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Future Posts

So here's the deal.  Really... My only reader on this blog thing... Is Plantation Florida.

Or, perhaps, WAS Plantation Florida.

You've been slacking on your reading.

Yes, I've been watching my analytics.  I started again a few months ago after not looking for a while.

January and February were the usual, and most of March... Then you started going gaps without reading it.

So, I decided... I'm going to only post a new post each time you visit.

You seem to have started reading it even less now...

I figure, you're probably married by now.  Or, totally in love with that guy you started dating the last time I read your stuff.

Which was like... March of last year.  well, really it was like late summer of 2015 when you started posting stuff on your social media about this dude.

Then I took a small look at your stuff in March of last year to see if you were still visibly with him.  You seemed to be.

So, I stopped reading all your stuff.

Not really by choice, just more like... I don't really want to know.

If you're single... Sure.  If you're not and it's going well?  Not so much.

Anyways... SO, while I couldn't bring myself to read any of your stuff... I did start looking for hits again on my blog analytics recently.

Plantation Florida.  There you were showing up.

Anyways, it seems as though you possibly have stopped in the last month ish.  There were some large gaps...

I mean, here's the deal... No one else reads my blog posts.

I mean... No one else.  Literally... No one.

You're basically the only one.  Sure there are some stray hits here and there... but it's you, ALL you.

Let's say you've stopped completely.... Because, maybe you ARE married, or at the very least, engaged... Maybe you've just decided, why read anymore when your future is with that other guy.

That's fair.

I often wonder why did you read it for so long in the first place?  If your future eventually would have been with another guy... Why even bother spending time checking up on me?  I mean... I don't know, just seems kind of like... unnecessary or something.

Well anyways, so, since there's really no other readers...

And really I shouldn't even bother posting for you if you aren't single because... Why?

But... I have decided, single or not, engaged, or married or not...

I'll continue to post for you, as often as you visit.

So, each time I see a hit in analytics that I can tell is you...

I'll write a new post.

No hits... Then, no posts.

At least, that will be my future blog policy of now.  Should I decide to finally just call it quits... And I might... I might just stop posting all together.

It's not that I WANT to stop posting... But... Again, why?  You know?

I don't know... I mean, considering that... We don't talk.  And, from the last time I looked at your online social media stuff, you seemed pretty content without me.  And since no one else reads this...

Again, why?

So, that's what I've decided.  I post, when you read.  If you don't read... I don't post.

But if you want my HONEST opinion?  And it sucks to say this, and I NEVER could have said this even just a few months ago... but if you're good, you know, with that dude.  Or ANY other dude... You know, if you think you're on the path to get married, or if you already are married...

Don't read my blog anymore.  You shouldn't.  Because, again, why?  What's the point of that?  Your life, supposing things are going swimmingly with whatever guy... Your life and future are with that guy... Not me.  Not reading my blogs at midnight on your iPhone right before you fall asleep.

And besides, you should be asleep before midnight.  You shouldn't be up so late.  I bet you wake up at like 5 or 6 am to start your day.

That's not enough sleep.  You need more sleep than that.

SO reading my blog is just cutting into valuable sleep time for you that you need in order to make it through your day better.

Well anyways... SO, that's what I've finally decided to say.

If you're good with another guy, I should see no future hits in my analytics.  But if you DO want posts...

I need to see those hits.  No hits... No future blog posts.

Anyways, so there ya go.

I like writing blogs for you... Is that weird to admit?  Probably.  I don't know... Most of me is just like... Frustrated that I never could get you... But part of me is just, fine that at least you were there, in a small way... That all the time I thought about you wasn't just... Without reason.  The reason that I thought about you so much was...

Because you were still reading my stuff.  So, it made sense... in some small way.

But... I don't know.  I guess it doesn't make sense to still read it if you're future is another guy...

But anyways... As I said, that's my decision.  IF you want blogs... You can have them... If you don't want them.  Then there won't be blogs.

All you have to do is visit.  It's up to you.

I guess if you move from Plantation Florida... You'd probably have to visit multiple times for me to figure out that it's your new location.  I've done that before...

Malvern>Trooper>Phoenixville>Davie>Coconut Creek>Plantation...

You move a lot.

Anyways... SO... yes... Visits = blogs.  No visits = no blogs.

Engaged/married = probably shouldn't visit anymore.

Single = visit all you like.

I think that works.

I mean, I guess if that doesn't work... I don't know anymore.

You tell me what it is you want.  I guess?  Well anyway... That's what I've decided to finally decide about this whole blog thing.

So, there ya go.

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