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Two To One

Tonight I'm at yoga after work... My usual after work thing these days.  And there's this one girl, about my age, who had mentioned last week that she was selling her house in Florida and using that money to buy a house here.

Tonight we were sitting beside one another on our mats waiting for class to start and I asked, curiously, of her if she was from Florida.  She said, that she's from near here, and she was moving back up here after 8 years as a Floridian.

Then another girl sitting near us asked what part of Florida.

The one girl said, "I lived in Fort Lauderdale".  Then the other said... "Oh my God!  That's where I just moved back from!"

I was pretty much out of the convo at that point now that the two of them had instantly bonded over having lived in the same place and having moved back.

The one selling her house actually moved back in 2013 (although she's finally closing on her house next week), while the other just moved back in February.  Although the one who just moved back has things to wrap up with so apparently she'll be flying back and forth a few times over the next few months.

We all ended up talking after the class.  They discussed Fort Lauderdale things, all the hip hangout joints... Some place called a Riverwalk, or a Riverview... Or something with a river, apparently there's good food there, and shops... And I just kind of hung out, mostly standing there.  Every now and then I'd say something pertinent to the conversation.  The one girl selling her house said she used to go to a yoga studio in Plantation.

In my mind I'm just like... Yeah, this is mega weird.

Anyways... None of them know my past history with Fort Lauderdale and a certain someone.  I kept it under wraps the whole time and didn't mention that I might have some previous knowledge of that area because of a certain someone.

So both of them moved back to Philadelphia after many years in South Florida... I did inquire as to why they decided to move back... Out of curiosity.

They cited family as the number one reason.

And traffic.

Home is where the heart is I guess, or the family is.  And where the traffic isn't.

I can't imagine the traffic being THAT bad, that was about when they both sided against me and said... "Oh, it's terrible."

I'm just like... "Okay... I've never lived in South Florida so... I'll take your word for it".

Anyways, the two of them are all sorts of best friends now.

Tonight just reminds me of that one song.  What's that one song though?  You know the one...  "There's always something there to remind me".

That certain someone... You still manage to stick around on my mind.  I don't know how you do it and have done it all these years... But you're still there... Especially when I get stuck in the middle of a conversation about Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Just one of those funny/mysterious things in life that I've still yet to understand or figure out.  That certain someone and the things that remind me of her.  Makes me think about her from time to time.

Well... Anyways... I'm going to go do a few things before bed.

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