Klean Kanteen (and my old one too!).  They would wave hello but... I just realized I kind of didn't make them any arms or hands.  Hmmm... ooopsy.  haha... let's say they are smiling hello.  Look at those big smiles!

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I love PDF's.  And I love digitalizing things.  Digitalizing things is probably not a word.  But we'll just pretend it is.  I mean... it sounds fun!  I'd digitalize myself if I could!  Hmmm actually technically this blog is kinda like me in digital form... I mean, kinda, right?

Ok well anyways PDF's rock.  Yea... they do.  I enjoy them so much that I take any and all documents and mail and things that I get and I digital them up by scanning them in and then put them down onto a backup hard drive.

Then I can place them in all kinds of folders and thens and I can search all the documents for easy finding of things when I need them later on!  like right now... I'm scanning in taxation stuff.  Ewwwwww taxes.  But it's one of those requirements for life.  SOooooo I'm getting that all in order.

Anywho yea scanning things into PDF form is definitely one of those things that I highly recommend.  It beats having a desk full of papers!  At least I think so.  When I do keep things in paper form I keep them all organized with my sharpie/packing tape/masking tape/folder/plastic containers system (see this blog post  But eventually I get everything all scanned up and digitalized.

So since I've been doing a bunch of PDFing today... I decided it was most definitely blog worthy.  And now you know about my love of digitalizationing things!

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My ideal Saturday night has been tonight

So it's been a pretty awesome Saturday night for me.  I went for a walk.  I usually just go around the block or up and down the street.  Just a good 20 minutes as a nice little break from the thing I might be working on.  This evening I was getting some acoustic guitar tracks recorded.  Then when I got home after the walk and I took a nice hot steamy shower.  It was oh so relaxing.

Ok well... pretty much ALL day I've been craving a burger and a beer.  Sometimes I just crave things.  Sometimes you just get a craving and gotta give in!  You know?  Like a burger and a beer!  Mmmmmmmm.... ok but I really wanted to just kind of stay in and make something to eat.  I wasn't all about going out to do that whole place and order thing and sit at a table and eat and drink... I just wanted to watch something on netflix and be in my PJs.  Oh gosh I seriously love being in my PJs.

Soooooo after the shower I gave in to my craving.  But instead of going out to a local place and ordering a beer and a burger... I had an idea.  I decided to go down the street to five guys and pick up a burger and some french fries and bring it home.  Oh gosh was it tasty!  Also they give you like a bucket full of fries.  I still have a bunch... fries anyone?

And then for the beer I decided to pick up a mix of craft brews.  Well when I got home I put on some netflix and enjoyed my burger and fries and craft beer.

And... IT... WAS...  just AMAZING.  Very relaxing and delicious.

I'm soooooooo full right now.  But it's that awesome good full where you are just like yes.  Life is completely awesome.

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooo soooooooooooooooo super thankful for burgers and fries and craft beer and netflix right now.

Anywho after I finished everything I felt 100 percent thumbs up full and relaxed and happy as can be.  This is hands down my ideal Saturday night.  Get a little something to eat... enjoy a nice craft beer and watch a movie.

I'm a bit of a homebody.  I just love staying in on weekends verses going out places.  I think going out every once in a while is cool... but my favorite Saturday night is just staying in and relaxing.  So this has been perfect.

It's about 11 in that PM hour now and I'm actually getting rather sleepy!  I think I'm probably going to just get to sleep soon.  Then tomorrow I'll sleep in again.  I slept in today and it was just wonderful.

Now you know my Saturday night.  I hope everyone else has had just as great a Saturday evening!  Tomorrow I'll work on focusing on music some more.  Annnnnnnd... maybe start work on my next video blog???  Maaaaaaaybe... haha... we'llllll seeee.  Okeys... well I'm going to go get ready for bed and then climb under my covers and snoooooze it up.  Night!



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A Mid Winter Time Pep Talk

I've kinda slacked off on my blogging a little.  That video blog took a lot of blogergy out of me!  Blogergy = blogging energy.  One day typing fingers on keyboards around the world will power the electrical grid.  Perhaps?  Maybe.  It's possible!  It will be called blogergy.

