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So, I'm watching this Stranger Things show... and another similar thing is that the girl in the show that is one of the main characters, her nickname is "L"... Or maybe "El" for eleven... It's a stretch...

But, it's just another thing that I thought was kind of similar to my Twitter story.  The girl who goes missing has a name that starts with L.

I mean, again, just a funny similarity.

I honestly couldn't imagine that the person who wrote Stranger Things was sitting there reading my tweets.

I mean, mostly because, how would they have found my tweets?  My Twitter account is so obscure, I don't really have many followers...

I don't know...

Seems so unlikely.

I tried to look up the writer to see if I knew who this person... Apparently he's from LA... So... Another similar thing, we're both from LA!

Hah.  The world is full of similar things though.

That's the thing about anything, is... You can find patterns or puzzle piece clues anywhere.

I mean, so one thing that happened to me is back in like 2012 ish, I had a dream about my mom dying...

I remember dreaming about construction in the backyard and there being construction equipment.

My mom passed away while her back porch was being completed.  The contractor even left the tractor in the backyard for a couple of weeks after.

And tonight, I got a piece of mail related to something about my mom and then her one cat knocked the mailing off the table out of a bunch of different things sitting on that table, she seemed to single out the one thing that was something about my mom.

I mean, there's always the possibility that anything is really connected, or, that two events happened... And they seem related enough that anyone can draw conclusions.

Anyway, I guess I just think it's strange for sure... But it's really not all that significant... I mean, I feel like the story of people disappearing and a town sheriff going on a search for those who disappeared is a story that's been told many times in lots of different ways.

So, I'll keep watching... It's a good show.  I'm enjoying it for sure.  Anyway... I'm excited to see what happens next!

More to come...

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