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Charles Barkley

So, I was out Tuesday night after Science After Hours having a burger at this place in Manayunk and Charles Barkley walks in.

At first I was like... WHOA, no way.  But as I've been telling people about it, they all seem to have a Charles Barkley story.  Apparently he's just all over the place in Philly.

He goes out a lot, and people run into him a lot.

It was certainly interesting being around a famous person.  What I found kind of neat was how he could hold a conversation and then just cut to like a photo with someone and then go right back to the conversation like nothing happened.

He's a mad multi tasker that's for sure!  Although, I'm sure that he has a lot of experience with it give that he's been famous for many decades now.

Anyway, it was cool.  My burger was fantastic too.  I really want to try all of the burgers at that bar.  They also have super cool craft hot dogs and what not.

I dig it.  One of my favorite things is just a burger and a brew.  Enjoy it slowly and hang out and eat and drink and just listen to the conversation around me.

The thing is though, I kind of do go out a lot.  Tonight I'm staying in... Since I HAVE been going out so much.

It takes energy to go out!  That's my only problem with going out a lot.  Sometimes I'm just like... ANNNND I need a nap.

So, that's what I'm doing tonight.  I'm about to make some dinner and relax and just stay in.  It's a rainy evening anyway.  Perfect for some Netflix, practice a little drums and guitar and eat food and work on mixing and editing some of my newest tunes that I'm getting closer to finishing.

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