OK so let's see.  Well I've ordered my little coffee/tea matching thermos thing.  I CAN'T WAIT!  I'm so excited to get that.  I chose the free shipping so it could be a week or so.  When it finally comes in you bet I'll be one happy camper!  Ohhhhh...

Speaking of camp.... I just put in my 2 weeks off.  So ok yea it's a little far away... 6 months.  But I wanted to make sure to get my time off in so that it's in and I don't forget about it!  I like going to Maine.  I get paid to take a vacation.  I go up and hang out and help setup computer things and I get to just enjoy the fresh pine scented mountain air.  And the view is pretty scenic as well.  I like that time off.

So speaking of 6 months from now.  I had 2 separate people at work say to me today.... "I wish is were spring."  So that gave me the idea to write a little mid winter nights post pep talk thing.  I think that we are maybe half way through the winter thing going on.  It's been pretty mild actually... I've yet to have a snow day at work!  I enjoy snow days.  I like to just hang out at home and work on projects and enjoy being snowed in.  Hopefully we get at least one snow day.  That would be pretty great.

But I think winter will be over before we all know it!  I think that soon enough we'll be lounging out in the sun and enjoying the greenery sprouting up every which way we look.  So for anyone that is wishing it were spring time already like the two people at work today.  Just haaaaaaaaaaaaang tight!  Give yourself a little pep talk and say... we've made it half way!  WOoooooo.

I'm not sure how I feel about winter.  I kind of enjoy it because I like being in my PJs.  And winter time has lots of come home and get warm and stay indoors and put on PJs right after work.  At least that's what I do.  But I like all the other seasons too!  So I'm kind of missing the spring time as well and when I filled out the time off for camp it made me think of warm weather.

So anywho that's my mid winter pep talk blog post.  The other thing I was going to write about was how I kinda re-did a small little bit of my living room....

So tonight I'm sitting on my couch with my guitar and then I kinda notice that it looks like my floor isn't level.  I'm still not entirely convinced that it isn't, but anywho so I thought maybe it was the carpet... or maybe the light.  So then I moved the light. Then I liked the light in the new place and then I thought you know... it would be cool if I moved my couch.  Then in order to move the couch I had to move my desk.  Then I decided to swap where my TV is and then I moved a few other things and my carpet.  After about an hour...

WHOA... I LOVE my new living room setup.  It's pretty awesome now... it's more open and spacious.

So maybe as part of the mid winter pep talk thing if it helps to hold everyone over till spring time... try moving some things around in your living space!  I feel all renewed and recharged from it!  So give it a shot... I mean you can always move things back right?  It's like a real life game of Tetris.

Oh Tetris.  I used to play you for hours and hours and hours on my gameboy.  Sometimes I still hear that music in my dreams.

Speaking of dreams...  I'm going to go bundle up under my covers and get all cozy warm and head to sleep.  Goodnight!!!

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Coffee And Tea Makes Me Happy

Going to just write a regular old fashioned typed blog here before bed.  So the video blog was a super success!  I'm at 52 views now! So that's pretty awesome.  I'm starting to think of ideas for more of those.  I also spent tonight playing around with video stuff and the program I use and my camera I used to try and see if I can figure out some new tricks.  I mostly just did a lot of reading and researching online.

Anywho this blog is going to be about my favorite beverages... coffee and tea!  They make me oh so happy... well that and they make me go pee.  But... that's a little too much information and you probably didn't need to know that.  It's kinda late and I'm sleepy sooooo I'm allowed to say weird stuff like that.

So I've been drinking lots of tea for a long while now... but recently I've gotten into drinking more black tea instead of just green and herbal.  As well I've been drinking more coffee too.  I don't know why exactly but I kind of just have really been enjoying the stronger taste they both offer along with my other tea beverages.

