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What’s In Store?

Tonight after work I went to yoga and then off to the store.  Then I cooked dinner.

My newest thing is trying to make dinner with things I've never had before.


Hello goat cheese.

I know!  Crazy.  Strange... Weird.  I mean, not ALL that weird.

Cheese is cheese.

Anyways, yes, I made something using goat cheese.  Wanna know what t was?

A quesadilla.

Yep.  I did it.  I made a goat cheese quesadilla.  I mean, I put other things in it too...

Chicken.  Okay, that's not new.  It's chicken.  I've had chicken more times than I care to count.  Somehow I haven't gotten bored of eating it yet.

Which amazes me.  Like I eat a banana in my cereal almost EVERY morning... I have for like decades!  Same with my glass of orange juice.  But, I'll pour a glass of OJ tomorrow morning and still be all like...

"That's one damn fine refreshing glass of orange juice!"

Which kind of blows my mind.  You'd think I would have gotten bored of it by now.  Apparently not.

Anyways, the quesadilla also had onions, garlic powder, cumin powder, kale (chopped), medeteranian olives (chopped), Sriracha sauce (I like it spicy), and some black beans.

It was pretty good!

The goat cheese definitely gave it an interesting flavor, that's for dang sure.  But I still enjoyed it.

I also made a small salad to go with it too.

So there you have it!

Something else I bought at the store is a star fruit.  I honestly have NO idea what the heck I'm getting myself into here with goat cheese and star fruit, or any of the other things I may try out in the future.

It's possible that I've had goat cheese or star fruit in some kind of prepared meal and not even known it.... But I haven't, like, gone to the store and just bought that on purpose.

That's my whole challenge.  Walk around and browse anything, actually, that I've never purchased before.  Then try to incorporate it into my meal.

So, it can be something I've had, like at a restaurant, or something like that.  But, the thing is, I always seem to buy the same items at the store over and over again.  SO, I'm kind of forcing myself to try new things, or just try to purchase items that I normally push my cart right on by and don't stop to inspect or consider it.

We'll see what coms out of it.  I could end up trying some very interesting new foods, or food items at the grocery store.  That's for sure.

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