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So, I've decided to start posting future love letters to the woman I one day marry.  I haven't met her yet, so I know nothing about her, so they are kind of like pen pal letters out into the world.  Or love letters out into the world.

One of the professors at my job said that I just have to put it out there and I'll get it back.  If I say I'll never meet someone, then I never will... So she was like... Just put it out there and she'll come along.

So, I'm going to just write lots of love letters to my future love.

And then wait and see what happens.  I might even just post one a day, or maybe once a week or every other day... No idea yet.  I'll post as often as I feel like posting.

And then who knows... Perhaps one day I'll start getting love letter posts back.  Never know.  It's definitely worth a try.

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