Generally I drink a cup of joe in the morning.  I'll make that in my french press.  I just brew Folgers dark roast.  I really like the dark roast coffees more than the light or medium ones.  Then around lunch time I'll make some black tea... they have lipton loose tea at the store and it's actually REALLY good!  Also it's pretty super cheap too!  I mean I get 1/2 pound of it for about 4 bucks!  Normally tea is 10 to 20 dollars for a 1/4 pound.

Ok then I'll do a green tea after that and then I'll brew maybe an herbal.

So with all this brewing I'm a doing... I need some kind of container to hold it in!  I have several different ones.  They are all pretty awesome... but they all do one thing... they aren't sealed so if you tip them upside down... they leak out.

Well recently I found that the same people who make my water bottle also make an insulated version for hot and cold beverages!

Ok well so since I bought a new lunch box as everyone knows... and it matches my water bottle, I think it only fitting that I get a new item to hold my coffee and tea that will match my water bottle as well!


So this is going to be my next purchase.  I'll be buying the Klean Kanteen insulated bottle to match my current one.  One will be for water and then the other will be coffee or tea!

I suppose they don't exactly match my lunchbox... they are more silver and my lunch box is gray  or grey... depending on your spelling preference.

But I think they do coordinate well together!  I'm pretty super excited about this being my next purchase.  The thing I really love about this bottle is that it will fit just like my current one does in the drink holder of my backpack!  So when I tip out the door to head off to work I can free up an extra hand instead of fumbling with my keys and whatever else I need to carry while trying to not spill hot coffee or tea!

But really the most important part is that my water bottle and my hot beverages bottle will match each other.  Okeys well it's time for me to get to sleep!  I hope everyone has a super awesome Tuesday and that it's trouble free!



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My very first video blog! “My New Lunch Box Rocks My Socks Off!!!”

Hi everyone!  I am super super SUPER excited to post up my very first video blog ever...  Soooo since this is a video blog and not a regular blog... enough typing... let's get to the watching!  Here you go:



I might end up doing a second video that involves another skit with the two lunchboxes at the end of the video... we'll see.  haha... for now... I'm just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to finally be able to share this with the world!!!!!!

Anywho... enjoy!!!!

Oh and if that embedded video doesn't work... here's a link to the video itself:


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Coming sooooooooooooooon!

I'm working on a video blog... and I can't wait to post it up!  Because it's going to rock your socks off!

I am having sooooooooooo much fun doing this!

So this is a little behind the scenes blog about my video blog.

I started it friday night and...

I had no idea how long it would take to do what I wanted to do.  I've made videos before but that was different because before I just sort of chopped up pieces of clips and things and mashed them together to make the video.  That was kind of how my music video went.  It was just a lot of random clips kind of put to the music with no real set direction or real idea.

BUT.... this is something WAY more... it's sooooo much fun!  I love it.  I started with trying to think of ideas... then I brainstormed and wrote them down.  Then I had to organize those into a string of ideas.  Then my next thing was to take the strings of ideas and put them into more strings... then I had to take the ideas and make dialog and actions out of them.  Then it all just started to flow.

After I had sort of my script and my order of how I wanted to do things I was ready to start on the video side of messing around with filming and editing in the video production software I'm using... I had a few technical glitches and my video camera stuff wouldn't film how I wanted it to.  But I figured that out and actually used a different program instead of using the program built into the editing program.  It just wasn't syncing the video and audio as I was recording and it was dropping frames.

SO I got all THAT figured out and finally started recording scenes.  I quickly realized that lots of little video clips become confusing without some kind of system to keep them all organized!

I spent a little bit of time thinking of the best way to organize my clips.  I used excel and numbered my clips.  I decided to just give each clip an ID number and then not associate that clip with the scene number.  Initially I had just named each scene clip.  But then as I started chopping them up and using things in different places I had to rethink that approach and decided on ID numbers for clips instead.  My problem was I wanted to be able to have clips going with scenes but then also have sub scenes and sub clips but be able to reorder them... and then the clip didn't correspond with the scene anymore... which was what I started doing instead of names I was numbering scenes... but since THAT didn't work that's how I got to the unique ID thing and keeping track of scenes in excel... so I had a table of scene/ID number/description/ etc.

