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Not The Way It Works

So it's interesting.  The other day I sat in on an interview with a temporary sys admin that I would LOVE for us to hire.

The guy was crazy qualified.  I'd love to work with him and learn the things that he knows.

Right now we have a fair amount of things that are unresolved, and this guy, basically knows how to fix  them all.

Okay, so... When this interview took place, basically I was the one that was told to show up... I was at my desk, about to leave, and my other coworkers kind of looked at me like... "What about us?"

I said... "Well, they asked for me, but you can come along and see if they want you to stay."

Surprise surprise....

They didn't.

It's funny though because my coworkers kind of walked off like... with this vibe of, but why is HE staying and we're not?

Well... here's why.

During the time that we were supposed to be off from work for break...

My coworkers were off.

I mean, hey, there's nothing wrong with that.... And, my view is... You're adults... you make your own decisions.

But, during that time, there were issues and emails coming into helpdesk.

What happened?

I acted.  I went into work.  I responded to emails.

I made sure that people who relied on our helpdesk services.. Got help.

Even during the time we're supposed to be off.

My coworkers?

Not a peep.


Because their view is.... We're off.  I'm not going to respond outside of 9-5, or during breaks.  Because... and this is my coworkers exact wording... "If they want us to do that... Pay us more."

I have news for you...

That's not the way it works.  I know, it sucks, it's not mean.... It's called being an adult.  Get some motivation.

Heres' the deal...

No organization is going to suddenly bump your pay or give you a raise and THEN ask you to do more things.

Hey, I'm not being mean... I'm just being real.

The reason why I was sitting there on Friday in the VPs office with this possible new hire... Is because I went in over break.

I restored the mail server when it was down.  I restored the permissions and rights to the fileserver when it went offline and no one could access the file shares.

I went in with the tech and restored the fiber switch when it failed and our internet connection went out.

I'm there in hour extra every night, and you leave exactly at quitting time.

I don't know how to tell you this... But the way the REAL world works, is people who go that extra mile, are the ones who are looked at as being the leaders.

People who don't?  Are the ones who are shown the door when that meeting starts to interview someone new.

If you're offended, or upset... Or whatever.... It's your fault and no one else.

Hey, be angry.... But be angry at yourself for not willing to do anything extra.

And here's the thing, even if my current organization never gives me a dime extra... When I go to fill out those job applications and I put down my salary requirements... I now have all this extra experience to reference.

Additionally... Most organizations ask people to come in during off hours.  An unwillingness to work any time but your standard assigned hours... Is only going to hold you back.

Do what you want.  Like I said, you're an adult, make your own decisions.  But don't question when it comes time to have a meeting in the VP office... Why you weren't asked to stay for the meeting and I was.

If you want to stick to your regular working hours, and not do anything above and beyond the call... Don't expect for anyone to look at you as anything other than that.

Don't expect someone to consider you as having a higher level of expertise for something, if you're not willing to play the part.

Again... I'm not being mean... This is just how things fucking work in the real world.

If you don't get that?  I feel sorry for you in 5 or 10 years...

Start pushing yourself to work a little harder.  Trust me... You will thank me in 5 or 10 years.

To think... Oh, if they pay me more, then I'll work more... is the kind of thinking that will never get you anywhere.

It's the other way around.  You have to push harder, work harder.. And then pay raises come out of that.

Sure, I haven't gotten any kind of pay raise... But I already see a level of respect happening from people who are in jobs above me.  They are looking at me different because I'm willing.

And they are looking at you the same because you aren't.

That's all there is to it.

If you're not wiling to do what I did on this most recent Friday night, where I stayed until working on restoring network access for students so that they would have wireless connectivity in the residence hall on a Friday night...

Don't expect anyone to hand you a raise or a promotion either at this organization or any other organization... When the time does finally come.

That's just not how it works.

The people who go above and beyond... The people who work off hours... Answer emails on weekends... Stay late on a Friday night instead of just clocking out at quitting time... Come in on holiday breaks to fix emergency issues...

Those are the people that management looks to.

That's how the working world works.

If you don't get that... I don't know what to tell you.  Honestly?  Keep doing what you're doing, if that's what you want to do.  But me?  I'm planning for the future...

I think everyone should want to work hard.  Learn more.  Improve skills.  Strive to be a better employee.  It doesn't matter to me if opportunities come form within my organization... Or at a new place outside.

Hard work is always rewarded.  Trust me.  It is, eventually.  And on the flip side working the basic "only what you're told" bottom line work... Also, doesn't go unnoticed.

SO when we're standing there in the VP office... And I'm asked to stay, and you're told you can go back downstairs to your office...

Don't sit there and scratch your head and wonder why I stayed and you didn't.  You know why.

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