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Take Things For Pomegranate

My new thing is pomegranate juice.

It's good!  Really good.

Plus, and yes I have no real proof of this, I think it improves your ability to think clearly.

I don't know, I mean, it just makes you feel good all over.

I'm definitely a fan.

But, for sure it seems to kind of improve my thought pattern.  Like, I was able to plow through a couple things that I've been a bit fuzzy on the last few months.  Like,one item was how I'm going to replace a piece of hardware with a bunch of complicated setups and configs and it's connected through multiple different things that will all need to be reconnected...

Today I made a whole excel sheet outline.  It's cake.

Is pomegranate juice the source?  Could be.  Who knows.

It could also be coffee, or tea... I drink a fair amount of that.  I also have been on and off again mixing carrot juice and beet juice with my morning OJ and cereal.

I guess it could be a good amount f things.

But we'll say that maybe it's the pomegranate juice.

I've been reading a lot of stuff and apparently it's really good for you!

In other news, I got to use my new snowblower tonight.  It's pretty sweet.  There wasn't a TON of snow, but it was a enough to use the machine to clear the driveway, and walkway.

Pretty cool indeed.

And it's a quick too!  I was done super fast and then I was just like... Hmm... SO I guess that's it then.

And I put it away and put the battery back on the charger.

Well, that's the latest.

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