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Dream I had last night

So I had this dream last night that had me wake up in the middle of the night with tears in my eyes.  Yea... it was THAT intense.  I mean.. it was just really emotional.. kinda sad but... I mean... well... not bad really but just like really tugged at my heart kinda dream...

Ok so the dream started out that I kept getting these voicemails saying I had won a chance to play one inning with the Phillies.  And they would leave a number to call back at.  But the number of the voicemail was never the same as the number they said to call back.  So I was like well that's weird.

I was on the train and talking to this random stranger and I was telling this guy on the train how I don't like baseball (which is also true in real life... I'm not into watching baseball or sports really) and I don't want the prize.  I was saying how they won't stop calling me... I think maybe the train part is from all the train riding I've been doing...

OK well the random dude was like "Oh yea, it's a hoax they won't stop calling you ever!  Just call back and tell them you forfeit the prize.  That's what I did and I haven't had a call since."

So then I called back the last number they left right then and there... I told the person I forfeit the prize.  They then asked who I forfeit it to.

I turned to the dude and I told the guy on the train they wanted to know who.  He just shrugged his shoulders and said "they didn't ask me that."

Then the doors opened and we were infront of the pull up/drop off place for the Hospital of the University of Penn where I sometimes drop my mom off for medical doctor things before I go park and pick her up when she's done after I go get my car.  I said to the guy... "I didn't know they had a stop here."

The guy was like "I didn't know they did either."

Then the phone person was like "we still need to know who you forfeit to."

Then I thought to myself CHOP is next door.  I'll go over there and maybe they can give the prize to one of the kids that would be well enough to go play an inning of baseball.

So I get off the train and walk over to the front desk at CHOP.  The phone people are like "we're still waiting to know who you are going to forfeit to...."

I say hold on give me a couple minutes into the phone.

Then I go to the front desk and I explain that I have a prize I want to donate to one of the kids and if there is a kid that is well enough to be able to play an inning of baseball with the Phillies.

The front desk person picked up their phone and called someone... then a kid came out through one of the doors in a wheel chair with a doctor next to him.

I said to the person on the phone "Ok I have someone and I handed the phone over to the doctor."

Then all of a sudden I was on the field with the kid and the doctor and the kid was in his wheel chair at third base.

All the players were playing really easy and they hit a ball really soft right to him and he bent over and picked it up as it rolled and stopped in front of his chair.

Everyone cheered.  Then the kid started coughing and we went up to him.  He started crying and said thank you to me and the doctor and everyone... but that he wasn't feeling well.

Then the doctor said "would you like to go back to the hospital?"

And everyone was listening for a response... the players... the fans... everyone was silent.

And the kid just said... "No... I just wish I could go back home."

I started crying.

One of the players started to say he would be able to do that soon.

That's about when I woke up.  I had tears in my eyes when I woke up.  I felt really like... sad when I woke up.  It was a really vivid and emotional dream.  Sometimes I have dreams like that and it takes me a little while to snap out of it.

But yea I just felt like sharing that.  I hope it didn't make anyone else cry!  Usually my dreams are just silly and funny.  That one was pretty sad and really emotional.  I'd been thinking about it all day so I just finally decided to post about it.  I guess if I ever win anything like that in real life since I'm not a baseball person I'd definitely do something like forfeit my prize to a kid from CHOP that might like something like that!

I kinda did something a little related to that a while back... I won tickets to Hershey park but couldn't use them so then I put them on craigslist for free... a mom and a kid responded and I dropped them off.  The kid was just the most excited kid I've ever seen.  Maybe it's like that saying... it's better to give than to receive.  I think that's true.

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