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Tonight before I went to the gym I downloaded some music.  HAIM's debut release, and one of the LANY EPs.  Both are great.

I also used some leftover gift card money to download the albums... SO... Win win.

Both bands played Coachella... They also are both from LA... Like me.  Only they didn't move away, unlike me.

I put both the albums under a playlist called Coachella Vibes.

Hah.  I don't know why watching the live stream had such an effect on me, but it did.

Who knows.

The thing about life is, you never know why the things that captivate you, do what they do.

It's not really logical sometimes.  You just like the stuff you like or you don't.  You like the music you like, you like the people you like, the places you like... TV shows, movies.

We all just like stuff, or we don't.

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to it to.

My thing is, just like what you like, and like who you like, and like where you like... Etc. etc.

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  If you like something, that should be good enough.

Unless you just like everything.  I feel like that's a little weird or suspicious.  We were joking about that at work today.

If someone just liked EVERYTHING.  It would almost be "off" or strange.  I mean, nobody can like EVERYTHING.  That's just... Weird.

You have to not like some stuff.

It's only natural.

Sometimes you like stuff, sometimes you don't.

Anyway, I like HAIM and LANY.  And I liked the Coachella live stream.

And that's all there is to it.  Sometimes you just get caught off guard and you just feel passionate about anything, or something.

Like... Today, when I went to help a professor at work with a tech issue... She just caught me off guard.  I've actually helped her before once I think, like right after she was hired years ago...

Of course, her office wasn't fully decorated at that time.

Today when I went over to her office to help with the tech thing... I was just like... Wow, this professor is cool!  Or, well, at least I thought the office decorating was neat.  Hah.  I'm not gonna lie... I mean I'm sure she's cool too, but I was mostly just digging the wall decorations and what not that she had around the office which I thought were interesting.  Anyway I complimented her on one of the things hanging on the wall that I thought was cool and she was like... thanks my friend made it!  I was like... That's so neat!  I'm a fan of hand crafted or hand made art.

Although, her Wonder Woman framed 3d photo thing and her Wonder Woman mug were also pretty cool.

Anyway, problem was fixed, compliment about the wall art was given and then I went on my merry way and she went on hers...

And that's my story of the day.

Sometimes you just find cool stuff randomly.  Sometimes there's good music, and sometimes there's good art.  Anyway... I'm sure there will be more cool stuff tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after... Etc. etc...

Until the next cool or interesting find or event happens... Just enjoy the cool stuff right now.

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