Hmmm... that sounds kinda confusing.... well ok anywho yea so I came up with a numbering convention that is used by software development people... so scene 2.1 and 2.2 and 2.3... and then scene 3.1 and 3.2... and then I could reorder clips and scenes and still know the description and information about the clip but then know where it is in my time line and be able to edit creatively instead of being stuck in where did I put what clip and what did I name it?!?!!'

Well it just helped me so much...

Once I had that all flowing and going and figured out... things started happening!!!

After editing/filming things I started to get more ideas!  So I started filming some more funny things and some times got a little carried away.

I've been doing a lot of laughing... talking in front of a camera and just thinking creatively of new things to do and coming up with a fresh process and work flow is hmmm... it's just WOW!  haha... it's great.  I am having soooooooo much fun doing this and I can't wait for everyone to watch!

I'm soooo excited.  OK well so what initially I thought would take only a few hours on Friday night has really turned into a pretty big project!  But seriously I just love this soooooo much and I hope to get better at making video blogs and then these can be a regular thing!

So I'm going to aim for tomorrow night to have the finished product.  So just sit tight... and stay tuned because I KNOW you will laugh sooooo much at this video.  It's VERY funny.  TBS type of very funny.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Not Included (maybe)

I've titled this blog "Kitchen and Bathroom Not Included (maybe)"... and... I'll explain it all...

Hmmm that title kind of reminds me of like when I was little and would get a cool new toy and they would always say batteries not included.  Or like that movie batteries not included.

I remember that movie being kind of odd but I remember liking it a ton.  I should see if it's on netflix maybe.  Haha... help  take my mind off things.  Oh by the way it's 3am and I can't really seem to get back to sleep.  I woke up at a little past 2am after falling asleep at 9pm on my couch.  I was pretty tired after working all day.

Ok... so back to the kitchen and bathroom stuff... let me explain the situation.

So I'm trying to buy a condo right.  Well I did all the stuffs and things that are needed to buy property.  Requested documents and inspections and such.

Well the home inspection results came back and I looked through those.  The inspector found that a wire to the new sink-erator device garbage disposal thing was improperly spliced.  As well there were no GFCI outlets in the kitchen space within 6 feet of the sink.  This is all electrical code stuff.  He wrote that this all needs to be redone by a certified electrician.

I thought to myself but this is all brand new stuff.  How can this be?  The outlets were not GFCI but they were brand new.  And the wire running to the garbage disposal was improperly done yet it was new?  I'm confused.

Then I looked at the documents from the condo association.  Most specifically the 3407 transfer of sale document.  It said... known alterations "none known".

But there's a brand new kitchen!  How can it have known none listed?

Then I looked at some other parts of the transfer of sale documents and found 2 parts that didn't seem to fit with the results of the home inspection:

Part 1...

Trade Vendor Insurance       

Before entering the Coach House Condominium premises to perform any work or provide any services, all trade vendors must provide proof of insurance reasonably acceptable to the Coach House Condominium Association Executive Board or its designee.  A copy of the insurance certificate shall be retained by the Coach House Condominium Association or its designee”

And Part 2...

Sale of Unit

At the time of sale, certification from a registered electrician is required stating that all outlets, fuse panels and unit meter are properly wired, meet current code and in safe working order.”

If those 2 things were done... there wouldn't be improperly spliced electrical wires and non GFCI outlets.  It's apparently electrical code for a GFCI outlet to be put in within 6 feet of water.  But there are brand new non-GFCI outlets within 6 feet of the sink.

Something is weird about this.

At this point... I started to get a little worried that something might be more than weird... something wasn't right.

So I called up the condo association.  I said I have a question about a unit I'm purchasing.  The lady said ok... which unit are you inquiring about. So I told her the unit... and she pulled the file.  Then she said ok.. what's the question.

