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Hardest Move

Today I moved a lamp.

It was a lamp that sat by my mom's bed.  She used it a million times turning it on and off.  Originally the lamp came from my grandparents house in California.  So, my grandmom and grandfather used to use it.

I moved it across the room so I could eventually move her bed and dresser elsewhere and put the one couch/futon currently downstairs... In the spot where the bed it.

It's complicated.

But the idea is that, for the most part, my mom's room is relatively unchanged 2 years later.

I'm hoping that this small change of just moving the lamp will kind of let me change the room around a bit more...

I think the idea is to just make it into a TV room.  So, make a little space where I can hang out and watch TV and relax.  My mom watched a LOT of TV... SO I think she would approve of changing it from more of a bedroom to a TV room.

I'm a big fan of small changes.  It's hard to make sudden big changes... It's easier to just kind of have a big list but to say... If I change this small thing here and another small thing there... Eventually, that will get me to the end of the list.  Sometimes it's hard to just do a big project all at once.

So, some times you just have to do little steps taking it one little step at a time.

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