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8 Dollar Bottle of Wine

So, I mentioned this 8 dollar bottle of wine I had over the weekend while watching the Coachella live stream.

What wine was it?  Just Barefoot wines.  It was the cabernet sauvignon.  You know, for being such a discounted wine, it's REALLY good.

Barefoot wines are generally pretty decent though.

Tonight I bought 2 random bottles of wine.  A red, and a white.  Not sure of who the brand is even, I know the red is an Italian wine and the white is another California wine.

I can't decide which one I want to open on Friday night.  I think I might go with the white wine... Just because I had red last weekend.  We'll see what I decide.  Who knows!

I'll be sure to update my choice.

These bottles I bought were more around the 10/12 dollar range.  Big spender.  I know.

Anyway, I'm saying my money so I can put it towards other things... Like fixing some siding that fell off my house during some recent storms because it was sooo windy.  And also... A ticket to Coachella next year.  At least that's my plan right now anyway.

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