I said... well... It says here on the 3407 there are no known alternations on that unit.  She said that's correct.  That means nothing has been submitted to us for authorization during the time that the current owner has owned the unit.

So then I said well but that's what I'm calling to ask about... the alternations that were done.

She said... what alternations?

I said... the new kitchen they put in.

She said... They put in a new kitchen?!

.... umm... Yes.  A whole new kitchen.

She said... Really?  Well we have nothing in the file about that at all.

Now I'm sorta kinda possibly slightly freaked out.

I said yea that's part of the reason I'm interested in buying the unit.  It has a brand new kitchen and didn't seem to need any work unlike the other condo's I looked at.

And then I continued that currently they were doing work to half the bathroom.

She said well when are they supposed to start that?

I said they already did... they are doing the work now.

She said... oh my gosh... well we have no paperwork or authorization to that either.

I said so... what do I do?

She started to explain that if I really want the property it will become my responsibility after the sale to get proper authorizations for all the alterations.  If the alterations do not meet the specs for the documentation... changes will be required.  If the current alterations and changes are not authorized they will need to be removed or restored to their original state.

I was listening to her and picturing this in my head... I might not have a bathroom or kitchen?!?!!?!??!

I won't have a place to go to pee or a place to cook food!?

I didn't say that... I was just thinking all that in my head.

She continued on that I'd be responsible for any penalties imposed for fees... etc.  It would all need to be reviewed by the board and council...

So... I said... I might have to completely re-do the kitchen and bathroom?  She said... yes... it's possible you might have to.

But I just spent... EVERYTHING I have.  I can't afford to pay a contractor to do that!  Again... I didn't say that part... I just... thought that.

She also said... you can also not buy it and then the sellers will be responsible for getting proper authorizations.

I said thank you and hung up with her.


So then I asked around for some advice from people... most said that it sounds like it would be better to just walk on the deal and get the down payment back.  I then asked a dude that is a friend of my mom's that helped her buy her house to her back in the day.  He said that first of all I shouldn't have even put the full downpayment down until settlement.  I said that my realtor had said that I was supposed to do that.  He said no... that's not right.

Basically everyone I talked to was just kind of like... there's something fishy here... I would definitely withdraw the offer, get your money back and walk.

Now the seller's realtor also said that the condo association didn't need any documentation for anything and that if I buy it everything will be fine.  But...

OK.... I'm confused... the condo association is saying something officially that nothing was filed and telling me they have a file on the unit and that proper authorizations are needed before any work is done and it's in the condo association documents...

But the realtor for the seller is saying... it's fiiiiiiiine... just finish the sale and stop worrying about that stuff

I kind of believe the condo association waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than what the realtor is saying.

I mean... I really liked the place... but as well the inspector also said the electrical box posed a fire safety hazard too and would need to be reviewed and probably replaced.

So no sleeping soundly at night either because at any moment it might burst into flames?  And I couldn't put it out because I don't have a kitchen or bathroom to get water from!!!

I decided ok... I'm out of this.  Everyone I talk to says it's the best idea.

So I contact the realtor peoples on my end and we send over a termination of sale with a letter that I had to write for the reason and such.  I wrote up a professional business letter over the course of about 3 hours and gathered up and cited all my references and documentation.

I wanted to make sure things were done correctly.  After all I have $20,200 dollars on the line!  But from what I understand now $19,200 of that shouldn't have been put down until settlement.

So that got sent over...

The sellers then replied and said... if you terminate this... you won't get your money back without a fight.


A fight?  Ok... now I'm scared... and kinda confused.  Everyone I spoke with said you can just terminate it without any problem and get money back and... that it shouldn't be a really big deal to do that.

Well... that's where it's at now.  I guess I'll admit it that I'm a little over my head at this point and kinda need to get help with this.  So the family friend who helped to buy the house my mom currently lives in referred us to someone who he uses when things get a bit hazy.

Hopefully that guy can help!

All I wanted to do was make a responsible and adult decision to purchase a piece of property with years of savings and have a small place to live.

