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There are many important things that most people never know even exist

I'm a bit tired so I'm gonna make this post a shorti one.

So at work we constantly have to fix things and it's just a never ending on going battle against technology (or maybe it's a battle for technology).  Just when we think we've got it all fixed and good and we sit down and say ok... ALLLLLLLL FIIIIIIXED... what's next?


Something else breaks.  It's just that things are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO complex that there's sooooo much happening at any given moment that any one thing even the smallest thing can have a cascading effect and then it can break other things.


So yea it's always on going and always super whoa.

But the thing is the students/staff/faculty really don't have any idea what's going on behind the scenes.  They just kinda go... "Oh, well I mean if it stops working, I call or email helpdesk and then it works again."

Stops works... call helpdesk... works again.

But there's a lot missing from that equation... where we do all this stuff that they don't see or know about to fix the problem.  But we know about it... and I mean that's the beauty of it... they don't have to know anything about it.  They can do their job and focus on the stuff they do and we take care of the techy stuffs.

But it does make me appreciate how many things in other systems or industries that I don't even know.

Like lets take for example any of the items in my kitchen.  I mean, I LOVE food... and I love coffee and tea and every now and then I like to relax with a nice beer or a glass of wine with dinner and put something on netflix...

But most of the time I don't think about hey where did all the ingredients come from for this?  I mean I had an awesome greek pizza last night at California Pizza Kitchen.  I took my mom there for her Birthday and it had ALL kinds of crazy things on it.

All I know is the waitress came out... asked what we wanted... I gave my order from the menu... then a little bit of time passes... and...

WOW... there's my pizza... HOT and FRESH and mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm sooooo good.  I never really think about all that went into getting that pizza to my plate.  It's a lot to follow... not just cooking but the raw ingredients that came in on trucks, and someone had to build the trucks and pump gas into those trucks to make em go!  And someone had to drive em...

and people had to pack up the trucks and they had to gather up off of farms all the stuff on the pizza.  Like the olives on it probably came from maybe Italy... or something where in the Mediterranean.  So there were boats and things too.

Also there's the whole idea of owing what we have now to history.

I mean stoves weren't invented yesterday.  They have been refined over a LONG time to become what they are today!  And...

I could go on for a long time with this.  But the point is... sometimes I forget to stop and think and appreciate it all and be thankful and be humbled by it all.  I think you know what I'm getting at.

Maybe we should say grace not just before meals... but before we fill up our cars with gas... and maybe before someone from helpdesk fixes someone's computer?  Well... I don't know... but I mean... I'm going to try and at least keep in the back of my mind just how many things I really rely on in the world that rely on efforts of other people around me.

Like... the words I'm using to type this post.  It's kind of magnificent... brains speaking language.... understanding it...

I left that out of my restaurant scenario... the whole ordering food by communicating words... and conveying meaning.

I guess there's the whole paying for it at the end... so you have banking systems and financial transactions...

Hmmm ok my head hurts now.

But yea the point is... wow.  The world is a REALLY complex place!  So just try to appreciate it all and it's beauty.

Oh and... maaaaaaaaaaybe also... the next time computer stuff doesn't work for a short while.... ya know... maaaaaaaaybe give the IT dudes a break.


I mean, sometimes it takes a hot minute or five to figure out what's wrong and diagnose the issue and then get it back up and running.

Kinda shows just how much we really rely on all this tech stuff!  We really do don't we?

Okeys, well it's bed time for me!  I should try blogging during the day.  Apparently I'm a nocturnal blogger or something.

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