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So, maybe I'm just at the point in life where I've kind of gotten bored.

Which is possible.  I mean, most of my peers are all married and having babies and are drowning in debt trying to make ends meet...

And I have a trust fund in Beverly Hills that sends me regular direct deposits.  And no kids, and no mortgage.

But I'm single.  No significant other.  I've tried every which way to locate her... She's yet to be found.

Which is okay... it's REALLY hard to find something if you don't know where it is!

So, I have a new something to do.  My latest thing is that I want to get friend request on Facebook.  Or just send them and get people to accept them.

It's weird, I sent a handful of Facebook friend requests to some of the people at camp after I left and not a single one responded to any of them.  In FACT, someone I know unfriended me after I left.

We'd been friends for like 8 years at least.

I think something is up.  Someone must be talking about me behind my back.

Eh, I mean, it's fine, camp is such a small circle of people anyway, there's WAY more people out in the world.  I mean, there's BILLIONS of people to make new friends with.

Camp has like... A hundred people not including the campers?

Not that I'm saying I don't care about the people up there...

But, you can't really do much if people won't respond to your friend requests and people unfriend you.

I'm friends with the people who are friends with me, or people who knew my mom.  And those are the people who matter.

The way I see it, people who don't want to be friendly towards you, shouldn't matter to you.

Yes, that sounds mean... But the idea is... Don't waste effort on people who don't reciprocate.

You know?

Obviously there's that standard of just being nice to everyone, but I'm not going to worry about people who don't care.

You worry about the people who are still there.

So, I'll worry about everyone on my Facebook friends list... And just be nice to everyone who's not.

Anyway, so my new thing now is to find new organizations with new people to meet, and friend request.

That's basically my goal now.  I just want to see how many people I can friend request.

Like I said... I'm bored.

It's what happens when you're single and 35.

So, here's my plan.  I want to find new organizations... Like for example the running club that I go to.  The thing about running club though is, it's a lot of the same people.  And I'm pretty much already friends with the people I'm friends with, and the ones who don't want to be friends... Again, same situation... I'm not friends.

I need new blood.

So, I need to find some kind of new organization or club to join with people who might have Facebook accounts.

Then I need to cozy up to them and be super nice and cool, and eventually figure out a way to find out their Facebook, or if they even have one... And add them.

I'd like to find some kind of organization to volunteer at maybe once or twice a month....

Or joine a kickball league.

Or start just going to the same open mic on a weekly basis.

Something where it's recurring and the same people.  Preferably weekly.

I might just find a place that has trivia and keep going over and over and over.  People tend to do the same trivia every week.

But the problem with trivia is that people stay with their teams, it's hard to get that mixing of groups.

That's the whole problem with meeting people... Is that mixing and cliques.

I need to find an event where people gather, they do some task together in groups, but the groups are broken up and merged back together.  So you can't just stay with the same people all the time.

I'm thinking of trying to find something on

I THINK there's probably something on there that would work.

Something that meets weekly and it's a group of people and you do activities or tasks together that foster conversation.

I suppose if I wanted to make Facebook friends fast I could do it the easy way.

It was never hard to meet people when I went to all the plethora of churches that I went to back in the day when I was trying to get a certain someone's attention.

And then I ended up meeting all these other people.

Which was cool and all, but the problem is... Obviously, it's not cool to go to church if you're not there because of a belief that you're passionate about.

After all, Jesus wasn't like... "And the pointeth of thy to gather is to maketh friends to add to thy Facebooks.  Go forth and friend request thy neighbor."

So, let's just say that's my Plan Z backup plan.

When all other friendships fail... There's always Christians, they're always right there and willing to be anyone's friend.

Let's just say I want to try all the other avenues first.

SO, that's my plan... To find some people to add to my Facebook.

Plan two will be to get them to like or comment on a status.

But, let's not get TOO far ahead of ourselves with this plan.

That's really step 3 I think... I feel like step 1 is to just FIND people in the first place to chat up.  Then step 2 is to inquire as to if they have a Facebook.

Step 3 then is to get that add...

Okay so step 4 would be to post some sort of status that they would "like" or comment on.

Then once I get that... I have no idea what happens after that...

BUT... I'll think about that when I get to that point.

Obviously I would just kind of keep being friends with them, I guess... I'd just ALSO try to find new ones.

And then when I get bored of that, I'll start some new task.

Anyway, right now I have 444 friends... My current challenge is that I want to get that number to 500.

SO, I have 56 people that I need to find and friend request.

I feel like that's doable.  Especially if I find some sort of large social thing.  I mean, I picked up a good 10 or so people just from going to yoga.

It's about finding some common place... Some kind of organization or club or hangout spot.

I might get a part time job, not because I care about the money, but just because I can then break into that circle of friends.

Like, I've noticed that people who work at bars all seem to hang out together at the end of the night.

Or, there's always taking some kind of class.  I was thinking of taking another acting class maybe, or another comedy improv class.

Anyway, I have a lot of options and choices.

56 friend requests is my goal.  And some likes and comments.

My first goal really is just to find new people who don't know me at all and know nothing about me previously... Just brand new brand new people... And then figure out how to befriend them and become friends on Facebook with them.

For now, I just need to post a whole boatload of funny and cozy and warmhearted and cute status updates so that when I DO go to friend request them... They will read back through them and be like... "Awwwwweeee... These status updates are so fun!"

That's my current goal in life right now.  Hey, like I said... I'm 35, single, no real responsibilities beyond just my regular 9-5 job and my cats and house... I've gotta keep myself entertained somehow!

Well, for now I'm off to bed.  Maybe it will come to me in my dreams of the perfect place to find people to friend request.


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