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Tonight, I'm going to hit up Lowe's and buy a new hose.

I've been wanting to type that all day because it rhymes.

No, seriously though, the hoses that are around the house are all old and crappy.  I'm going to buy two new ones to be exact!  And toss the old ones out in the trash.

The new ones I'm buying are these hoses called "Zero-G".  Basically, they roll up more compact and won't kink like a normal hose does.

Here's a video...

It's pretty awesome.  I mean, for a hose I guess.  But it's more about sprucing up things around the house.  I'm continuing to upgrade things... Trying to make the house super spiffy.  Eventually I'll sell it... But for now... I'm spiffing things up.

I also plan to buy a cork board/dry erase board too.  You know, they really do sell a lot of cool things at Lowe's!  I may go to Target to get that stuff though.

I also have to go to the store.

Oh, but okay so the hose, I'm buying from my own personal funds (AKA my regular old work paycheck).  The cork board and dry erase board?  That's for my home office.

Now, the home office is going to be my new worldwide headquarters for Surf View Incorporated.  Within Surf View Incorporated is Surf View Media... And Surf View Capital.  And also Surf View Publishing.

Surf View Media makes the music, and future movies... Surf View Capital runs my investments... And the Publishing arm of things is for my books.

Surf View is actually buying the cork board and dry erase board.  So those will belong to my company.

It's all still fictional at this point... But, one day it will become a real company I've decided.

But you're asking, how is the company going to buy those items if it isn't a real company?

Easy.  Right now, I have a portfolio of stocks that all produce dividends, so that's my "cashflow".  For example, yesterday I got a dividend of $9.80.  My next slew of dividends is on the 15th of this month.  The 15th of every month is usually a big dividend day.

So, that portfolio of stocks and the income coming off it... Is what I'm using as seed capital.

Every month I get dividends from those investments I hold.  As the dividend income comes in... I can use that money to buy things... I'll start with things for my home office.  Then I'll start buying things that I can use to make money with.  Anything that makes money in return, those profits can go back into more investments to increase my dividend income.  Then I can use that income to buy more things and attempt more things that generate income.

All I do is wait, let the dividends come in... Just like paychecks do... And then use that cash in the account to go purchase things.

Just like a business would.  A business might purchase new desks... Chairs... Computers... Might buy things for the staff kitchen.  A new coffee maker... Or whatever.  I can use that income to pay for things that I need to build up Surf View Inc...

The idea is to keep building it and let it snowball in size.  Just like a garden hose, like the new Zero-G one that I'm about to go purchase, lets you water a garden, or plants, or trees... So that they can grow.  The more revenue coming in means the more I can then do with that money coming in.  I can own property... Create studio space... Hire employees eventually... buy camera equipment... Software... Pay bills... Basically anything I need to take the creative ideas that pop into my mind from my head.... And make them a reality.

So right now... I get enough each month to buy smaller items like a cork board/dry erase board to hang on the wall.  Or, since I'm getting close to finishing a new song, I can use my upcoming dividend checks to pay the fees for copyrighting and uploading my new song to be able to sell it online.

That's the master plan anyway.  For now, I'm going to head to Lowe's and Target, and what not to get those supplies I need.  As well I'm going to practice some music and work on more mixing on my new tune.

Just keep upgrading things and doing more with what I have to reach the next goal.

Anyways... I'm off to be productive!

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