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Neat or Cheap

I'm at Lowes tonight after yoga... I bought four switches to replace some wall outlet switches that just don't feel as snappy as they should be.

So, my new thing is every time I go into Lowes, I browse the aisles and come up with new things I want to do with my house.

I need new house numbers.  Obviously, I also need the brick repointing thing which will happen this summer, but I also want a fancy cool house number sign.  I'd actually love to make a mini replica sign of the camp sign.  But... I don't think that's going to happen.

But maybe a cool sign that can hang from my lamp out front.

Another thing I stumbled upon is the solar powered pathway lights.  Here's my thing, they either seem neat, or cheap.  You know?  Like, they scream out as someone walks by... Whoa, those are cool!  Or, they scream out...

Man, this guy was too cheap to get real lights put in.

I can't decide which though.

So, before my mom passed away she was on this Walmart buying binge... She was buying like all these things for the house, like a garden chair set and what not.

She was all about trying to spruce up her house.  Of course she also had the back porch in the process of being built so she could catch the morning sun.

I was finished basically as soon as she was moved to the ICU.

So, I guess maybe I'm kind of trying to continue her wishes of wanting to put work into her house.

Well, so anyways, I might end up buying some of those little solar powered pathway lights.  My thing is... They kind of seem gimmicky.  I mean, I think they are neat, but at the same time, they don't really add REAL value to the house.

So, in the end, at least tonight, I decided to skip out on those solar powered pathway lights.  I may get them eventually.  I just really want to work on other things first.

I went for the new switches to keep my inside lights flicking on and off.  But seriously?  There's sooo much stuff I could buy at Lowes.  For real though... I really want to spruce up this house, one little project at a time.

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