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Million dollar idea – potty humor

So I'm probably giving away a million dollar idea here... but I've already got waaaaaaay too many projects going on to work on something like this.  I figure I'll post it up here and if anyone wants to help me make this a reality that would be pretty sweet.  If not then perhaps one day I will create this.

I think it would be super duper neato cool to make a website where people can upload pictures of funny things written in public rest rooms.  How many times have you sat down on the john to do your business and there's something super crazy funny written on the stall door or wall or whatever ?  And you WISH you could show the entire world but instead you just laugh and do your thing and go on your merry way.

Well... I want to make a site like

I checked... that site isn't taken... yet.  So it could TOTALLY happen.

The idea of the site could just be so that people can upload pictures snapped in on their phones of funny things written on bathroom walls.  Users can be all anon about it, or they can actually create an account and go on massive roadtrips and try to upload a funny bathroom pic from every public restroom from the brooklyn bridge to the golden gate bridge.

I would sooooooo click on that site every day to see what kinda funny stupid bizarre things were found!  I mean I know I've seen some REALLY weird things written on bathroom walls over the course of my lifetime.  Imagine if I had people all over the world reporting bathroom wall pics!

And there would be a rating system to let the cream of the crop rise to the top.  That way you could get the best bathrooms around the world.

And that's my next million dollar idea.  So who wants in?  Let's make it a reality!

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