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Happy turkey-day!

Soooo it's actually turkeyday eve.  But I wanted to go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day!

I don't know why I just capitalized happy and turkey and day but that makes things more officially official.

Soooo now it's official!

Anywho I hope everyone has an awesome day and it's filled with joy and  love... and peace and all sorts of good things.


Turkey day AKA Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays.  Soooo I'll be enjoying it for sure.  I'm going over to my moms house to hang out for the day and just relax and enjoy it.  So it should be just a good nice relaxing holiday.

The other plan on my way home or on the way over to her is to go check out a little condo that i'm going to be eventually looking at.  A condo!  I know, it's not a real house... but it's a step in the direction of owning my own place.

So I'm just going to have a quick drive by and see what it looks like.  I saw pictures but you can't really get a feel unless it's in person.  Then I'll go have a real look at it with the realtor if I like it.

That sounds a little creepy of me... but I'm just having a quick look at the area around the condo.  Not really the condo itself.  I mean I might look in that direction for a quick moment but I just want to get a feel for the neighborhood and all that to see if I get a good feeling about it.

Then I plan to just come home and relax and work on creative stuff.  Mostly music.... and edit photos from the shoot on Sunday.  So I can get those done.


I might do some chores too... maybe vacuum or clean.

Tonight I did a whole mess load of dishes that were piling up.

Soooo yea that's the plan for tomorrow!

So I hope everyone else has a spectacular holiday as well!

I give sooooooo much thanks to just so many things.  What does everyone else give thanks for?  Well it's time for me to get to sleep.  I've been kinda falling asleep and waking back up and falling asleep anyways already.  So might as well stop trying to fight it and try to stay awake and just go ahead and turn in for the night.  Night everyone!

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