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Sly Fox Goat Race

Well... I'm going to stick to my promise.  Since, I checked my analytics stuff just now... and saw a little dot...

Here's another post.

Of course, there's always the off change that by saying I wasn't going to post, she isn't going to read it anymore... And then it's like this self fulfilling prophecy feedback loop.  Which is the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen.  That would stink.  I guess we'll see right?

Anyways, and I suppose this couldn't be more appropriate given the bank sponsor name that the goats wear on their little goat coats.  Or, they aren't actually coats.  They are more like jackets with numbers on them.  Or not even really jackets... Here... Here's my Instagram post of what I'm talking about...


if you race a goat and I race a goat what happens if one of us wins. #GoatRace #SlyFox

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See... They are like little shirts.  Goat shirts.  Although I think the term goat coat is funnier.

Okay, anyways...

Yes.  I went to the Sly Fox goat race.  It was fun.  I kind of want a goat.  I think.  My boss told me not to get one.  I want a pygmy goat.  They're cute!  At least I think so.

Well... Okay so, it was raining cats and dogs when I arrived.  Or, raining goats?

Parking was limited.  I had to park a mile away... Crazy.

There were SOOOO many more people there this year over last year.

First thing I did when I arrived was purchase food and beverage tickets.  You need tickets to get food or beer.

Then, I got a beer.  I bought 5 tickets.  One ticket got you food, or a beer.  SO, I had a beer, then a food item, then a beer, then a food item, then a beer.

Then I kind of got another food item for free.  Then I kind of got another beer for free.

So, that was pretty sweet!

The goat race was great.  Although, the goat I was voting for didn't win.  Vincent Van Goat... You're the true winner in my heart.

Instead, the same goat from last year won!  That's totally bogus in my eye.  I mean, really?  How can the same goat win two years in a row?

I don't know how I feel about that.  It's possible.  Oh, and the winning goat is what they name that year's bock beer after.  So, it will again be called the same as it was last year.

Well, I ended up chatting with lots of other festival goers.  Some were local, from right down the street... they worked at the haunted Pennhurst place... They said it's going to be SOOOO much better this year because they are now their own place and no longer owned by someone else.

I've got it on my calendar to go this Fall.

Others were from Virginia.  And still others came as far as Ohio!  Ohio!  That's a far distance to see goats run.  AND it was their second year in a row going.

Well, anyways there isn't too much else to say.  There was a band, and I watched them play for a while.  Then things kind of wound down.  I eventually went to the store to do some food shopping.

Autocorrect just changed it to woodchopping.

No autocorrect... I didn't go to woodchopping.

SO, after that I just came home and ate some more and watched a show on Netflix that was recommended to me by someone at the festival.... it's called Sense8.  SO far it's weird.  But I'm interested.  I'll probably keep watching it because I'm always looking for something new to watch on Netflix.

And that was the goat race!

I saw a thing when I was at the race for a 5k that's coming up.  I think I might register for that and run it.  It looks like a lot of fun.  I think tonight I'm going to sign up for that.  It benefits a good cause too... which is always a good thing.  I really like Sly Fox and the events they throw.  All in all I think they are a well run brewery.  This event actually benefits the local SPCA which is good.  Goats helping cats and dogs.  See, aren't goats cool!?  I think they are.

Anyways, now I'm going to go do some woodchopping.  No, not really, just some yard work... I'm still working on my plant beds and trimming some bushes and weeding... And some more lawn cutting.  But it's close enough... I'll give autocorrect that.

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