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New Song Status Update

Okay.  So, today I paid for the copyright fee to copyright my new song.  Getting there.  Next step is to review the song and lyrics and what not.  Make sure it's all ready to upload... Then, I upload it to the copyright place.

Once that's done, I then upload everything to CDBABY.  Then I pay their fee.  Then they take the song and put it up all over the planet.

Good stuff.

Then, of course, it takes me 5 years to make the money back that it cost me to post it.  Haha.  Oh well.  It's all good.

Actually, I'll be using my next round of dividends coming off my beach day portfolio to pay for the fees.

That's the point of the portfolio.  To use that income from that to invest in other things and cover costs for future investments.

So, this song is like an investment.  So, I'll cover the costs for it, from my previous investments.  Then when income starts coming off this song... I use that income to cover costs of future investments... etc. etc.

Anyway, yep... New song is JUST around the bend.  In the next few days I'll finish the copyright part.  Then I'll finish the CDBaby part.  And then it will go live!  Exciting stuff.

Then I start all over again and work on my next tune.  So, there ya go!  That's the latest with what's going on with my newest song.  It'll be up soon enough.  Just have to take care of this administrative stuff first.

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