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Mash Up

There's this one song I found recently that I really like for one reason or another.  It's a mash up of a few songs.


What is a mash up you ask?  It's basically when you just take a bunch of songs... Or pieces of songs and mash them together.  Mostly DJs do this because they can gain access to all kinds of raw tracks that everyday people can't always get.  One thing you can do though is use filters and effects to filter out the other parts of the tracks.  But, that usually sounds like crap.

One of the best mashing up music people is this guy named Girl Talk.

Here's one of his tracks...

As you can see or hear... It's a mash of famous songs to make a new song.

Okay, so, there's something about these types of songs that just, it's interesting.  Their fun.  It's like taking memories of different parts of your life and putting them in one scene/setting.

It's weird.  It's like remixing history.

But here's the thing... Some songs just don't go together at all.  Some songs go together really well.

For some reason, they just mix, or don't mix.  They mash or don't mash.

I just think it's a good representation of things in life.  Some things mash really well.  Some things don't.

But we're mashing all the time.  I mean, life is sort of a big giant evolving mash up.  You know?  Don't believe me... Look at your room.  All those things around your bedroom.... They all came from different parts of your past, but each one is existing in the present together.

Weird right?


You're a mash up of the past.  You have all sorts of things from the past all coalescing (love that word) together in the present.

Your friend network.  New friends... Old friends.  Mash up.

Your memories of places you've lived or visited.

It's all a mashup.  Anyways I really like that first song, I guess because it seems to fit really well.

And isn't that when life is good?  Isn't that when we love things in our life, when they mash well together.  When you're out on the town with good friends... And the food is good, the drinks are good, the service is good... It's a good mash up.

Life is all about mashing things up.  Finding things that work... and figuring out things that don't work.

It's a bit like decorating your room.  Trying to figure out where the pieces fit, and moving things around.  Getting rid of things that don't fit, getting new things that fit right.  It's all about making the perfect mash up that just leaves you feeling really good.


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