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Cat Sitters R Us

I'm in need of a cat sitter for when I go to Maine.

I'm offering a starting salary of 30 dollars a day.

My 3 cats are kind of high maintenance.  They're diva cats if you will.  Those diva cats.

So, I have 3 cats... Curio, Fluff, and Faith.  Let's talk about the cats.


Curio is the main diva.  She's super into attention time with anyone that will give it to her.

She's also kind of a snob when it comes to litter boxes.  For example, I changed ALL four litter boxes last night.

You guys... There are 4 litter boxes.  FOUR!  And only 3 cats.

Guess what she did tonight?  She pooped beside the box.  It's not like she missed the box.  She just goes next to it.

I know... Right?  Annoying.

Diva cat.  Also, she takes pills.  So, she needs one big green pill every night with dinner, and she gets one smaller half a white pill every other night.


Fluff is a big ball of fluff.  She sheds like crazy.  White fur EVERYWHERE.  She needs grooming.  There's a little grooming brush that I have.  She hates it when you're grooming her but then after she walks away, she turns around and comes back, then hates it more when she's being groomed... Then walks away, then comes back... It's the funniest thing ever really, it's like she hates it and likes it at the same time.  She also pukes sometimes... Hairball.  So, that needs to be cleaned up.  Then additionally she needs puke meds only when she pukes... It's this thing called "cat lax".  You just kind of put it on her paw, or face and she licks it off.  She hates you after you do that for a good little while.

Until you break out the treats... then she's your best friend ever.


Faith is a lap sitter.  She needs as much lap sitting time as possible.

She also only eats dry food.  The other two cats?  They like an 1/8th of a can of wet in the morning and an 1/8th of a can of wet in the evening.

That's about it for the cats.

Let's see, what else.

Well... There's a turtle.  Turtle needs about 10 to 12 sticks of his turtle food in the AM and again in the PM. He eats these things like they are the best food he's ever had.  Truth is... They are the only food he's ever had.  You'd think he would get bored of it.  He hasn't yet.  He might need water too... Since water evaporates and such.

I clean his tank and change the filter before I leave for camp, and put fresh water in.  So, the person who sits for me doesn't need to change the turtle water or filter.

I think that's about it.  Oh, the treats... So, the treats happen generally at night, I give them no more than 3 a piece.

They will try to work you for more though.

Obviously the litter boxes need poopin' scoopin' every night.  I will put fresh litter down before I leave, but scooping still has to happen every night.  And the mail needs to be brought in.

Then of course there's one trash night while I'm away which is Monday nights, so, tonight!  That reminds me I need to take the trash out!  Snap.

Hmmmmmmm... Well, that's about it for the cat/turtle/house sitting.

So yeah, I'm still looking for someone.  It's going to be probably around 10 or maybe 12 days straight, at 30 bucks a day.  I feel like I might also offer some kind of bonus if I arrive home and all is in order.

Anyways... So far everyone that I've asked seems to not be free during that time, or they have a cat allergy.  Or a turtle fear.

What I need to find is a Cat Sitter R Us place.  But here's the thing... Since I want to know that things are taken care of each day... I ask that a phone call, or some kind of iMessage thing happen to see that you're at my house and actually tending to the things that need to be done.

I'm going to keep an eye out and stay on the look out to find a cat sitter in the Philly area that is willing to tend to 3 high maintenance diva cats, and a diva turtle.  Oh, the person doesn't have to stay the night or anything like that, they can just breeze in and breeze out ideally twice a day, morning and night.  But if they can only make it once a day, that's okay too.  As long as all the stuff gets done.

Oh... There's always dry food.  I use a mix of three different fancy dry foods from this Pet Valu place.  So, I make sure they always have dry food.  I like to put fresh food in the right bowl, and then dump down the line to the left.  Then the far left bowl food gets trashed.  There are 3 bowls... New food goes in bowl 1, then 1 goes to 2, then 2 goes to 3, and 3 goes to the trash.

Got all that?  I know.  Like I said... They're high maintenance diva cats.

Ohhh... One more thing.  Make sure they all have water.  There's one big bowl downstairs and one big bowl upstairs.

Okay, that's all.  I think.  I may write up a formal post with the full set of instructions for the cats and turtle and house.  For now... I THINK that's it.

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