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Hmmm... So...

Things are just weird right now.

Let me explain...

So, obviously there's the whole thing from camp where I couldn't go to bed the one night because... Some people had borrowed my items while I was trying to, as Alliey puts it... "Be a bro".

No one from camp reads this blog, but they ALL read my Facebook.

And not only do they read it... As I found out today, they talk about it all over camp.

Which is... Kind of interesting?  Unexpected?

I guess in my mind it was like... I left camp, so why would anyone care what I had to say... Or Facebook status about.

People would read it, roll their eyes, and go about their day.


I guess that's not the case.


Anyway, so in the last 2 days I was getting calls about someone wanting basically for me to house someone because I have a house with 4 bedrooms.

Which I don't want to do for various reasons...

A whole lot of reasons.

But the thing was just like, that it made me feel anxious and like displaced.

Just like I felt when I couldn't slumber the one night at camp.

Anyway... So, I posted about it.

But I posted about in a way that kind of made one of the people involved at camp feel embarrassed.

So, I had to kind of apologize to her.

See... My post was along the lines of kind of sort of... Referring to her as Goldilocks.

See, since what happened was basically I was trying to be a "bro" for someone else... That's when my stuff was borrowed.

Now, I never mentioned it, previously but in the post I basically said how the one person had said the reason why my stuff was borrowed was because "I wasn't there".

So, I kind of drew parallels to Goldilocks... Because the 3 bears weren't there either when she decided to use their stuff and fall asleep on their bed.

I think I guess I just thought it was more coincidental that it was a little similar to that.

But it wasn't funny because she heard about it and was embarrassed by the post.

Anyway... So I took the post down and she's been apologized to.

I'm now watching stranger things and they just said a line that's super relevant...

"Can't seem to erase our mistake, but we can stop it from spreading, like pulling weeds."

Here's my thing, will pulling the post and apologizing make the chatter go away?

Or will people still be talking about it tomorrow, 2 days from now, a week from now.

It's kind of like once you put something out there, it kind of is out there.  You can't erase it.

People remember stuff.

So now it's out there.

I guess we'll see if anything comes from it.  Hopefully not... Otherwise I'd feel super terrible about it all.

Only time will tell.

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