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Password Post Recap

I THINK the password post worked.  I'm not sure.  It's hard to tell.  But I THINK it did.

I'll post another one in the near future.

Just to recap... In case it did not work, the password is...

  1. Name of street - But the word "street" is not in the password.  So, it's just 4 letters that is the street name itself.  So, it's the street where the apartment building that you lived in was, when we first met.
  2. Area code - This does not include the number "1".  So, it's the 3 numbers AFTER "1".  Some people put 1 in the area code before dialing.  So if the phone number is 987-654-3210, it would be 987.
  3. University name - So, this is the same as the first one with the details... It's just the first part, 7 letters, one word.  Not the second part where you add the university part.  Just the first part, the name.

Okay cool.  That should be clear.  If it DIDN'T work.  I won't know if it didn't work.  BUT... Hopefully it did!

I'll try another password protected post soon.


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