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So, today, I found out I MIGHT have a chance to go to this conference for work in Nashville.  I'm excited!  I've never done any kind of traveling or conferencing for work.  It would be soooo cool though!

Sure, it may not happen...

But, I'm excited at even the possibility of going.

Right now, it's a maybe.

I'll go into more details as I know more details.  Right now here's what I know:

Work has been a little topsy turvy.  I won't go into much details with that either but I've just taken on some additional temporary responsibilities.  And I'm killing it, if I do say so myself.  But, it's been hard work for sure!

Which is fine, actually, I like the challenge.  Plus, I'm learning a lot.  Plus, it's sort of, molding me and pushing me to be much more efficient and more streamlined with my time, and how I manage my tasks.

So, it's cool.  Anyways, what has sort of happened is we're working closer with this one guy more at the moment.  I mean, he's kind of sort of in our department but sort of in a different one.  But, because of the current situation, we're working with him just to keep things on track at work.  He's cool, I've known him for years.  He's been at my work organization for slightly longer than I have.  So, there's a big amount of trust there, on both sides.

Well every year, he goes to this conference for what he does.  He's been wanting someone from IT to go for years and years... I basically said today, I would totally be willing to go.  So, he's on board, and I'm on board, just have to get the upper management friends on board.  Which really just means we have to convince them it's worth the money for me to go.

I've never been to Nashville!

Anyway, I'd love to go.  I'd definitely welcome any chance to learn more and do more.  It's actually not directly my job, but I work with the program and support it, and it's a major part of my working world.

My thing is... I think it would definitely be worth the cost.  And then also, to help, I found out tonight that one of my camp friends from the summer camp that I was a camper with... She basically said I could stay at her place, so that means I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel, AKA work wouldn't have to.  Saves some dough and makes it much more enticing.  So, they would just have to pay for plane ticket and registration fees.

I'm gonna see if I can work it.

I'd also like to get them to start paying for me to take more IT related certs.  We'll see if they bite.  Who knows.  Hah.  It's worth a shot though!

That's the latest.

Obviously this was a non-private password post, so, maybe my next post will be a password one.  I might alternate every other post.  A public one and then a private one.  You know, mix things up.

Anyway, I'm excited at the possibility of maybe going to Nashville!  And the possibility of enhancing my knowledge to be able to do my job even better.





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