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Private Posts Password

Okay.  I've thought long and hard and decided on a private posts password.  Now... Some of my posts MAY still be public... And some might be private.

It all depends on how I feel.  The password is also subject to change should I feel like changing it... Which I might do on a periodic basis.

So... The password for private eyes only...  Is...  All lower case...

Name of the street you lived on when we first met...

Area code of phone number you had when we last communicated...

First word in name of university you went to...

Street+Area code+University

Although, it's all lower case, so it will look like this...


That's what the password looks like, that's not the actual password.  You'd have to know the information in order to use the password and access the posts.  So, if you don't know the street name, the phone area code, or the university name... You're out of luck!

Each time I change the password I'll make another public post.




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