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So, every month now I get a statement.  Those started late last Summer/early Fall.  My siblings also receive monthly statements.

It's just the general activity and comings and goings of the trust that we all share.  It's interesting because the trust was supposedly meant to have been split in twade or three ways, one for myself and then two other equal parts for my siblings.  It never was though.  So, instead it's just one larger thing-a-ma-bober...

Which we're all cool with.

My aunt got her stuffs already, so this is the portion that was meant to be for the benefit of my mom.  Trust accounts are always for benefit of... Or FBO...

Anyways, so the statements that come in always say my mom's name on them.  I guess, I've started to look forward to seeing the statements... Obviously it shows what's going on with the trust... But it also just kind of is, in a way, like having a little reminder from my mom.

Three siblings have a a common root in their parents... But now that my mom has passed, our common root is in this trust.

It could be split in three separate trusts, but we just kind of said... I mean, hey, it's not all that bad having something there that reminds of us our mom to share and be rooted to.

I guess I just like having it there and knowing that there's still something tangible of the people from the past that were so influential in my life and obviously gave me life in the first place.

Anyways, so when I get the monthly statement I just kind of look it over and see what's what.  My mom's name is actually on every page at the bottom.  If the trust were split up in three separate trusts, her name would then disappear and it would become FBO me...

So, for now, I voted to keep things as they are and just stick with keeping my mom's name on it.  It's like a little hello from her once a month, and I like having that monthly hello, I look forward to it... Even if it is something as boring and bland as a bank statement just letting me know that transactions have occurred.

So, I keep it on my calendar now looking forward to seeing that little hello from my mom and as well, actually, my grandparents too since there is a very small part in the beginning where their names are on it as well... Along with my name too.

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