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I want to record a song with Kanye West.  I mean, it just makes sense for it to happen.  Well...

Okay, maybe it doesn't make sense to him, or perhaps other people on the planet.  Perhaps, everyone else on the planet.

It makes sense to me though!

Let's review really quick:

  1. I was born in LA.
  2. I grew up in Agoura Hills.  Well, I mean, I moved back East here to Philly when I was about 8 ish years old.
  3. I used to sing songs on the swings at this place called Sunny Skies, which as basically the preschool thing I went to when I was a little kid... I know, you're like, what does this have to do with anything?  I'm getting to that.
  4. Kanye West lives in Calabasas.
  5. Calabasas and Agoura Hills are like neighboring towns.
  6. Kanye likes to make music.
  7. I like to make music... and I've always liked to make music since I was a little kid... See "number 3".  I used to sing to the counselors and other kids when I was like 5 or so years old and make up random songs on the spot while I would swing on the swings.
  8. Both our last names are West.  And our first names are similar.
  9. We both have lost our mom's... I suppose that's a strange argument but, it would definitely be a bonding point.

Okay... SO... that's not really a convincing set of arguments.

Here's the deal, basically... Don't you find it a little strange that out of all the places in the world that any two individuals could live...

Kanye West and myself... Kenny West... Lived within a stones throw of one another, just at different time periods?

He's there now, I was there in the 80s.  It's a big world.

Okay, this is going to get even more weird.

I just think that him and I are like... Sort of, musical soulmates.

You know?  Like, we obviously have different genres of music that we make and we're totally different people...

But, I just think that there could be some synergistic effects.

We could totally make some interesting tunes together.  Or even just one.  I would be cool with just making one song even.

I guess I just think it would be neat.

I do find it interesting about all those coincidences.

Even tonight I read an article about how Kanye West was Tweeting about "dragon energy".  I actually followed Kanye for the first time over the weekend... And I've been writing story on Twitter, that I like to refer to as a Story Tweet, or Twitter Story... My story is about dragons.

I just think there's a lot of coincidences happening.

So, yeah, I think ti would be cool to make a tune with Kanye.  Kanye and Kenny West.  Something, experimental, something that breaks the mold, breaks boundaries, you know?  Something that let's pure creativity flow.

That would be amazing.  I mean, he's a super creative dude, and I'd love to share my creative drive with his if he'd let me.

I just think that would be really cool.


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