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It’s Youtube time!

So i've finally gotten up the courage to decide to record some songs live and put them up on my site (and youtube).

I will be recording videos using my new nifty little Flilp Mino HD camera that I just got. It's pretty sleek! And the footage is pretty high quality too.

Anyhow the live videos will be just me and my acoustic guitar completely raw, completely live, and completely uncut. I'll be recording just here in my room and I will post them up on youtube for the world to consume.

Hopefully I'll eventually get some good live show footage as well but for now it's gonna have to be just me, myself, and I here in my room.

I hope everyone will enjoy the videos! 🙂

The first 1 or 2 will be up sometime next week.

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Just in case of thieves

So... I have recorded videos of me playing live of songs that are not yet recorded...

I mostly have these because they will serve as proof in case some thief attempts to claim they wrote one of my songs.

I believe that most people are simply trying to find some way to take advantage of other people and not actually do work on their own. They just want to think of some way to get rich quick and stealing others stuff seems like an OK idea to them.

I honestly don't trust anyone I know or have ever met, or will meet in the future one bit. I think everyone is up to something. Trying to figure out some way to screw me over.

Anyways, so I was thinking about putting those live videos up of the songs... I am not sure if that would entice people to be more of thieves or deter them. I think I will hold off on publicly uploading the videos and just keep them on a server so that if need be I can legally subpoena the servers records of when I uploaded the video to prove to a court that I wrote the song before whatever jerk is deciding to claim.

How does anyone really be friends with anyone anymore these days? I just think everyone is a low life scum bucket trying to figure out some way to screw over anyone around them to make tons of money.

But hey, I could be wrong. So far the news proves me right every single day that I pick up the paper.

Anyways... so you might see some videos of the new songs before they are finished being recorded and you might not. Whatever is legally the smartest thing to do is what I'll do. We'll see.

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No Show for the show

I really care about what people who consume my music, or any of the other information on my website think and I hate it when I disappoint. So I was disappointed that I disappointed people on saturday night when my show got powered out... I know it wasn't anyones fault but I feel sad. I love playing live and so I just wanted to say that I am sad that the storm knocked out power and forced me to cancel the show.

The good news is there will be a show soon to replace the one that was canceled!

I've started to lay down the beginnings as well of recording those new songs. I guess it would be more like I am starting to work out the arrangements of these 2 new songs. So again it's going to be a little while but as soon as they are up I will post.

Next week I am playing a show that is a benefit show for a coworker of mine. It's for a good cause so I am excited about that! I didn't bother to post it because the tickets for it are all sold out! I'm going to be playing for about a half hour in a line up of a bunch of other bands.

I recently got my hands on a new toy for me to mess around with. it's a little box that I plug my guitar and mic into and it lets me sound more professional by adding comp, reverb, EQ, and some other little nifty fx right there at my feet. I can make presets for each song and then set all those different things accordingly. It's pretty sweet. So that should hopefully help my live show.

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Starting to record 2 new songs

So i've started the process of recording 2 new songs... "Favorite things" and "New year" (apparently i'm really into two word titles at the moment) I've been playing them live and have Video of the songs as well... but nothing that I feel is good enough to post. I WILL be posting video soon though. I keep recording more vids and hopefully I'll get some good quality takes of some of my songs so that I can get some good live video posted!

Anywho the songs should be done soon and they will be VERY rocking. As always I am constantly writing new songs, so there will always be more to come! (i'm just going to end every paragraph with !)

What else? Oh yes ok so something new: At every show I play I will be giving out a 10 dollar gift card... so for example at my last show at the Common Place Coffee House (which was totally awesome) I gave away two 10 dollar gift cards to two random winners. That was pretty cool. Unfortunately since i'm not mr. richy rich... i'm going to cut back to 1 giftcard at each show.

My next show will be a 10 dollar wawa gift card (or as some people call it "Wa", Apparently saying Wa twice is just to much freakin work). So if you want some free wa food... come check out my show at Saxbys coffee house on March 13th! It will be good fun! Details at

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