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Getting closer on a new tune

So, I'm getting closer on a new song.  It still needs a good amount of work... But it's getting closer for sure.  I don't yet have a timeline for when I plan to finalize it and then put it up online.

I'm hoping to have it up soon though!

I still have a whole list of things I need to fix yet.

The good news is I've started numbering mixes.  So, when I get close to being finished a song, I start numbering the mixes.  When I know that I'm not anywhere near having any kind of finished product I just basically will mix out rough mixes to listen to, but I won't actually start labeling them until I know I've got something that I eventually want to post.

Most of the time before I number them, they aren't even complete songs, it's just half a song.

Currently I'm on mix 13.  I usually will do over 100 mixes before decided I like the mix.  I mean, all I really do is just keep exporting versions and then I listen to that for a while and write down things I don't like.  What happens is the changes just become less and less, until I get to a point where I really can't think of anything else to change.

That's when I really just decide it's good to go and I put it up.

I've always wondered what the process is for professional musicians.  My guess is that collaborate with a lot of people, producers and such, and they also have people to songwrite with.  Once the basic recordings are done I'm guessing they send it off to someone else to mix and master, and then if that person doesn't like something, they have them re-record or even rewrite parts.

And then there's some final engineer who masters it and then it goes from there.

I'm obviously just one guy because... I'm not signed to some big label...

With my process I not only have to make the song and all that, I make the cover art, and I also have to take care of all the boring admin stuff of actually posting the song... That boring legal stuff too of copyrighting it.

Who knows, perhaps one day I'll have someone who can do some of that for me, or I'll have a whole team of people.  The problem is I don't really make very much from the music.  So, any costs I want to cover, I cover them with my personal income that I make outside of doing music.

Even the initial cost to buy the recording equipment is all just my personal money... It would be cool to get to the point where I can at least fund creating music from the money I make making music.

Right now, that is but a dream.

For now?  I'll continue on though jut making one song at a time and posting them when I get a chance.

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