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Basically, I stayed in all weekend and watched the live stream of Coachella from my couch.

It was awesome.  I think one of my goals is to get to Coachella in real life one day.  Maybe next year, or the year after.  We'll see.

The thing is though, I really enjoyed it.  Sure, it was weird to be here by myself for a whole weekend, but it actually wasn't bad.

I had even bought a bottle of cab sav to enjoy.  I opened it on Friday night, had some more on Saturday night and finished it Sunday.

Staying home all weekend is never a bad thing.  It saves money for one thing.  Money that can be put elsewhere and better use than to going out on the town paying for drinks and things.  I mean, I bought a bottle of wine at Wegmans for 8 bucks... It lasted me 3 nights.

One beer sometimes is 8 bucks.  I've gone out and bought plenty of 7 dollar beers and then you leave a dollar or two tip.

If you want food?  Forget it.

I could easily spend 100 bucks in a weekend going out.  Or a night even.

I mean, drinks, food, ticket to a show, parking...

Anyway, I've spent so many years going out... I guess, it's starting to seem more wasteful.  Like, my whole goal in the first place with going out was to meet someone... It never happens.

It just never does.

So, why waste money doing that?  I can put my money towards better uses.  Let the newly minted 21 year olds go out and have fun.  I'm 35.  I'm better off leaving work on Friday at 5, going to the wine store, picking up a nice bottle of wine, or even an 8 dollar one... And then having a glass or two on Friday and Saturday and finishing it off Sunday night.

There's plenty of stuff on Netflix... And as well, staying home also helps to tackle projects on my task list... I also might end up remoting into work for a little bit too, helps to catch up.

It's just a better idea to stay in.  Maybe go out once a month... But that's it.  There's no need to be going out every weekend or multiple nights a week.

Plus, what's the point?  If I haven't met her by now... I'm not going to.  Let's just assume there isn't someone out there for me.  Might as well put my efforts towards other things.

Anyway, so I plan to stay in again next weekend, find another good bottle of wine and find some things to watch on Netflix. And just work on things around the house.

Maybe I'll splurge a little and try to actually make it to Coachella in real life... And if not, there's always Couchella again.  I'll look forward to it.

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