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Calling It

So... Since I'm not really seeing hits from Miss Daylight down in Plantation Florida... I think I'm getting close to calling it quits with this blog posting.

Which sucks.  But oh well.  If she's not going to read it... I'm not going to post it.

It's weird, but... I mean, really pretty much one of the biggest things I looked forward to in my entire day most days... Was seeing a hit from her on my analytics.

Obviously, I would have rather of been able to actually speak to her.  But... Since that's not happening since 2013...

Blog posting was all I had.  And that little dot on my analytics to confirm that she'd read it.

But, as far as I can tell, she's been taking breaks from reading my posts...

I do wonder why... In my mind its because she's just decided to call it quits with following me.  Again in my mind is because she's engaged, or married to that other dude that she was with the last time I checked her online stuff.  Which is why I don't check her stuff anymore because I don't want to know.  If I were to check it and she were single?  I'd want to know.  But if I were to check it and she isn't?

I don't want to know.  Especially if she made it all the way to marrying the dude.

But anyways... The hits seem to have been coming less and less...

In my previous blog I said I would keep posting if I saw hits from Plantation Florida.

I mean, if continue to see hits?  Yeah.  I'll probably still post.  If I know that she's reading it?  I'd continue to post.

I mean, I like posting once a day... But if I'm going to be posting and she's not going to be reading it... It's sort of just like...

I just don't feel inspired to post.  If you know no one is reading your stuff... It's just like... Not the same.

So anyways, I think this might be the official last blog post.

I'll keep checking my analytics about once a day or so to see if there are any more hits... But, I think maybe if a month goes by and there's no more hits a month from now... I might stop checking the analytics too.

I mean, it's been a pretty good run I guess.

You know, it feels weird though... It feels like, empty, to not have that feeling of her waiting for the next post.

Like, when she would read it pretty much every night, I would think about what to post, I would think about what she was thinking about reading it... I would have her on my mind 24/7...  And then I would get excited about posting a blog...

Even if it was sometimes really difficult to think of something to post every single day and some times I just had to post anything and everything.

But sure enough, there'd be a hit from her.

Seem's like she's lost interest.  Which kind of sucks... But my guess is... She has bigger fish to fry than read my blog.

I don't really know what is happening with her right now.  I don't know what her living situation is, her work situation is, her family, or friend, or... Romantic situation is...

Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to know and follow her stuff... But that feeling that I felt when I saw her posting stuff about another guy?

It was probably one of the worst feelings I've ever had.

So, I just can't bring myself to read her stuff.

Anyways, so... I guess if there are no further blog hits on my analytics that I can tell are from her...

Then this is calling it quits.

So, I guess, for now... Or maybe for good...

This is me signing off.

Good night blog world... Here's my (possibly) final blog post.  It's been real.  Peace out.

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