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Almost that time of the year again – Maine time.

So it's almost that time of the year again where I make my yearly trek up to the woodlands of Maine.  It's become as regular as that whole fish swimming up stream thing that I hear so much about.  Or the migration of the Canadian geese.  How come those geese don't have Canadian accents?  Or maybe they do have accents but we just can't understand them because we don't speak Canadian?  Or I GUESS we don't speak geese talk either.  It could be either one.  It's tough to tell.

Well anyways... Yes it's that time of the year again.  I'll make the nearly 500 mile journey from Wayne to Maine.  The camp owners used to make the same journey with a GIANT U-Haul truck every year with the entire contents of the winter office packed in it.  Used to... but they moved to Maine a few years back.  Yep... they used to live right here in Wayne just minutes from where I live.

Well... in the past I have usually needed ALMOST a U-Haul to get my stuff up there.  I USED to pack my car to the brim.  And then after 2 weeks I would return home using pretty much only a 1/10th of all the things I brought.  So this year I'm going to try and do things a little different.  I'm going to try and only bring the bare minimum of things that I ABSOLUTELY need.  See in years past I always bring some kinda crazy awesome new fun toy thing-a-ma-jig that I've recently bought.  Like 3 years ago I brought my Dyson vacuum.  Yes... I'll admit... that wasn't the best idea.  A broom works just fine and they supply them at camp.  Then, 2 years ago it was my folding bike.  I think more people ended up riding it around the place than I did, although I did use it to get my car serviced so that was useful...  And last year it was... hmmm... what was it?  I know I bought the bike last year and the year before.  I'm pretty sure I brought something else last year.  Oooooh that's right I brought my cool little DJ thing that I had bought AFTER camp the year before.  But I never used it.  It sat in my cabin the whole time.  I was going to try and DJ one of the dances I think?

Well... this year... I actually will be bringing a cool new thing.  A few months ago I found out about this awesome towel that they sell at LL Bean.  I know... a towel?  Yes... but this isn't just a normal towel... it's a super amazing super quick VERY fast drying towel!

Check it out...

It's pretty awesome.  I might buy two even.

Even one of the reviews says it makes a great towel for a dog!

"I always think "outside the box" i.e. another uses for products. So I purchased the Adventure Towel for our "adventures in doggie drying". We have a Cockapoo, Zoey, her curly hair takes forever to dry. With the Adventure Towel, she is dry & ready to go in just a few minutes, instead of a few hours with only One towel needed, the Adventure Towel!"

Soooo if it can dry a wet dog off... it can dry a wet Kenny!

I haven't bought one yet but I plan on buying one before camp... or like I said maybe two of them even.  Usually I bring like 3 or even 4 towels because they take forever to dry.  I use one for the lake and one for showering.  But since I need them the next day or even sometimes twice in one day I need multiple towels!  Since they take upwards of 24 to 48 hours to dry sometimes.  Then when I pack them again to come home they smell like wet towel and it's just gross.

Hopefully this new super mega awesome towel will fix that problem!  And I'll only need one or two of them... ANNNNND they take up WAY less space!

Soooooo yes... speaking of less space that's my plan for this year.

I plan on only packing one big duffle bag, my guitar, and my backpack.  That's going to be it.  I'm going to see if I can do it.  I was playing around with the idea of taking the train even instead of driving.  But I think I'm still going to drive.  I'll get my car all checked out and serviced before I leave for camp.  Right now it's running like a champ.  So hopefully it will stay like that.

Oh I never said what was wrong with it!  So it wasn't the clutch.  Turns out the clutch is still going strong... knock on blog... instead it was something about the spark plugs were misfiring.  So they replaced the spark plugs and the wiring for the spark plugs.  Then they had to replace some gasket thing that had blown out.  I wrote it all down in my little car service log that I keep.  My next service is just an oil change.  But I'll also have them do a check up and make sure everything is all A-OK for the long drive there and back.

The trip is about 3 weeks away so I've got time yet.  But anywho that's my post for this fine Saturday evening.  Last night and today I just spent time at home working on chores around my apartment and also working on new creative things.  Tomorrow I don't have my comedy class because it's the holiday... so I'll most likely only go to church and spend the rest of the day just hanging out here some more.  I'm just enjoying a very low key weekend.  Sometimes it's nice to just stay in and keep things chill and relaxing.  I think I'm gonna get to bed so I'll say goodnight!  Sleep well and dream of nice things.

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