Now i'm just like... scared that I could lose 20 thousand dollars!  Or if I go through with it... I'll be stuck without anymore money and told by the condo association to rip everything out and start again.

I'm starting to think that maybe buying isn't such a good idea and that renting is really the right thing to do in life?

OK well I'm going to try and get back to sleep.  I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.  I'm definitely in need of some prayers that things work out.  I'll definitely be praying myself.  Because... I'm just REALLY scared and confused about this whole situation.


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Haaaaaaaaaaang drum

I went to the open mic last night at the Milkboyeeee coffee shop in Ardmore.  It was fantastic fun.  That makes week 2 in a row.  I think that is my open mic of choice.  I really like that one the best and just feel at home there.  I've decided to make that my main weekly open mic and then if I have time/energy I'll hit up other open mics.  So last night was cool.  I played 2 songs... decided to play A Place That Fits and then Over The Bar Scene.  Everyone seemed really into it!  I got off stage feeling that awesome performance feeling that I get every time I perform.  I just like to play my music for eager music listeners.  So yea everyone seemed to enjoy it lots.  And I enjoyed it too.

Something else neat that I wanted to mention was about this cooool and different instrument that I haven't seen in a long time! Later on in the evening a dude came up to the stage and played the Hang Drum.  It's a pretty freakin awesome drum that sounds... well... way cool.  It's just world percussion drum and it just makes super odd cool interesting melodic notes that really don't sound like they are coming from that little instrument!  Let me see if I can find a video...

Something like that.  Anywho yea everyone just kinda watched in amazement because basically almost everyone in there had never seen the instrument before.

I'd seen it once before in the park across the street from work where I jog sometimes.  I was so taken a back by it that I almost tripped over my own feet and then almost jogged into a small group of joggers coming at me in the other direction.

I then kind a walked over near the guy playing and just watched.  Then I asked him what it was when he finished and then I went home and watched a TON of youtube videos of it.  That was a few years ago though.  I hadn't seen one in person ever since... and then there it was last night!

Way cool.

The video above is just some random guy and not the actual guy playing from last night.

Oh and also... I know what you are thinking.... "It looks like a flying saucer!!!"  I thought the EXACT same thing when I first saw one!

I was expecting little green men to pop out of it at any moment and dance around next to the guy playing it.

Like that guy... except miniature!  Also... seriously what the?  Umm... ok then.  Annnnnd he's got running shoes on!  He could chase after me on the street!  That's just creeeeeeeeepy.

Okeys well I'll be sure to post anything fun/interesting that happens at next weeks open mic!

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Almost fell asleep alarmless (and other stuffs)

Yep.  I ALMOST fell asleep without setting my alarm!  I'm about to get back to that whole trying to fall asleep thing.  I was NEARLY there.  But then I remembered I had forgotten to set my alarm and now I'm more awake.  Anywho so yea tomorrow I'm back to work.  It's weird.  I'm kind of ready to go back.  I mean I've love to keep knocking things off my to do list.  I definitely didn't get very much done in the way of creative things because I just seemed to have soooooo many things to take care of in organizing my life and living situation (the condo thing).

My other issue was that I just kind of hit this rut as far as I know where I wanted to be... and where I was.  But I was kind of stuck as to how to get there.  Today I figured out a way past that.  It involves making markers and breaking up the projects into sub projects that are more manageable.  I then set little milestones for each piece of where I want to be.  So that way instead of looking at the whole thing I can look at a little chunk and say tonight I want to do this one chunk.  Hopefully this makes things happen much more quickly!  I know I haven't had a new much of anything in a while.  Hopefully that will change.

I think the best way to visualize it is standing on one side of the Grand Canyon and saying how on EARTH am I going to cross this thing!  So that's the best way I can figure.  I just have to hike down into it and back up the other side.

Well I'm off to sleep and perchance to dream... It's back to work tomorrow!  I've enjoyed the break and it's been super refreshing.

I hope everyone else is feeling just as refreshed as I am in the new year!  What's that phrase?  Oh yea... I'll catch ya on the flip side.  Night!

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